[INF/130223]EXO catches SHINee’s attention!

SHINee revealed that the rookie group that caught their attention was EXO.
SHINee held a comeback show on February 20th for their 3rd full album which was held at Seoul Bangi-dong Olympic Park Handball Arena. On the same event, a short interview was held as well. One of the reporters asked the group which of their hoobaes (juniors) caught their attention to which the members replied “EXO. They are awesome!” simultaneously, revealing their affection for their labelmate, EXO.
Choi Minho also revealed that when they were promoting Sherlock last year, they were shocked by the number of hoobaes they had, though they knew the group name, they did not know who was who among the members.
Meanwhile, SHINee is back with ‘Dream Girl’ and will continue promoting on various music shows.



Written by: angelclowie18@dkpopnews.net
Credit: dkpopnews

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