[NEWS/130424] SHINee & Various artist Share Love of Bubble Tea and High Hopes for ‘M COUNTDOWN Nihao-Taiwan’

Taiwan was overrun by K-Pop’s hottest acts on April 24 as SHINee, Infinite, SISTAR, T-ara, U-KISS and more gathered to for the highly-anticipated M COUNTDOWN Nihao-Taiwan show. 

A press conference was held before the event at the Taipei Arena in Taiwan, where the artists talked about their visit, a first for some of the performers, as well as their expectations for the show. 

The Davichi members, who shared that it was their first time in Taiwan, said, “It’s slightly warmer than our country. It’s a little humid, but the people are friendly and the food is delicious.”

Rap duo Baechigi, who recently with stepped into the spotlight with Shower of Tears and is set to perform at the night’s show with singer Ailee, joked, “There aren’t very many Baechigi fans in Taiwan, but we hope to make at least 10 fans before we go.”

The U-KISS members, on the other hand, are practically regulars in Taiwan, and member Kevin, who will perform with the group’s first unit group uBEAT for its debut stage, said, “All of the members love bubble tea, and the manager brought us some in the waiting room.”

SHINee is similarly familiar with Taiwan’s charm, as member Key said, “We’ve been coming to Taiwan ever since our debut, and Taiwan is an alluring place that is worth coming to often.”

When asked what places or foods in Taiwan he’d recommend to his juniors, Minho said, “We filmed a program at the night market before, and it’s definitely a must-go place.”

Meanwhile, SISTAR’s Hyolyn said, “It’s our second time meeting our Taiwanese fans, so we prepared a special stage. Our unit group SISTAR19 will perform for overseas fans for the first time.”

In addition to hot debuts and performances of well-loved K-Pop songs, collaboration stages are also expected to make the show a special event for Taiwanese fans, as girl group Dal Shabet revealed it would be putting on a special stage with popular Taiwanese girl group SHE, while T-ara shared it will take the stage with Dream Girls. 

SHINee, Infinite, SISTAR, T-ara, U-KISS ‘uBEAT,’ Teen Top, Dal Shabet, Girl’s Day, K.Will, Tasty, Baechigi, Ailee and DJ Koo are among the artists set to take the stage at M COUNTDOWN Nihao-Taiwan

Photo credit: Chin Eun Joo Via: Nancy lee @ enewsworld 


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