[TRANS/130313] SHINee @ 6th ‘Dream Girl’ Fansign in Sinchon

#1 – Taemin placed a ring-shaped sweet on his hand beside Onew’s mouth and Onew went to eat it. (Finger-licked!) 〒▽〒 Then, Taemin went behind Onew and raised his hands to form a heart shape sign, Onew then walk behind Taemin and gave him a backhug~ too sweet TTTTTTTTTT 

#2 – Today, Taemin kept raising Onew’s arm and waving here and there Q_Q Then, Today there’s a fan who gave keybum a hand palm shape model toy… like those which is made of wood, every finger (on that toy) can be moved…Minho took it and kept hitting Key’s arm~ softly and kept smiling while hitting ><

Credit: 热可可 weibo

#3 – Conversation with Taemin;

Fan: Taemin ah, Do you know WithTaemin?
Taemin: Ah~ yes! ^^
Fan: Did you see it often?
Taemin: ne~ see it often (then continue mumbling some words)
Fan: Please continue to look out for it in the future ^^
Taemin: alright, thank you ^^

Credit: WithTaemin

#4 – When I gave this for Key to sign, he looked at the note for some time, trying very hard to figure out which is the right chinese name characters; I pronounced it for him and he made a mark on ‘金起範’, he thought a while again and said ‘yes, this is the correct one’, and made another small dot on it


Credit: Xing_taem

All fanaccounts translations, credits: FOREVER_SHINee


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