[INF/120911] SHINee’s “Dazzling Girl” ringtone version officially released on Recochoku

SHINee’s newest single “Dazzling Girl”, previously featured in a Maki Couture CM advertisement and set to be the October theme song to Japanese television show “Sukkiri!!”, has now been released in a truetone version on Japanese site Recochoku.

Those who live in Japan may support SHINee by purchasing the “Dazzling Girl” ringtone through a mobile phone at the following link:


Source: Recochoku
Written by: joAnnwashere @ shineee.net



[LYRICS/120911] Dazzling Girl – SHINee’s japanese new single

【Dazzling Girl – Lyrics】


俯いてた Rainy day

悩んで 隠す どうかしてる

Dazzling Girl Dazzling Love
これは これは Love
Dazzling Girl Dazzling Love
これが これが 愛 愛

君はなんて Beauty
君はなんて Cutely
君はなんて Pretty
君はなんて Lovely

会えない日は Rainy day
君を描けば So Happy
口ずさむよ Melody
君に届けばいいな yeah

この気持ちがまた 浮かんでゆく
本当に苦しい どうすればいい?

Dazzling Girl Dazzling Love
これは これは Love
Dazzling Girl Dazzling Love
これが これが 愛 愛

ただつく余裕さえはない Boom Boom Boom Pow
そう Give me Give me Give me
君 君 君 に溺れてるnow
We 君にハマってからCrazy
Take you become me baby?
Boom Boom Boom Pow

例えば遠く 誰も知らない
君と僕のWorld 探しに行こう

Dazzling Girl Dazzling Love
これは これは Love
Dazzling Girl Dazzling Love
これが これが 愛 愛

Dazzling Girl Dazzling Love
これは これは Love
Dazzling Girl Dazzling Love
これが これが 愛 愛

君はなんて Beauty
君はなんて Lovely
僕はなんて Happy




[INF/120901] SHINee’s Profile/Biographies on SHINee World J (Official Fanclub Site)


Birthday: 1989/12/14
Interest • Special Skill: Music, Movie, Writing lyrics, Piano
Type of Pet (he) wants to keep: A small pig
Jinx (an evil spell): Always (without change) thinking something in a bad point of view …(the bad side of thought)
Best Subject: Science

Birthday: 1990/4/8
Interest • Special Skill: Soccer, Basketball, Performance
Critical things to do daily: Exercise, Weight training
Item which must be inside the refrigerator: Water
Treasured Item: Pet which (he) is raising – Roo

Birthday: 1991/9/23
Interest • Special Skill: Water-Ski, Rap Dancing, Japanese Language, English Langugae
Critical things to do daily: Listen to Music, Drink Coffee, Writing Notepad (memos)
Lucky Colour: Pink, Mint
Treasured Item: You (the fans/shawols)

Birthday: 1991/12/9
Interest • Special Skill: Soccer, Basketball, Acting
Favourite Place: The top of a Mountain (Beautiful Scenery)
Desired Profession other than an artiste: Film Director
Lucky Number: 10

Birthday: 1993/7/18
Interest • Special Skill: Soccer, Basketball, Dance, Music, Piano
Childhood Nickname: Tae-mi-ri (meaning of scrubbing) 
Item which must be inside the refrigerator: Meat
Personal Advantage: Youth 

Source: SHINee WORLD J Fanclub Site
All Profile ScreenCaps credits: korea_shygeeks
Japanese-English Translations: FOREVER_SHINee [4] 


[INF/120831] SHINee’s “Dazzling Girl” preview released in Jewelry Maki CM


A preview of SHINee’s upcoming Japanese single “Dazzling Girl” has been released in a commercial for Jewelry Maki.

Fans can get a taste of what “Dazzling Girl” will sound like in the jewelry brand CM before its October 10th JST release.

The single includes two tracks, “Dazzling Girl” and “Run with Me“, and will come in three versions: ‘First Limited Edition A’, ‘First Limited Edition B’, and ‘Normal Edition’.

Source: miki0001oka
Shared by: joAnnwashere @ shineee.net

[INF/120816] SHINee to release new Japanese Single “Dazzling GirL”

It is set to be in store on 10 Oct 2012 in 3 versions; First Limited Edition A , First Limited Edition B and the Normal Edition!
First Limited Edition A ‘s DVD will have Music Video and the Music Video Shooting Sketch included!
First Limited Edition B will have a Bonus track of Japanese version 「Bodyguard」sang during SHINee The FIRST JAPAN ARENA TOUR !
Only the Limited Edition A & B will have include a random collectible cards, 6 designs
SHINee will have 2 new songs in this Single!
1. Dazzling Girl
2. Run With Me

Credit: realjonghyun90
Translation credit: Vanessa chun