[VID] 111206 SHINee – “THE FIRST” release comment video

Credits:  gyapower06


20[INFO] 11.12.04 K-Pop Star 1st Broadcast – Jonghyun & Key Interview Translation & Screenshots

Key: I thought that he exerted his talent to a much greater extent than his limitation so when BoA sunbaenim cried I became slightly teary as well, and I think that’s how it is, I think he’s a very remarkable person.

Jonghyun: I think it’d be even better if he found a way to express his personal color more definitively.

Key: He was too nervous, right? He was too nervous.

Jonghyun: But honestly, it’s not possible to not be nervous on that stage, because those three people in front of you, their force is no normal force.

Interview vdeo: PP2pinkyTOP85 @ Youtube
English translation: live laugh love @ Soompi