[INF/130219] SHINee’s “Dream Girl” sees immediate success by claiming first place on various music charts

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SHINee’s newest album was released just a few hours ago, and has already taken the charts by storm! “Chapter 1: Dream Girl – The Misconceptions of You” was officially released at 12:00 PM KST on February 19th.

Title song “Dream Girl” instantly shot up to first place on major music sites such as Olleh, Bugs, Naver, Soribada, and MelOn. The album’s accompanying songs also charted at various spots following release.

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MelOn (Real-time)
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MelOn (Streaming)
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SHINee’s album is rising up in the rankings of worldwide music store iTunes as well. Dream Girl is currently charting at the following spots in the global market.

Australia – #80
Canada – #44
Japan – #1
Hong Kong – #2
Indonesia – #4
Malaysia – #3
Macau – #13
Mexico – #19
Peru – #16
Philippines – #13
Singapore – #1
Taiwan – #3
Thailand – #2
USA – #42

SHINee and their new album Dream Girl have not only reached success on the charts, but have also become hot topics of the day. The phrases “SHINee Dream Girl” and “SHINee” can be seen among the top Naver and Nate search rankings.

Naver Search
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Nate Search
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SHINee’s physical album release, comeback showcase, and music show promotions will be occurring within the next few days. Congratulations to SHINee for starting this new era of promotion off with much success!

Written by joAnnwashere @ shineee.net



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