[INF/130306]SHINee’s Onew spins a laptop on ‘Beatles Code 2′

Onew showed off a surprising hidden talent.
SHINee guest starred on the March 4th broadcast of Mnet‘s ‘Beatles Code 2‘ where they revealed Onew had the unique talent of being able to spin any object. They further revealed that Onew was the only member who could pull off certain spinning moves for the “Dream Girl” choreography.
Onew then showed off his talent by spinning various objects, and Minho suggested, “Spin a laptop.”
A staff member handed him a laptop, while worriedly looking on. However, despite everyone’s concerns and his Onew condition, Onew succeeded in spinning the laptop with just one finger with a calm look on his face and received applause from the panel.
Check out the episode below!



Via:sallice10 @ allkpop


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