[NEWS/130331] Onew teases noona fans with a tantalizing revelation

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SHINee‘s Onew had the hearts of noona (older sister) fans beating just a little bit faster with his recent revelation on the March 31st broadcast of SBS‘ ‘1000 Song Challenge‘.

During the show, MC Lee Hwee Jae asked, “Onew is always popular among older women. If you date, how much older are you willing to go up to?” And Onew answered, “I can easily do 10 years older.“

Then Lee Hwee Jae asked, “How about 35?” and Onew said yes without hesitating. Upon hearing his answer, singer Jang Yoon Jung who was standing next to them started dancing as she said, “So I have a chance too.”

In addition, Lee Hwee Jae revealed that he had once met Key on the train. He shared, “There was a crowd of teenage fans on the train and it turned out that Key was riding in the train car next to me. I went to go say hello later, but Key was sleeping with his mouth open.”

Is that the sound of millions of International noona fans racing to South Korea?

Source : Allkpop
Shared by letterstojuliette @ shineee.net


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