[NEWS/130306] SHINee decorates the stage of Dream Girl with the secret of 1.5 million won mic stands

It has been revealed that the mic stands that SHINee uses in their new song performances of “Dream Girl” are valued to be over 1.5 million won each.

These mic stands, which are made from the duralumin that is also used in aircraft construction, are specially made for SHINee with the price around 1.5 million won each. There are 10 mic stands of the same kind made just for SHINee’s performances.

In actuality, these mic stands are the results of going through trial and error for three times. The first test product was entirely made from stainless steel but it was too heavy.

The production company, SM Entertainment, then decided to use duralumin to reduce the weight, which brought the microphones down to just one third of the original weight. Still, the mic stands had to forcefully go through another modification. The mic stands then were made to be dismantled into a few parts so that LED and batteries could be inserted into them, but in their first broadcast of Mnet MCountdown last month, there was an accident where one of the mic stands was detached on stage.

The mic stand broke into pieces in the middle of their performance and the members were tactful in covering it up. Their acts were found out later which stirred up the topic on how skillful they were in handling the mishap.

SM Entertainment stated, “For the third product, we minimized the parts where it can be dismantled and we used super duralumin, where the content of magnesium and copper is higher than duralumin, so that the members can more easily go through with their performances.”

SHINee currently is gathering attention through the high degree of perfection of their standing mic performances for “Dream Girl”.


Source: Kstyle
Translated by: red @ shineee.net

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