[INF/130215] SHINee reveals results of Jonghyun photo editing contest during first LINE chat session

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SHINee’s new official LINE account has opened with a five-day string of LINE chat events! Despite being in the middle of a busy practice schedule, the members are already proactively reaching out towards their fan community through SNS.

Today’s LINE chat started off with SHINee announcing the result of Minho’s Photoshop contest against Jonghyun, a humorous retaliation resulting from Jonghyun’s earlier Photoshop contest of Minho. SHINee’s chosen photos can be seen below.

Posted Image

SHINee then proceeded to answer fan questions throughout the hour, responding in messages and emoticons that were colored with the members’ unique personalities. During the chat, Onew and Taemin wished luck towards fans who are currently toiling as students and office workers. Jonghyun and Key took turns answering in a witty fashion, while Minho reassured a fan who was worried about his injury.

Additionally, Onew, Jonghyun, and Key each delighted fans during the chat with photos of themselves in the practice room.

From February 15th until February 19th, SHINee will reserve a daily slot of time to respond to their fan messages and answer questions on LINE. Sign up for the application and partake in SHINee’s next LINE Chat tomorrow by visiting our handy tutorial thread.

Source: LINE

Written by: joAnnwashere @ shineee.net


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