[JAPMOB/130404] Key Update

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Hello everyone on the fan site.

April has already rushed in, but every day you’re still pondering about whether to put your winter coats away or not, right? In times like these, let listen to “Fire” to warm our hearts~ ^^

Today, we present “Fire”‘s jacket filming episode!

People who has watched the first-run limited version jacket filming DVD of “Fire” will of course know these cute characters~

These are the cute candles which the members made during the jacket filming!
They were excited to show their cute creations with individual touches but, the truth is there was another one! The work which hasn’t been shown anywhere is…

Seaweed rolls~
Even after everyone had finished making the candles, Key enjoyed using the leftover to make these by himself. He was very meticulous about the ingredients and even added the sesame as the final touch. ^^ ♪

Source: minoutshine
Translated by: supreme1 @ shineee.net


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