[VIDEO] 110626 Minho & Taemin KBS2 Let’s Go! Dream Team Special

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[FAN ACCOUNT] 110607 Minho at Dream Team (6/5) recording


本来说是4点开始的 结果到5点多才开始

很多是以亲友团的形式而来的饭小小朋友和妈妈一起来看珉豪但是没有足够的座位只能站着看比赛有小朋友让爸爸背着他看尤其是在珉豪出场比赛时要求背背的小朋友超级多当然还有不少不是饭的人来看珉豪 只有珉豪出场时才有那震耳欲聋的声援声

在录制过程中珉豪自己在舞蹈上模拟着练习时而又去MC座位上和李秉镇坐在一起主持虽然第一次他失败了有些可惜 但是最后第一名还是我们的珉豪获得的他今天比任何一次比赛都要跑的带劲不过好久没上梦之队要是没有赢的话今晚他该踢被子抱怨自己了不愧是我们的珉豪呀



人超级多很怕拍摄的进程还好顺利的结束了最开心的莫过于珉豪得了第一名一定要坚守直播节目珉豪 你最棒!!!


Today was a super tiring day! This was the first time I felt so tired. I wonder how dream team crew can set up an obstacle stage as big as that! Once I reached there, I feel like going home.

It started at 5 instead of 4 as stated.

There were a lot of groups of fans. Small children and mothers all went to see and support minho! But there were not enough seats for everyone! Some children had to sit on their fathers to see minho! When minho was going to challenge, alot of kids requested him to piggyback them (: Of cos there were a lot of fans for him, the screams and cheering for him were the loudest amongst all!

During filming, minho will practise alone the obstacles, Or will go to the emcee seat and sit wif kim byeong jin. It was awful because he failed his first time! But in the end he won first! (YAYY!) He tried the hardest for today! It had been a long time since he went on to DT, if he didnt win he will regret it so much!

When he failed, all the audience sighed. However minho managed to calm everyone down. (he has grown to be so matured!) Although he ran like he was flying the first time, he lost. He was so fast that the camera couldnt catch him!

Alot of girls from other countries came to DT, and alot wanted to take pictures with him. Minho’s popularity was rising to the top that day! It was like a take-a-photo-with-minho day!

There were so much people that filming was very careful. Luckily it ended safely. But the happiest was that MINHO MANAGED TO CLINCH FIRST PLACE! Will watch that episode. Minho, youre the best! ❤

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[PICS] 110604 Taemin @ Dream Team

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[INFO] 110605 Dream Team Special – With Asian Stars Part 2

Spoiler! – To see rough translation of the games on the cue sheet

Dream Team: Lee Teuk, Eunhyuk, Shindong, Minho, Taemin, Jungmo
Rival Team: Terada Takuya (Japan)…(don’t know how to spell the names–stars from other Asian countries)

Opening: Introduction and interviews

Couple selection: 14 men and 8 women
Men go and stand before a woman they like.
Women will pick a partner they want.
Those men with no partners will give a demonstration of the game to play
* Men are not allowed to pick a woman of the same nationality.

Pre-game (in couples): Relay Obstacle Race
8 teams of couples will be divided in two groups and do a race on 400m track with obstacles.

Main game: Pentathlon
10 rounds
Record game: Who is the fastest in the obstacle race
1. four Stars 2. swing & two Cylinders 3. five bars with water 4. four windmills 5. turning disc

Source: DC Shinee Gallery
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KBS World’s eighth birthday is coming up, and to celebrate, KBS World has decided to have a special taping of Chung Global Dream Team 2, including 16 Asian stars from 7 countries in Asia, and 22 kpop stars, some from SMTown! There will be three events for fans to interact: Event 1 in which you send cheering messages to participants, Event 2 in which you guess to winners of the events, and Event 3 in which you impersonate MC Changmyoung’s famous Dream Team opening line! The deadlines for 1 and 2 are June 5, and the deadline for Event 3 is June 10.

Currently, there is no set date for filming or for showing this episode.


The list of stars who will be participating are:

Asian stars:

Vu Anh Tuan/Vietnam/Producer – Musician – MC


Anu Davaasuren from Mongolia


Cristie NG/Singapore/Radio DJ

Fauzi Baadila/Indonesia/Actor

He Lei/China/Actor


Li Lin/China/Actor

Misheel Enkhtur/Mongalia/Singer


Nguyen Ti Ngoc/Vietnam/singer

Nichan/Thailand <– Nickhun’s younger brother!

Shim Zeng jie/Singapore/Chinese Martial arts instructur



Kpop stars:

Sistar Bora

Sistar Dasom

Super Junior Eunhyuk

Han JeongSoo

ZE:A KwangHee

Rainbow JaeGyeong

ZE:A Dongjun

Miss A Jia

Kang EungBi

Kim ByeongMan

Lee Jon Hyeon

Super Junior Leeteuk

Miss A Min

SHINee Minho

No Woojin

NS Yoonji

Super Junior Shindong

SHINee Lee Taemin

Teen Top CAP

TRAX JeongMo


Rainbow Woori

To find out more, visit KBSWorldTV’s Facebook page. —

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