[TRANS/130309]SHINee’s “Dream Girl” Showcase Press Conference

You’ve come back after so long.
Jonghyun: It’s been a while since we released a full album so we’ve really been wanting to promote. We’re happy to be promoting again.

Your 3rd album is split into <The Misconceptions of You> and <The Misconceptions of Me>.
Why are you releasing a double album?
Jonghyun: For Chapter 1, we did the music that people think of regarding SHINee. For the second one, we put in the SHINee that we had in mind prior to our debut. The sound is deeper and more different from Chapter 1. Chapter 2 has songs that members like individually. It has the image of SHINee that we think of ourselves. We included the titles of the songs into the track ‘Spoiler’ from Chapter 1.

Is there a response you’re anticipating from the public for the two albums?
Jonghyun: The public makes the assessments but there isn’t a sole response we want. We enjoy hearing various responses. We want to hear a, “This is exactly SHINee’s color.” Refreshing and invigorating music. And we hope people will realize, “So SHINee is capable of doing this,” for Chapter 2.
Minho: We’d like to approach the public with a fresh feeling in Chapter 2.
Jonghyun: When people think of us, they probably felt a maniacal and unique quality. So we found characteristics that would represent us and that the public would like. Our title track ‘Dream Girl’ highlights those points well. I think that most people will understand it easily. Chapter 1 has the point of contact with popularity.
Key: ‘Dream Girl’ is a new attempt for us. For us, we think going easy is actually a new attempt. It’s the same for our previously released ‘Sherlock’ and the songs that were incredibly difficult but our goal this time was to take a bright approach.

The mic stands you use in the ‘Dream Girl’ choreography is eye catching.
Jonghyun: We wanted to stick to SHINee’s image while adding in developments and new things. Mic stands were added to the choreography. Isn’t the mic’s existence itself the closest item to a singer? So we made use of the experiences of always using mics and conducted all sorts of choreography movements. The members are content with the choreography.

The dance uses mic stands so it looks like it has difficult parts that differ from your previous dances.
Onew: We haven’t used props for dances since ‘Love Like Oxygen’. We left the chairs in place, moved around, and just held our positions. It would have been okay if we left our mic stands alone but we tried dragging and lifting them. We did get hurt and couldn’t control them. They even flew away (laugh). But I’m glad we’re able to show that we can work the mic stands.
Jonghyun: We had to become one with the mic stand. We were sensitive about the length and thickness of the mic stands. We’ve gotten used to it now and use them without worries. We’re always obsessed with practicing even after we finish.
Minho: The saddest part is when we can’t move them the way we want. If a mic falls during practice, it would be a scary situation during a live performance. We took those things into consideration and practiced this dance the most. If we get too excited on stage, we’d definitely drop one.

All of SHINee’s title tracks showcase a powerful and high level performance.
You have to do all those tracks for your concert. Do you have a secret?
Jonghyun: It’s hard just doing ‘Lucifer’. If you want to do a concert, there’s nothing you can do but practice. After practicing back and forth between ‘Sherlock’ and ‘Lucifer’, our stamina has improved. And our stamina distribution got better while doing our arena concerts. In the end, there’s nothing to do but to practice.
Onew: A concert is a performance where we can show our everything, but we need the fans’ cheers. Without that, we get tired.

Isn’t there a pressure behind constantly presenting new concepts?
Jonghyun: I can’t say there isn’t.
Taemin: I’d be happy if people sympathized with our music and performances. But in the end, I think it’s right for us to try out new things. And that’s why we need growth.

Did you want a song other than ‘Dream Girl’ to be the title track?
Jonghyun: All the songs in the album were full of charm. All the members like ‘Dream Girl’. I really like ‘Beautiful’. It’s very refreshing.
Minho: I also like ‘Beautiful’.
Key: Rather than just saying it should be our title track, we wanted to put on a performance and stand on stage with ‘Beautiful’. It was planned for us to show a different song for our comeback stages, but the members got together and decided we would like to do ‘Beautiful’ instead. I think we were able to show our transformation through ‘Beautiful’.

‘Beautiful’ was created by Teddy Riley. Do you have any anticipations from the international market?
Jonghyun: It’s a generation where songs are revealed through the internet and can be found anywhere, so it’s true that I have anticipations.
Minho: I didn’t have anticipations but after hearing that question, I do (laugh).
Jonghyun: It might be us (laugh)! We always want to do trendy music. Trendy music anywhere in the world. So of course I have anticipations.

‘Dream Girl’ was created by Shin Hyuk, who is famous for being Justin Bieber’s producer. What was it like working with him?
Jonghyun: We weren’t able to personally meet Shin Hyuk during the preparation for this album. We saw him when he was working with a different team. He’s an extremely detailed person, so we hope we have more chances to work with him. I knew him before he began working with SM, and he has such a good sense.

SHINee originally had a young boy image but you grow more mature with every song release. You even wore suits for this album.
Jonghyun: Naturally portraying an image that fits our ages and situations is what we are. That’s why we wore suits as our stage outfits. We haven’t worn suits before this.
Key: To be honest, we’ve been saving up the suits (laugh).
Jonghyun: We’ve finally released what we’ve been holding back and tried to portray a colorful image.
Minho: They are suits but we tried not to give off a standardized feeling. We wore colorful suits and not just regular ones so it’s more our style. We were able to show another new image on another level.

Haven’t your skills improved as much as you’ve grown? Is there a member who thinks he improved a lot while preparing this album?
Onew: Do we have to choose someone else (laugh)? I was surprised by myself (laugh)! It’ll be a lot more different than our previous inclusive tracks. Haha.
Jonghyun: It’s really self-praise (laugh).
Onew: Self-praise blooms flowers (laugh). There was a 2 octave note in the song ‘Dynamite’. I wasn’t able to do it at all before, but I was able to do it during this recording. And I think all the members have matured.
Taemin: It’s important to deliver your emotion to people and I think we developed a sincerity that emerges from each of our voices.
Jonghyun: So who is it (laugh)!
Taemin: It’s Onew hyung for me too.
Jonghyun: I choose Onew too. His skills are evident in ballad tracks. He also pulled off songs with beats really well. And Taemin is young and has improved a lot. He picks things up pretty quickly so he improves tremendously in just a month. He has high expectations for himself, so he keeps on recording. All the members requested to re-record while working on this album.
Key: It’s hard to pick one.. because I think it’s all the members. The preparation time for this album took the longest. We recorded and re-recorded several times, even right before the album was released. Although we didn’t change on the outside at all, our vocals improved, we used sounds we haven’t used, and our range improved. That’s why we kept re-recording. If you compare our singing now to the previous versions we recorded, you’d be completely surprised.

Onew is now twenty-five. You were a young boy who has grown into a young adult. How do you feel?
Taemin: Now we have to round up.
Onew: You don’t have to do it yet! (laugh).
Jonghyun: You’re half of fifty. Half of fifty. (laugh).
Minho: I don’t know for certain but maybe we’ll be doing music together even after 10 years. What I’m worried about is that I haven’t had any troubles while practicing but why did I have trouble with my back this time? Will we still be able to do these dances and practices in 10 years (laugh)?
Jonghyun: I think we have to exercise (laugh).
Onew: Our albums have a lot of our opinions in them. I wonder how much of our opinions will be reflected in our albums by then.
Jonghyun: We have to release five albums. An album that reflects Onew’s thoughts and an album that reflects Taemin’s thoughts. Haha.

You have an incredible amount of work experience as an idol group. Is there a team that you have your eyes on among your hoobaes?
Jonghyun: Of course EXO (laugh).
Minho: Since ‘Sherlock’, we’re promoting after almost 2 years. What really surprised me is that we gained a lot of hoobaes. We wanted to give them our CD but we didn’t know who they were. So we studied. I watched last week’s music program and saw that many more had debuted. So I am still studying.

When you weren’t promoting in Korea, Jeon Hyunmoo was wishing for a SHINee comeback.
Now he’s under SM Entertainment. It feels like he’s mooching off of SHINee (laugh). Isn’t it burdensome?
Minho: Hyunmoo hyung said that he promoted as SHINee in Korea while we were promoting overseas. Hyunmoo hyung promotes us in Korea so we’re thankful to him. He even posts on his SNS that he’s the 6th SHINee member and that he must promote with us but we just keep quiet. We’re thankful that he does that but it is burdensome for some reason (laugh).
Jonghyun: It’s a strategic partnership (laugh).

Since you’ve returned, do you plan on appearing on programs such as <Weekly Idol>?
Onew: We went on it last time. We had a fun time filming. We’ll go if they call us but if they don’t ask us personally, we will not go. They must steal my heart (laugh).

Which variety program would showcase your image well?
Onew: <Dream Team> for Minho (laugh).
Jonghyun: ‘Running Man’ (laugh).
Minho: I have to run (laugh).
Jonghyun: For Key… a beauty program (laugh)? He’d fit in a clothing or fashion related program. And Taemin… why are you glaring at me (laugh)? Onew hyung speaks well and is funny so a talk show?
Onew: I have an incredibly deep personality (laugh).
Minho: Wouldn’t the answer be a program where we can portray all five of our characters?

Like Minho said, do you think you’re doing a good job at showing each of your characters? Looking at the <Music Spoiler> event, I know you wanted to put in various emotions that come from SHINees dreams, realities, and ideals.
Jonghyun: Misconceptions pile up from the side of me that people see and my image becomes created. It’s not that I feel bad about it but more like it’s fun how a side that’s actually different from me is being created. For example, many images of me have been made as I use SNS a lot. I even feel like I’ve done all that I can (laugh). I like making people happy while doing the things I have to do. I think I’m a person who likes joking around like everyone my age does. The age of 24 is a mischievous age (laugh). You can just think of me as someone who jokes around a lot. I’m a more fun person than you think.
Minho: I think that goes for all five of us. We started promoting at a young age and it’s already been 6 years. We’ve been apart from our parents since we were young and have a job that makes us think. While there were things we missed out on, there were many things we learned early. That’s why we’re serious but we’re still playful like others our age.

Your team has continued to grow and has now come out with a double album.
It feels like you’ve reached your peak. What is the next phase or goal you’re dreaming of?
Jonghyun: I think Taemin has to talk about our goal. Our maknae!
Taemin: We haven’t decided on a goal and thought about how we should become. We haven’t had thoughts on winning against someone and becoming 1st place. That would be unfortunate for someone else. Our goal is to always work hard and for people to like us.
Jonghyun: I used to think it was okay for us to want the biggest stage or the Daesang. But when I think about it, our performance yesterday or today could be someone else’s dream performance. Doing music together even 10 or 20 years from now is our dream. Doing things that make our hearts the most comfortable and happy Is our dream.



Source: lennonej’s blog
Translated by: kimchi hana @ shineee.net
Edited by: jennyjjong. & joAnnwashere @ shineee.

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