[TRANS/130424] Special DJ Keybum @ Sukira Kiss The Radio 130424

(*note translation may not be 100% accurate)

1)Key said his mum has got double eye lid, dad’s eye lid is single, mum is slim , but dad is a little  plump and his nick name is Winne the pooh  , guess he inherited his dad so he is single eye lid and he tends to gain weight easily

2) Key said that whenever he goes to KTV the opening song he tends to sing Moon Geun Young’s song in : My Little Bride. < I Still Don’t Know Love> . When he goes KTV with member, it seems like they did a Music show, From MC till the singer come out everyone has a roll to act, They imitate 2PM. 2NE1 and lee hyori noona, Key mainly focus on dance.

3) Key said that his family uses birthday song’s melody to sing congratulating song , graduation will be ‘ happy graduation to you’ , when you get promote in school ‘ happy promotion to you’ , when debut… ‘ happy debut to you’

4) Key said if anyone of the member make a mistake on stage, Member’s will not comfort one another, but they will grab hold of this mistake and keep making fun of it and joke around.

5) Key said while they have busy schedule, while sitting in the car looking out of the window looking at those passer by whom stand by the roadside looking at the cherry blossom , he will feel this , you guys are playing! But I’m gonna go work! And then his heart will feel more better

6) Key said when he watch the member sing too sincerely he will laughed out loud Dana noona then asked so normally who do you laughed at, Key said  Our Minho shi & Onew Shi

7) Key said before his grandfather passed away he kept waiting for him to come back, no matter how his family said please leave peacefully , but grandfather still wait’s for him after seeing him his grandfather closed his eye’s and left. ‘when key said this he tends to get a little emotion and teary‘

Chinese translation : tsconditional

English Translation & Compile by: Forever_SHINee [2]


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