[TRANS/130421] SHINee’s interview with High Cut, Vol.100

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On the morning of April 2nd, 4 days before <High Cut> was supposed to have a photoshoot with SHINee for the cover of the 100th issue, there was news of Jonghyun’s car accident. It felt like the noona’s romance SHINee had come right before our eyes but then had disappeared immediately. We could only be sad for a while, because we were in a risky situation where we had to find the card to take his place on the ambitious cover of the 100th issue. At the end of an anxious tug-of-war, f(x)’s Victoria was chosen as the 5th member.Technically, they had a unique relationship. The ‘pretty noona’ in SHINee’s debut MV of “Replay” was Victoria. 

Finally on the day of the shooting, we were able to understand the meaning of turning misfortune into blessings when the five stood in front of the camera. SHINee always shown their innocent, boyish image, but we were able to their charms as men when they stood in front of a woman. No matter what anyone said, the highlight of the shooting was the staff’s obsession over SHINee that kept changing. When Minho stared at the camera with melancholy eyes for his solo cut, they were Minho’s fans, but when Onew lay down on the bed and smiled, they turned into Onew’s fans. The SHINee members’ rankings in all of the female staff’s, including the reporters’, hearts changed all the time because of Key’s perfect model aura that confused the staff if he was a model or a singer, and because of Taemin’s melting of noona’s hearts with his devilish looks. Adding to this, Victoria and Minho had a breathtaking couple cut showing off their chemistry. Although it may be unfamiliar, we put SHINee’s masculine sides into the 100th issue of <High Cut>. If you’re a woman, no, even if you’re a man, your heart will start fluttering.

First off, we’re curious about Jonghyun’s condition after the car accident.
Taemin: He hurt his his nose, so there’s no problem with his health. It’s nothing to worry about. But anyway, it’s hard for the five of us to have a photoshoot together. I’m disappointed that he couldn’t be with us today.
Minho: I talked to him yesterday and he said he’s living a very regular life at the hospital. Thanks to him, we got to do a photoshoot with Victoria noona (laugh). I laughed for a while because Victoria noona told me, “Tell Jonghyun that I said thanks. I got to do a photoshoot thanks to him.”

We actually looked at the combination of the five of you, and it turned out that ‘pretty noona’ in SHINee’s “Replay” music video was Victoria.
: Looking back, we all got so mature. Back then, it was before any of us debuted, and the SHINee members were all like cute little brothers. But they’ve become men now.
Key, Onew: (Very surprised) Wow, you speak really well.
Minho: We’ve never done an interview together like this after we debuted, so we were really surprised. When we were filming that music video, she only said, “Hello, I am Victoria,” more than ten times. So this is the power of broadcast.
Victoria: That’s right, I worked hard (laugh).

Even <High Cut> thinks your Korean has improved a lot. Before at the <Invincible Youth> (2010) press conference, you only repeated, “I’ll work hard”.
Victoria: When we promote, I only used Korean. I felt bad that the younger members were speaking for me during interviews even though I was the leader, so I practiced really hard. (She got ‘mad’ when the SHINee members mentioned her age). Fine! I’m old, too! (laugh)
Taemin: (Soothing Victoria) But I don’t have anything to be awed about. I thought you were always good at Korean, noona.

SHINee and f(x) originally had an ‘intimate collaboration relationship’.
Minho: In SM, the (Super) Junior hyungs and Girls’ Generation are close to each other, and f(x) and SHINee are close to each other. In EXO’s case, there are few members who came in after we debuted, so there are some that we honestly don’t know well, but we’re close with all members of f(x).
Key: The groups that have similar training periods are close to each other. You can say we favor each other.

What kind of solo activities do you want to try?
Key: I’ve done them all. I’ve done a reality program and a musical, so there’s nothing I’m particularly greedy for. Ah, I really liked it when I went to Barcelona, Spain with Onew and Taemin and wrote a book. I want to write another one again in the future.
Onew: That was really nice. When we went on vacation, I would make a memo as soon as I heard a story and worked so hard that I wrote a manuscript. I’ve heard that the book helped out with other people’s vacation, so I was pleased.
Minho: I wish our company would do that for me, too. (laugh) I want to do my best and my current solo activities. Once that ends, I want to be fated with a nice project.

Next month will be SHINee’s 5th anniversary since debut. What do you think has changed the most?
Key: When we first debuted, everything was unfamiliar because I didn’t know anything. It was really uncomfortable to speak or interact with the staff. I was always tense. Now, I’ve relaxed and I’m able to read the atmosphere well. Those skills have improved a lot.
Minho: All five of us have become experienced and are noticeably more comfortable on stage. Looking at videos of us from back then, we were really cute.
Key: I can’t watch those videos. It makes me feel the burden of thinking before stage, “I can’t make a mistake. I have to do well no matter what.”
Onew: I’ve become sly. If Minho is good at reading the atmosphere on air, then I’m the type to not do it at all. (If my jokes) aren’t good, they get edited out completely. If they are good, I get more screen time. I normally throw them out recklessly but it’s actually that I am very careful on shows.
Key: I wish you would think of the people always next to you. You throw them out too recklessly. (explosion of laughter)

Jonghyun is suddenly unable to carry out promotions. What are SHINee’s immediate promotion plans?
Minho: “Dream Girl” is from the “Chapter One” version, so we have to put out the song relevant to “Chapter Two”. We’ll probably promote as four without Jonghyun hyung. The feeling of the song will be an entirely different from “Chapter One”.
Key: We don’t even have time to rest. We had to prepare for promotions again. We hadn’t practiced the choreography for the new track, so it was pretty tiring when we suddenly did it yesterday.
Onew: I woke up today and it felt like I was beaten up. I think the choreography is more intense than the last.

How many push-ups do you have to do to stretch?
(All at the same time) We don’t really have to do push-ups anymore. (explosion of laughter)

In 5 years, what will the people sitting here be doing?
Onew: Ah, I’ll be 30 years old in 5 years.
Key: If I had to pick something that I want to do within 5 years, I want to have my own house. (laugh) I don’t have a house in Seoul, and my parents live in Daegu. I want to have a house in Seoul.
Onew: Isn’t London your home town? (Everyone laughs)
Taemin: I’ll be 26 in 5 years, which is the age I have to be the most energetic. I think having my own color is important, so I’ll have to figure out what I’m the best at.
Minho: Ah…. (thinking really hard). I can’t think of anything right now, but I want to be better than I am now. More than anything, I want to be happy.
Onew: I don’t really know, but I will definitely be laughing. For sure.

Source: High Cut

Translated by: jennyjjong. & kimchi hana @ shineee.net


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