[TRANS/130328] SHINee Jonghyun @ Sukira Kiss The Radio ‘Healing Cafe’ 130328

#1 – Jonghyun’s recommended Diet Plan; Calories must be set/targeted when consuming food, prepared the amount of food in a lunchbox and everyday only limit yourself to consume that much. Definitely no supper, in this way, it will work, your fats will disappear very fast.

#2 – Jonghyun sang a cover for ‘I’m Fine, Thank You and you?’ by 10cm Live

#3 – The other Guests (Urban Zakapa) at ‘Healing Cafe’ wanted to change songs with Jonghyun, then they sang a short cover for Sherlock. Jonghyun said, ‘Seems like this is the first time I heard acoustic ver. for Sherlock. Thank you for recommending this!’ Jonghyun then sang Urban Zakapa – 니가 싫어(I Hate You), imitating the Male singer lead way of singing & said he will try out that vocal skill the next time.

#4 – Before Jonghyun sang ‘As Long as You Love Me’ ~ DJ Ryeowook told Jonghyun that ‘Jonghyun KTR’ just top the search~ Jonghyun then say, Before ‘Healing Cafe’ starts, he tweeted, asking everyone to come listen to the live radio.

Credit: Tsconditional & YoyoYuan
English Translations: Forever_SHINee[4]

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