[INF/130105] Onew as Special DJ for ‘Kiss The Radio’ On 8th & 9th January

busy man, busy idols
kiss the radio’s main dj sungmin + ryeowook would not be around for the moment because of their schedule.
And so on tuesday and wednesday 2 special djs will be taking over.

1/8 tuesday special DJ

Getting more and more successful,
One of the most wonderful man in the year of Snake.
A pioneer revelation of handsome tofu.

Last year we met during kiss the radio special DJ
she showed refreshness and excitement.
she’s always cheerful and youthful…

1/9 wednesday special DJ


And so on 1/8 tuesday,
SHINee’s Onew-ssi and Dana-ssi will be the DJ

also on 1/9 wednesday,
Onew-ssi will DJ alone.

Together with sukira please expect alot!

Credit: KBS Radio Translation Credit: YangMehLin


[INF/121228] Onew wins first place in the Candypang Battle contest, claiming a prize of 10 million won

Onew has been righteously crowned the victor of WeMade Entertainment’s Candypang Battle contest! As many have noticed, Onew has been religiously devoted to the battle, tweeting screenshots of his scores every so often throughout the past month.

The contest was open to all celebrities and a variety of stars participated in the contest which took place from December 5th to December 27th. It not only attracted celebrity participants but also involved fans who could support the ideals by leaving comments through SNS. The official winners of this contest have been announced today on the 28th.

Onew’s monetary winnings from his triumphant victory amounts to 10 million won ($9338~ USD), accompanied by the special prize of a 10,000 Candypang hearts coupon! Second place went to 1kyne of Electro Boyz, and third place went to gagman Moon Kyubak.

A huge congratulations to our devoted gamer! His score screenshots can be found below.

Source: Osen
Translated by: kimchi hana @ shineee.net

[FANACC/121121] Brothers Were Brave music director came to my school and mentioned Onew

Today, there was some mentoring concert thing at my school’s auditorium today.
The mentors were concert director Professor Go Heekyung and music director Jang Soyoung!!
(For those who don’t know, Bros Were Brave, Turandot, I Am a Singer consultant, etc and currently doing Legally Blonde at Coex)
While they were talking to Jang Soyoung, they obviously talked about idols.
Seo Kyungsuk was the MC and he asked who there was so Jang Soyoung said Onew first, then Jessica, then Jung Eunji and etc.

Idols can’t make it to practice due to their schedules but they come with their lines memorized
before the actors who are at the practice room every day and stuff and said they work hard.
That’s why she thinks they can receive that sort of applause and win and lose.

I can’t remember what they talked about after.
But Seo Kyungsuk asked which idol she liked the most out of the ones she has worked with
and of course the atmosphere went a little cold.
There’s an audience and there might be fans of idols who are and are not mentioned
so at first she was giving a different answer
(she said he likes 30 year old artists and stuff
but Seo Kyungsuk was all it’s not like I’m asking about who you love!! kekekeke funny as hell)
She said Onew seems like he works the hardest.
Deep inside, I was nodding my head and going like “as expected of Onew” kekekekekeke

Source: 구미베어 @ SHINee DC Gallery
Translated by: kimchi hana @ shineee.net