[INF/130218] Comeback Special: SHINee’s Most Magical Dances

Long-time SHINee fans have probably seen more than a few of their famous “magic dances”. It all started back in the early days, when someone noticed that SHINee’s choreography for “Replay” could be matched up to a myriad of other songs- even some that you wouldn’t expect. In honor of their upcoming “Dream Girl” comeback, let’s take a look at some of SHINee’s most magical dances, and how surprisingly well they match up with songs from other artists.

Dance: “Replay
Song: Lee Hyori‘s “U Go Girl

We really couldn’t do a list of SHINee’s magical dances without including “U Go Girl”- the original magic dance. This one is so well known, that SHINee even performed it on ‘Weekly Idol‘!

Dance: “Love Like Oxygen

Song: Far East Movement‘s “Like a G6

“Love Like Oxygen” is one of SHINee’s less popular singles, so there aren’t a whole lot of magic dance videos for it, but this video for “Like a G6″ really syncs up great.

Dance: “Replay
Song: “Pokemon Theme Song

This is an example of two things that should not work together, but they do anyway.

Dance: “Lucifer

Song: Far East Movement‘s ”Like a G6

Maybe “Like a G6″ is a magic song that just works with all dances, because it fits with Lucifer just as well as it does with “Love Like Oxygen”.

Dance: “Sherlock

Song: Adele‘s “Set Fire to the Rain

I would have never imagined that SHINee’s powerful Sherlock choreography would match a sad, melodic ballad, but it is a perfect match for Adele’s “Set Fire to the Rain”! Key especially dressed for the occasion in their practice video with his flame-patterned pants.

Dance: “Lucifer

Song: Nikki Minaj‘s “Starships

“Starships” is such a fun, spunky song that you wouldn’t think it would match the intense choreography of “Lucifer”- yet, somehow, the two mesh so perfectly that they seem almost made for each other.

Dance: “Replay
Song: B.A.P‘s “Warrior

[Note: sound doesn’t start until 0:10] This magic dance video has the fewest views of any on this list, but I had to include it because I could not believe how well the dances matched up- from Minho almost throwing a punch when Zelo says “punch“, to Jonghyun appearing to do the B.A.P greeting when Zelo says “What’s the name of the game? B.A.P!”, it just works in the most hilariously awesome way.

 I hope that helps tide you over while you wait for “Dream Girl”! SHINee fans, what are your favorite magic dances? Let us know in the comments!

Source: allkpop.com


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