[INF/120901] SHINee’s Profile/Biographies on SHINee World J (Official Fanclub Site)


Birthday: 1989/12/14
Interest • Special Skill: Music, Movie, Writing lyrics, Piano
Type of Pet (he) wants to keep: A small pig
Jinx (an evil spell): Always (without change) thinking something in a bad point of view …(the bad side of thought)
Best Subject: Science

Birthday: 1990/4/8
Interest • Special Skill: Soccer, Basketball, Performance
Critical things to do daily: Exercise, Weight training
Item which must be inside the refrigerator: Water
Treasured Item: Pet which (he) is raising – Roo

Birthday: 1991/9/23
Interest • Special Skill: Water-Ski, Rap Dancing, Japanese Language, English Langugae
Critical things to do daily: Listen to Music, Drink Coffee, Writing Notepad (memos)
Lucky Colour: Pink, Mint
Treasured Item: You (the fans/shawols)

Birthday: 1991/12/9
Interest • Special Skill: Soccer, Basketball, Acting
Favourite Place: The top of a Mountain (Beautiful Scenery)
Desired Profession other than an artiste: Film Director
Lucky Number: 10

Birthday: 1993/7/18
Interest • Special Skill: Soccer, Basketball, Dance, Music, Piano
Childhood Nickname: Tae-mi-ri (meaning of scrubbing) 
Item which must be inside the refrigerator: Meat
Personal Advantage: Youth 

Source: SHINee WORLD J Fanclub Site
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Japanese-English Translations: FOREVER_SHINee [4] 



[INF/120831] Minho, Sulli, and Lee Hyun Woo transform into baristas on ‘To The Beautiful You’

f(x)‘s Sulli, SHINee‘s Minho, and Lee Hyun Woo transformed into baristas on the set of SBS‘ ‘To The Beautiful You‘.

In the revealed cuts, Sulli and Minho are wearing white, long-sleeve shirts and black aprons in a clean-cut barista style, while Lee Hyun Woo adds his own bit of fashion sense with a black vest.

Minho grabbed more attention when netizens noticed his cute behavior towards Lee Hyun Woo, who was wearing the tiger costume. However, it was revealed that Minho acted this way because he thought it was Sulli in the costume. Netizens are anticipating a ‘love battle’ between Minho and Lee Hyun Woo over Sulli.

The producers stated, “Sulli, Minho, and Lee Hyun Woo all have great looks and much to offer, and they’ve shown us a new side to their charms throughout the drama.

The next episode of ‘To The Beautiful You’ will air on September 5th KST.

Source: TV Daily
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[INF/120831] ‘SHINee World J Fanclub Event 2012’ planned for December


SHINee WORLD J FANCLUB EVENT 2012 to be held!
An event will be held for members of SHINee’s official Japanese fanclub, SHINee World J.
In order for fans to be able to become closer to SHINee, this event has been planned.


★ December 20, 2012 (Thursday): Osaka Castle Hall
★ December 24, 2012 (Monday): Makuhari Messe Event Hall

[Registration Starts]
★ Scheduled to be from September 7th (Friday) at 12:00 PM JST.

The door opening time, event starting time, ticket prices, and other sales details will be announced at a later date.

Source: SHINee World J
Translation Credit: joAnnwashere @ shineee.net
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[INF/120831] Jeon Hyun Moo wraps up his last KBS radio broadcast by playing SHINee’s ‘Lucifer’


Jun Hyun Moo, former KBS announcer, ended his last radio broadcast with SHINee‘s ‘Lucifer‘, stating, “The first song I played was ‘Lucifer’, and the song I end with is the same ‘Lucifer’. Listening to this song really makes me feel like it’s the end“. Jun Hyun Moo has always been a strong supporter of SHINee and is well-known for his hilarious covers of SHINee’s difficult choreography.

The former announcer went through the broadcast calmly until he played Wax‘s ‘I Ask Of You‘, when he started to tear up. He continued to sound tearful while he finished the rest of the show.

Jun Hyun Moo recently announced that he would be leaving KBS to become a freelance announcer, and has signed on with SM C&C, along with Kang Ho Dong and Shin Dong Yup.

Source: Sports Seoul
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[INF/120831] SHINee’s “Dazzling Girl” preview released in Jewelry Maki CM


A preview of SHINee’s upcoming Japanese single “Dazzling Girl” has been released in a commercial for Jewelry Maki.

Fans can get a taste of what “Dazzling Girl” will sound like in the jewelry brand CM before its October 10th JST release.

The single includes two tracks, “Dazzling Girl” and “Run with Me“, and will come in three versions: ‘First Limited Edition A’, ‘First Limited Edition B’, and ‘Normal Edition’.

Source: miki0001oka
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