[NEWS/130322] Jonghyun congratulates Lee Hi on her M! Countdown win with the gift of a rose

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Tonight’s M! Countdown did not fail to delight as the show closed with SHINee’s special stage of Aside and Dream Girl. The performance was held to commemorate their recent Triple Crown award, as was a special handprint ceremony that occurred before the show.

Aside has proven to be a favorite out of the Dream Girl tracklist, often placing as the second most popular song after Dream Girl in terms of digital and ringtone downloads.

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An interaction that stood out upon the show’s conclusion was between Jonghyun and solo artist Lee Hi. Following the announcement of Lee Hi’s win during the encore of the show, Jonghyun presented Lee Hi with a rose as a gesture of congratulation. Rising star Lee Hi gracefully accepted the rose as they bowed to each other on stage. Minho greeted Lee Hi to congratulate her as well.

SHINee will no longer be eligible for first place on M! Countdown from this day forth, on account of their recent Triple Crown win on last week’s show. Watch SHINee’s special performance below!

Source: Star News
Written by: joAnnwashere @ shineee.net 


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