[TRANS/130422] Special DJ Keybum @ Sukira Kiss The Radio 130422

(*note translation may not be 100% accurate) 

1)Dana noona asked key it’s been long that he didn’t come as a Special DJ  , Key said yup most of the time I heard  Onew hyung replaced , will listen to those question and reply.

2) Dana noona said Key wore a set of denim clothes and want’s him to turn a round and let everyone take a took at the part that can see his skin, and key hold on to the part that has hole , key said it’s a old pants.

3)While both of them are thinking what to call, Key said previously while DJ-ing with Onew hyung they called themselves ‘ JinKiBum’ . Wish to be called ‘ MiKey’ with Dana Noona Dana noona’s real name last letter mi plus his key, feels that MiKey is cuter.

4)Beige noona said when you grow older seeing those high school student, there’s a thinking of wearing the school uniform again, Key said, It didn’t cross my mind before.

5)Key open the food support, before he eat, he held his hand together and said thank you

6) Key said’ Recently even cell phone has got insurance right? I didn’t know there’s this insurance till few day’s ago my phone was faulty while bringing it to repair the person asked me if I have insurance for that then I realised it .


7)There’s a listener said actually there’s twin son at home, but after that gave birth to another twin son, Dana noona said that she’s envy of people having son, Key carried on saying ‘Me too! Key continue saying , he live with Mum and Granny, Mum will strictly watch , being brought up with like this, it will be good experience when you go into the society.

8)Key said the previous time when he’s special DJ .. Dongjoon hyung who appeared , there’s once where he choijun hyung was at SHINee’s dorm drinking, Dongjoon hyung isn’t good at drinking, just by consuming a little alcohol he will drunk, Choi jun hyung shook and ask him to wake up… but dong joon hyung scolded people… after he’s awake he tender his resume… dongjoon hyung

9) Key said while shopping he will also try on clothes, but he felt shy if he doesn’t but it, so he will pull people to go shopping with him

10) Key said after getting married, he want’s to have a room that two person can sleep together, and he want’s to decorate a room that belong to himself. Because having this personal space he won’t have the thinking of leaving home.

11) Key said , since last time I like BoA noona a lot, and I met her in company previously , was thinking to talk to her, but………….. I didn’t at the end.

12) Key said when he goes to school last time, the moment he recall of this time if my result isn’t good mum will punish me, and then he will have good result, piano & hangul too.

13) Just now Hyorin’s (I Choose To Love You) was playing. Key said, after marrying will try his best to have kids, it’s like because he’s the only child , he wish to have have lot’s of kids’ like Jesus ‘

Chinese Translation : tsconditional

English Translation & Compile by: Forever_SHINee [2]


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