[LINE/130215] SHINee Update

‘Dream Girl’ 컴백을 앞둔 SHINee!!! LINE에서 샤이니 공식계정 추가하시고 오늘부터 19일까지 ON-AIR-TIME (매일 오후 6시~7시) 소원을 보내주세요. 잠시 후 오후 6시 여러분과 함께 합니다. 
SHINee has their ‘Dream Girl’ comeback ahead of them!!! Add SHINee’s official account on LINE. Send in your wishes starting today until the 19th during ON-AIR-TIME (every 6PM~7PM). We’ll begin at 6 in a little bit.

Posted Image
Posted Image

Install LINE now and send in your wish.
SHINee will personally make it come true!
Event 1. Listen to my wish, SHINee!
Event period: 2013.02.15 – 19
How to enter: After installing LINE, add SHINee as friends and send your wish during ON-AIR-TIME (every 6:00~7:00PM).
2013.02.20 SHINee Comeback Show @ NAVER MUSIC
We will reveal the winner whose wish will personally be granted by SHINee!

Event 2. Meet SHINee everyday
The SHINee members’ mini conversations and adorable selcas and even a surprise event where you to talk to them will only be revealed on LINE!
Don’t miss out on it~

Translated by: kimchi hana @ shineee.net 

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