[INF/130223] Jonghyun wants revenge on Minho?

Why does Jonghyun want revenge on Minho? Well, we can think of a number of reasons off the bat, such as the photoshopping contest of Jonghyun’s pictures held by Minho. But, it turns out he has another reason these days!
On the 22nd, the SHINee boys were guests on the radio show ‘Boom’s Young Street‘. Since the boys have choreography involving a heavy mic stand for “Dream Girl“, Boom asked them, “Don’t you have accidents while you’re doing choreography? Tell us a funny thing that happened.”
Jonghyun replied, “The hardest part is that the standing mic itself is heavy, so the members crash into each other often. We don’t get hurt badly, but when we do, we feel like we have to get revenge.” Jonghyun picked Minho specially as the member he wanted to get revenge on. He said, “I feel like Minho keeps restraining me with his mic stand. When we start the song, Minho is in front of me, but Minho’s mic keeps coming close to my face, so I get scared. Every time that happens, I see Minho’s butt. I want to get revenge.”
Boom laughed and said, “I will look forward to a video that shows Jonghyun avoiding Minho’s mic and getting revenge.”

Considering how masterfully the SHINee members handle themselves on stage, the revenge might happen without anyone noticing, so keep your eyes wide open during their upcoming performances!


Credit: allkpop



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