They made 3 rounds + some parts of the song

The boys were really in a good mood today, always smiling, joking around ~

When they first came on stage Taemin put his hand on his face and played hide ans seek with the fans ㅋㅋㅋJonghyun and Onew said ‘Hello’ to fans. Then Minho went behind Onew and began to touch his jacket, Onew was like ‘don’t. Touch. Me’ teasing Minho, joking around him~ Jonghyun came to help Minho and faced Onew, gripping his jacket too, taking care of Onew’s outfit.

At the first record, Taemin almost dropped his stand mic but managed to catch it in time, however Jonghyun really made his own fall on the floor ahah
Key made his own one fell at the third recording and they had to do it again~ 

Each time they finished they went to the side of the stage to watch their previous performance. For the first one Key went directly in front of the screen, the others stayed in the back on the stairs. Jonghyun and Taemin were laughing a lot about the performance, imitating themself ㅋㅋㅋ 
At the last one, they didn’t go on the side but stayed on the main stage and just looked from far~

At the second recording, the staff member stared to count ‘5, 4…’ to give the start, and Onew’s face went like ‘What? Since when we have a countdown?’ It was really funny!

Onew was really crazy today! He was doing cute things, sitting on the floor, sliding on it, falling on the stage.. like a cutie child

At a moment, Jonghyun was singing an english song, then he was training his voice and faced Taemin and screamed, Taemin laughed hard at this ahah

Around the end, they have to do again only a little part of the song. Key and Taemin were just next to each other, waiting the music to start, and while doing that, they began to make cute poses, resting on their mics and all Then Onew joined in ahah 

When they had to do the same part a second time, Onew was fixing Taemin’s outfit, but the music started so Onew catched his mic in a hurry with a surprised face and began to sing! All shawol laughed ahah 

Seems like everybody took care of Taemin’s outfit today, Minho did too, fixing for a long time his collar~

At the end, all the boys waved and thanked fans. Then Key who was the last on stage, looked at the shawol and said ‘It’s cold right?’ Fans who could see that were like ‘yes yes yes!’ Ahah


Source: Murasaki @ SHINee France
Shared by: joAnnwashere @ shineee.net


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