[TRANS/130306] SHINee @ SBS FM Radio Cultwo Show

When Key is drunk…

Jonghyun said when Key is drunk, he will walk into the house with his shoes on and wake up the next day to continue his schedule. Key said, I was already drunk, who still cares about clothes and shoes. He also mentioned that he remembered being filmed; Jonghyun said ‘Yes, I filmed it’. Minho said yes. After we filmed, we showed it to Key. Key then said ‘Was that me?’ And furthermore, what we asked him (when he was drunk), he will answer. Jonghyun said yes. We even went on to helped him removed his clothings, and the rest of the pieces left by him. 

A listener said had seen Minho when he was naughty in primary school; MH said yes & demostrate that naughtiness xD


A listener said had seen Key went shopping with his grandma. Key said his grandma name is Yun Gye Hyang (윤계향), & left a message for her, saying ‘Grandma, I will make a trip home some time later~’ 


Jonghyun has the most ladies’ contact in his phone. JH said he has many friends; MC said ‘Are all of them Idols?’ Jonghyun said no, just many normal female friends. Minho said ‘Perhaps because he has an elder sister, so it is easier for him to make close friends with ladies.’
English trans: Forever_SHINee[4]
Chinese Trans: yoyoyuan

Question : Pig Trotters or steak
Jonghyun choose trotters, and he say’s that he would like to eat it now. Onew said that whey will tend to find Korean cuisine when they are overseas, Key said that especially taemin when he’s at overseas he will be so stubborn and want’s to find Korean cuisine to eat
Question : Which member cry the most?
Answer : Jonghyun
Jonghyun said that he has got lots of tears , sometimes listening to music when he’s touch by the lyrics he will cry too . Minho say thinking about tears, he remembered there’s one time when he went back to the dorm he saw Key sitting on the massage chair holding onto a book and crying out , Minho asked him why did he cry Key said that the book is too touching , Minho even took a picture and keeping as memories . 



English trans: Forever_SHINee [2]

Chinese Trans: tsconditional


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