[TWITT/031112] Jonghyun twitter update on 121103

 I have a worry recently… Our house puppy Roo… is very very pretty and cute and listens well and does her bathroom business well too but…

when I come home sometimes, she sees me and gets excited so she violently wags her tail and then pees.. Is she too happy to see me… Or is it urinary incontinence… Roo… It smells… Let’s wash up… How do I fix this…

To think I am the cause of your urinary incontinence… Roo, I will leave you now…

Credit: realjonghyun90

Translation credit: shiningtweets


[TWITT/120927] Key was mentioned in Nancy Lang’s tweet


Today is SHINee Key’s birthday part~! Kibum ah wish you happy happy happy birthday~~~ and it is KARA Nicole’s birthday too, so both of them had a birthday party together so great ah! Happy~ ^^ Love you all~~~ ah~~~~~!

Source: Nancy Lang’s twitter
Korean-Chinese trans credits: Lucky_Key weibo
Chinese-English trans credits: Forever_SHINee [4]

[TWITT/120821] Jonghyun update

Do you guys know what sm stands for? Shiver shiver shiver shiver. You all know it as Star Museum or something else but the hidden meaning that it’s So-Mc….. is a lie!! SM Craze hwaiting!! kehe (T/N: So-mc is an acronym for soju maecju(beer). Lee Sooman announced he’ll be opening a so-mc restaurant soon.)

Credit: realjonghyun90
Translation credit: shiningtweets

[TWITT/120819] Jonghyun twitter update

Crocodile bird wrote Jjong Jjong Jjong too but it completely smudged TTTTTT I wrote you down. Don’t be disappointed. (T/N: Crocodile bird just refers to a helper. Jjongx3 is a Jonghyun fansite. He wrote fansite names on his back again for SMTown in Seoul but that fansite name came off.)

After waking up can’t seems to go back and sleep … so…!!! specially prepare for you who are on diet Chilli crab !!!!! (i) ate this for dinner~~ the moment the pot of tasty crab meat was serve i put it into my mouth so i did not snap a picture haha delicious ㅠㅠ

Credit: realjonghyun90
Chinese translation : hyunstar0408
English translation : Forever_SHINee

[TWITT/120815] Minho was mention in his cousin Gil Sung Hoon tweet

August 15. The first episode of For You In Full Blossom will finally air today. He couldn’t sleep at times and practiced hard and filmed. I hope everyone will love it a lot. Are you ready to fall deeply into it?? Watch it live tonight at 9:55PM!!!! Let’s fall into FYIFB

Credit: gilsunghoon

Translation credit: shiningtweets

Source: forevershiningshinee

[TWITT/120815] Jonghyun’s Twitter Update

아그대 첫방!! 민호야!! 멋있다 연습한 만큼 더 멋지게 나오는거 같다 짜식!!! 내일도 기대할게!! 물론 방송을 보진 않았어!!!

Translate: The first episode of To Beautiful You!! Hey, Minho!! I think you come out as cool as your even better practice (now), dude!!! I’ll also look forward to tomorrow!! Of course, I didn’t watch the broadcast yet!!!


Credits; SHINee Jonghyun Twitter
Translation; mayafeby @http://shiningshawols.wordpress.com