[NOT] SHINee’s Minho Multination: rice wreath support for the press conference of SBS drama “To The Beautiful You”

SBS “To The Beautiful You” Press Conference. SHINee’s Minho is supported with dreamy rice wreaths.
For SHINee’s Minho SBS drama, local and foreign fans sent “beautiful” rice wreaths with their best wishes for a successful drama to the press conference.

On August 13th, a press conference for “To The Beautiful You” was held at the Imperial Palace Hotel in Seoul, where the union of fan pages of Japan, Singapore and Russia, as well as countries as far away as Peru, sent rice wreaths to support their idol.

The rice wreath from the peruvian fan, drew special attention with the following message of encouragement: “Whatever you do, wherever you are … our Minho will always be the best”.

The fan pages ‘Dreaming’, ‘Humming’, ‘Kiwi Ming’, ‘Glamorous 91’, ‘Contemporary’, ‘MinHoney’ and Japanese fans sent 500 kilos of rice together.

In the press conference of SBS sitcom, ‘Salamander Guru and The Shadows’ on January 16th and in the local SHINee concert on July 3rd, the international fans of SHINee’s Minho also sent rice wreaths to show their support. The wreaths sent to Minho, are donated to people in need and special schools for children with malnutrition.

SHINee’s Minho and f(x)’s Sulli star in the drama “To The Beautiful You” based on the manga of the same name by the Japanese author Nakajo Hisaya, whose drama versions were very popular in Japan and Taiwan.
The drama is about the Olympic medalist Kang Tae Joon (Minho) who is going through a period of depression, and Goo Jae Hee (Sulli) who is transferred to his school by dressing as a man, starting a youthful romance.
The drama “To The Beautiful You” directed by Jun Ki Sang, will begin airing on SBS TV on August 15th.

Fuente: CC Today
English Translation: Roxy@ SHINee Peru Fanclub


[270213/VID] SHINee’s Comeback is mentioned in peruvian tv show ‘Cinescape’

SHINee is mentioned at minute 8:01


This is the long awaited comeback of the south korean band SHINee, after making all the fans from SMTOWN wait, they released the first single from their third album ‘Dream Girl’.

This is how we could have Taemin, Jonghyun, Minho, Key and Onew, in fun scenes and great outfits while they sing to us about this dreamed girl. As it says at the beginning of the song…SHINee is back!

Source: Cinescape

Credits and Trans: SHINee Peru Fan Club (shineeperu.com)

[130218/TRANS] SHINee’s interview with NYLON KOREA, March 2013

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Why are your eyes swollen?
I don’t know. They were like this when I woke up in the morning. It’s a relief though. The swelling settled down when it was time for the shoot, interestingly enough.

Aren’t you annoyed about having to do a shoot when your body is not in good condition?
It’s okay since it’s not like my body is severely tired.

When do you get annoyed the most?
When I’m tired and several things overlap with each other. When I’m tired from working all day and they don’t give me food and when my body hurts.

When did you have the hardest time?
The 1~2 years right after debuting was hard on me. Our schedule was seriously packed. It was to the point where we slept for a total of 8 hours during a week.

How do you put up with times like that?
I don’t think. I just do whatever I’m told to do. If we move from here, I went there. Then I do whatever I they tell me to do there.

Would you be able to handle it if it was like that now?
I’m not sure. I think I’d rebel these days. There are times when I say I’m tired or when I keep things inside then explode, but I think I’ll just talk about it? I’m not good at talking though so pinpointing things one by one wouldn’t be easy.

Is there something you think you’re better at compared to others? 
The ability to bring down an atmosphere. I don’t know why but when I start to talk after someone, the atmosphere sinks. If that counts, then it’s my ability?

What is one word that currently describes “me” the best?
Frog. I can expand my stomach like a frog now.

When have you rebelled?
I basically have a very clear view on things. I think I’ve rebelled when my views and the situation didn’t match. There was a time I even butted heads with adults when I was told to do something I didn’t need to. When I think about it now, I feel regretful for the most part.

What do you regret the most?
Dropping out of school. I don’t think it was the best choice to drop out of high school in order to attend music school. At the time, I felt that the time spent studying at school was a waste but I think it would have been okay not to go about it that exact way. And that doesn’t mean I blame myself for regretting it so much.

What am I better at compared to other people?
Talking? Hahaha. I’m kidding. My motto is “Acceptance rather than understanding.” You get stressed out if you try to understand something that just isn’t understandable. So it means even if you can’t understand something, just accept it. That’s why I think I’m better at simply accepting things compared to others.

What are you particularly interested in at the moment?
Well, I’m always interested in music. A new interest I’ve obtained is in human relations. I told my mother and she told me to study psychology. My mother is a nursery director. She said if I study philosophy or psychology, I’ll be able to solve a lot of problems about relationships.

Do you have any intentions to learn?
It’s bothersome to be honest. And I feel like I’ll show off if I study those things.

What do you want to hear the most from someone these days?
That I’m doing well. I’m always happy to hear acknowledgement related to my work.

What do you think is a charm point that only you have?
Twist. I have a fear of cameras so I can’t show my all when I go on TV, thus people feel a twist when they meet me in person. I often hear, “You’re a lot different from what I thought you’d be like.” Wouldn’t that be my charm?

What do you do on your day off?
I buy clothes, drink coffee, practice for my musical, and draw pictures.

What are you better at than others?
I have good foresight when it comes to people. When I meet someone for the first time and go, “I don’t think his person will get along with me,” then they really don’t get along with me. I have a good sense so I’ve mostly been right.

What word describes you the best?
This is a hard question. Can I use a sentence instead of an adjective? Someone told me this before. “Too cute to watch, too wild to touch.” It means I look cute but I’m too fierce to approach. I agree with it for certain aspects.

What did you work on the most while preparing for your new album?
Ways to set ourselves apart a little more. It’s because it’s time for SHINee to approach the general public.

When did you have the hardest time?
When I debuted. I didn’t know anything and I was young so there were too many things that I had to learn every day.

What is your favorite memory?
When my musical finished yesterday.

What is the biggest type of rebellion you’ve pulled?
I’m the type who has always rebelled a lot. I’ve gotten better these days but I used to rebel severely in the past. There were times when I knew the other person was right but I just hated that so I would argue until the end. Since I did that, I was able to precisely understand the meaning of rebellion in the dictionary.

What are you particularly into these days?
I watch a lot of movies. My problem is always watching the same movies over again, if you call that a problem.

Which movies?
I’ve seen the animation <Howl’s Moving Castle> several times. As for movies, I’ve watched <Billy Elliot>, <Factory Girl>, and <The Dreamers> a lot. I only saw the main character when watching <The Dreamers> and <Factory Girl>. Later on, I was able to see other people’s outfits or the movie’s overall color. Then I saw the structures and angles. Since I’m also somebody who gets filmed on camera, I’m able to infer about how they act and how they worked. It’s my hobby to think like that and watch the same movie over again.

What makes you feel good to hear again and again?
It’s the phrase, “That’s good.” It’s supporting my decisions and actions. I feel the happiest when I hear those words.

When did you cut your hair?
I just suddenly got it cut yesterday. I’m in the process of changing my appearance with the promotions for our new song “Dream Girl” ahead.

What did you particularly focus on while preparing your new album?
I’m concerned about how to present a different side compared to our previous <Sherlock> album. I mean a way to maintain SHINee’s color while showing a differentiated side of myself.

It’s been 6 years since you debuted. When did you have the hardest time?
I was having a really hard time when filming the drama <For You In Full Blossom>. I didn’t tell anyone but it was physically and mentally draining. The burden of being the main character was huge and I was lonely while doing activities without the members.

Has there ever been a time when you rebelled?
There have been two times that I’ve seriously rebelled. One time I rebelled because I wanted to play soccer. Then I troubled my parents because I wanted to become a celebrity.

When my parents told me no, I would thoughtlessly tell them I would do it although there was a reason. “I’m gonna do it. Even if you oppose, I’m gonna do it.” I put it like that and didn’t back down

What do you think you’re better at compared to others?
This is an embarrassing question because I’ve never thought of anything like that… I’m not exceptionally good at something compared to others. If doing my best and working hard at whatever I’m given counts as something, then that’s my answer.

What do you want to do more of in the future?
To be honest, I’ve actually done all the things I’ve wanted. My goal is to keep doing the things that I’ve done so far.

What is one word that currently describes “me” the best?
Wouldn’t that be passion? Because I’m in my early 20’s. I want to be passionate in no matter what I do now.

How do you feel about your new album coming out? 
I’m anticipating it but we’ve released quite a lot in the past already so there are no special thoughts that come to mind. Just something like, “Ah. The album is coming out.”

What are you interested in lately?
I don’t have anything to be interested in since all I do is practice but I start to think a lot. My thoughts keep going on and on.

Do you have any worries?
The 20 years old that I imagine and the real 20 years old. I think the only difference is that being 21 years old is pretty different.

When have you rebelled for no reason?
I have never rebelled at all. Even if others disagree, it’s true in my standards.

What makes you the happiest to hear?
I get a break from this day to this day.

Then what’s the next one?
You did well so rest. Hahaha.

What are your new plans for this year?
I used to do it up until last year but I didn’t make any this time. It’s because I get stressed out from trying to keep my plans if I make them.

What is your favorite SHINee song so far?
I like “Sherlock” the most, then “Replay”. But “Replay” is both a song I like the most and hate the most.

I have a lot of disappointments over the whole song. I think I lacked so much and I can only remember the other members’ voices if I listen to it again. But it’s our debut song, so although I had a hard time preparing for it, I’m just as pleased.

Translated by: kimchi hana @ shineee.net

[INF/130218] Comeback Special: SHINee’s Most Magical Dances

Long-time SHINee fans have probably seen more than a few of their famous “magic dances”. It all started back in the early days, when someone noticed that SHINee’s choreography for “Replay” could be matched up to a myriad of other songs- even some that you wouldn’t expect. In honor of their upcoming “Dream Girl” comeback, let’s take a look at some of SHINee’s most magical dances, and how surprisingly well they match up with songs from other artists.

Dance: “Replay
Song: Lee Hyori‘s “U Go Girl

We really couldn’t do a list of SHINee’s magical dances without including “U Go Girl”- the original magic dance. This one is so well known, that SHINee even performed it on ‘Weekly Idol‘!

Dance: “Love Like Oxygen

Song: Far East Movement‘s “Like a G6

“Love Like Oxygen” is one of SHINee’s less popular singles, so there aren’t a whole lot of magic dance videos for it, but this video for “Like a G6″ really syncs up great.

Dance: “Replay
Song: “Pokemon Theme Song

This is an example of two things that should not work together, but they do anyway.

Dance: “Lucifer

Song: Far East Movement‘s ”Like a G6

Maybe “Like a G6″ is a magic song that just works with all dances, because it fits with Lucifer just as well as it does with “Love Like Oxygen”.

Dance: “Sherlock

Song: Adele‘s “Set Fire to the Rain

I would have never imagined that SHINee’s powerful Sherlock choreography would match a sad, melodic ballad, but it is a perfect match for Adele’s “Set Fire to the Rain”! Key especially dressed for the occasion in their practice video with his flame-patterned pants.

Dance: “Lucifer

Song: Nikki Minaj‘s “Starships

“Starships” is such a fun, spunky song that you wouldn’t think it would match the intense choreography of “Lucifer”- yet, somehow, the two mesh so perfectly that they seem almost made for each other.

Dance: “Replay
Song: B.A.P‘s “Warrior

[Note: sound doesn’t start until 0:10] This magic dance video has the fewest views of any on this list, but I had to include it because I could not believe how well the dances matched up- from Minho almost throwing a punch when Zelo says “punch“, to Jonghyun appearing to do the B.A.P greeting when Zelo says “What’s the name of the game? B.A.P!”, it just works in the most hilariously awesome way.

 I hope that helps tide you over while you wait for “Dream Girl”! SHINee fans, what are your favorite magic dances? Let us know in the comments!

Source: allkpop.com

[INF/130116]SHINee In Wonderland Star Collection Cards additional information

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The new SHINee In Wonderland Star Collection Card packs will hold five random star cards, and each pack will have one of five member designs on the outside (seen below).

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There will be 10 packs (of 5 cards each) in every set, a total of 50 cards per set.
The cards in each pack are all random. Every set will also contain a contest flyer.

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Five contest winners will receive one of five autographed polaroid pictures and member photoshoot items (Onew/Jonghyun/Key/Taemin’s pocketwatch or Minho’s mask).

Posted Image

There will be many different categories of cards to collect, as seen in the following list.
Some categories include more cards than others! There are 65 normal cards and 35 rare cards in total.

Posted Image

There are 65 normal SHINee Wonderland cards, all with original designs.
Because the cards are processed with lamination, they will not tear easily.

Posted Image

There are 35 rare card designs, and each will come in a shiny, holographic, 3D style.

Posted Image

Puzzle cards can’t be complete without each other! Certain puzzle cards can be placed next to each other to make one large picture.

Posted Image

Source: Apple Music
Written by: joAnnwashere @ shineee.net

[INF/010913] SHINee Star Collection Cards with Alice in Wonderland theme to release February 14th

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★ SHINee in Wonderland Star Collection Cards ★
▶ Card Concept: Alice in Wonderland
▶ 100 different cards (35 Rare Cards / 65 Normal Cards)
▶ Each individual pack will hold 5 star cards.
▶ Each set will hold 10 individual packs (50 cards in total) and cost 30,000 won.

Source: Apple Music
Written by: joAnnwashere @ shineee.net

Note: Star cards are collectible trading cards, and each pack holds five random cards.

[INF/130105] SHINee claims the rank of first place in the Golden Disk Awards “Popularity Award” category

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As of January 6th, 2013, SHINee has officially claimed the rank of first place for fan votes in the Golden Disk Awards “Popularity Award” category!

The Popularity Award is a title that SHINee has been crowned with twice so far, following their successful promotions in 2009 and 2010. SHINee World claimed a whopping 41.92% of the votes this year. They also came in third in the Bonsang vote ranking, with 15.03% of the vote.

The Golden Disk Awards voting period ran from December 5th to January 5th at midnight; the ceremony will be held on January 15th and 16th.

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Source: Golden Disk Awards, kin_718
Written by: joAnnwashere @ shineee.net

[INF/130105] SHINee to attend the 27th Golden Disk Awards in Kuala Lumpur

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SHINee is scheduled to attend the 27th Golden Disk Awards.
They have received the following nominations:
Disk Bonsang – Sherlock
Popularity Award
MSN Southeast Asia Award

The awards ceremony will be held at the following date and venue:
Sepang International Circuit
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
January 15th to 16th, 2013

International fans may vote for SHINee for the MSN Southeast Asia Award until January 7th.
Will any of you be attending the event?

Source: SHINee Tieba
Posted by: debcrazy @ shineee.net