[NEWS/130314] SHINee’s Key explains he wasn’t using his phone on stage

SHINee‘s Key explained that he wasn’t slacking off on stage!

A screenshot of Key during one of the “Dream Girl” performances made it look like he was checking his phone while the other members were performing on stage. Even though it was obvious that a popular idol would never use a phone in the middle of a filmed performance, many people wondered what happened.

Key finally resolved those curiosities on ‘One Night of TV Entertainment‘, where he revealed, “During the choreography, my mic pack fell out. I was wrapping the wire around it, and it looked like I was using my phone.”

He also talked about how SHINee manage to get through various accidents on stage, commenting, ”If one person gets flustered from an on-stage accident, everyone gets flustered. We just try to act as natural as possible.”


Source: Allkpop


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