[NEWS/130308]SHINee Makes Surprise Confession, “If we were girls, we would date Onew”


SHINee’s statement of dating Onew if they were a girl is gaining attention.

On SBS Power FM, the members appeared as guests and talked about funny stories.When asked which member they would date if they were a girl, they chose member Onew.

Key commented, “Onew is a novice when it comes to dating. Since he doesn’t know how to go on a date, I would want to teach him what to do if I were a girl.”

Onew commented, “Hearing this from a guy feels a bit weird, but I am glad that I was chosen by my members.” Minho commented, “We had no choice since Taemin is not here today,” making everyone laugh.

Internet users commented, “Onew is a novice?” and “Onew is even accepted by men.”

On the other hand, SHINee is back with their new song, “Dream Girl.”


Source: Kpopstarz
Shared By: Anya. @shineee.net

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