[FANACC/130106] SHINee, Exo, F(x), and Super Junior at wedding

Today, I went to a wedding of a oppa I know. My family, especially the sisters in families knew each other well Oppa is a song writer/producer so the guests were fun I enjoyed viewing them. Krystal and Luna passed by me I asked Krystal to take a picture with me and the manager scolded me ㅠㅠ Krystal was wearing a coat kkkkkkkkkk I was surprised seeing SHINee Taemin and Minho Celebrity like a celebrity Kangin lost a lot of weight.. so cool kkkk I was very excited I heard only SHINee was coming but Exo, F(x) and SJ all came. I think they are saying Hyung, congratulations on your marriage Luna told the bride she is pretty and gestured for her.. she(Luna) appared to be kind kkkk all the guests were taking a picture and one member of SJ later said “Excuse me but I don’t know where to look ><” so everyone laughed. Today was like an awards ceremony Was a fun marriage thanks to oppa I cant reveal any more pictures than this..

Sc: Naver Blog

Trans: NKsubs


[FANACC/121230] SHINee & f(x) opening stage collaboration pre-recording for MBC Gayo Daejun

They made a medley of 3 songs: Rocketeer by Far East Movement, My first kiss by Katy Perry and Move like jagger by Maroon 5.

They recorded 3 times. They were stages on the side of the public where they started on.
They were seperate first in Duo, Key & Sulli on the right stage, Taemin and Krystal on the left one, Minho & Amber on the center in the middle of the public.
Amber & Minho began to sing first with Rocketeer, they were very cool (Minho and Key were with sunglasses) , then Key, Sulli, Taemin and Krystal went on with My first kiss.
They all joined the boards of the main stage and then Jonghyun appeared, singing Move like Jagger with Luna then Onew with Victoria.
All the members joined on the main stage to finish the song all together and finally posed in a cute way!

When SHINee came on stage at first they were very happy, Jonghyun couldn’t stop to wave with a big smile. Key almost tripped in the stairs but didn’t get hurt. Amber and Minho seemed very accomplice, saying jokes and all. He even said “SHINee f(x) FIGHTING!”
At the second shot Taemin was playing at waving to the fans to make them screamed and Key and Sulli were laughing at him.
At the end of the second shot, they thought they finished so they were saying goodbye, and finally they had to do it again so Onew (or Jonghyun) said “We’re going to do it again!” And all Shawol screamed^^
During the breaks Jonghyun was singing alone in the backstage , singing his part (he even asked Shawol to sing with him when he was going to perform)

At the very end then all went on stage and bowed at the fans, they said “WE ARE SUPER JUNIOR” with Super Junior sign hand, it was funny~
Before leaving stage they thanked Shawol asking them to come to cheer them up at MBC Gayo Daejun tomorrow.

Credit: SHINee France



Credit: KBNye
When minho sang llamaste song, kibum told him to be quiet ㅋㅋ

jinki made strange voice jokingly, then minho lowered his voice “lee~jin~ki” like that ㅋㅋㅋ ah then, when they finished 2nd recording, jonghyun asked if they were asked to do it once again? At the ending they greeted fans by saying happy new year, onew said hope fans will spend their christmas pleasantly next year…ㅋㅋㅋ
Taeminnie danced with krystal as if they were pretending to kiss ㅜ

Credit: 노르웨이 @ shinee dc gallery || English translations: sagyehan
There’s a part of “whoooooouooou~” (t/n: srsly idk how to type it exactly LOL) in moves like jagger. Jonghyunnie sang along to that part, he said “kibum your tone is so high, you know?” ㅋㅋㅋㅋ jonghyun lowered one or two octave of key’s tone. the tone turned out like a voice of depressed person. so it became “huuuu….” (t/n: again idk how to express it through typing orz) like that…

Credit: 긍정유동 @ shinee dc gallery || English translations: sagyehan


Onew shouted ’ SHINee WORLD I LOVE YOU ’ really really loud at the end.

via: sagyehan


Key & Sulli were at the stage on the right, Taemin & Krystal were at the left, Minho & Amber were in the middle. Minho and Key were wearing shades. First it was Minho and Amber who sang Rocketeer; followed by Taemin, Key, Sulli and Krystal who sang My First Kiss; lastly it was Jonghyun, together with Onew, Victoria and Luna who sang Move Like Jagger. At the ending SHINee and f(x) gathered together and showed a cute pose.

SHINee were very happy on stage today! Jonghyun kept waving while smiling; Key tripped a little on the stairs but he didn’t injure himself; Minho and Amber were happily chatting away. Minho said “SHINee f(x) fighting”; Taemin kept waving to the fans and made them scream while Key and Sulli were laughing at him. Lastly Onew(or Jonghyun) said “we want to do it again”, SHW who were there screamed again

While they were taking a break, Jonghyun was singing his parts alone backstage. Before Jonghyun proceeded with the rehearsal, he still asked if SHW wanted to sing together with him.

Credit: 4ne21 || English Translations: sojonghyun

Found in: Forever_SHINee

[Fanacc/121226] Minho & Taemin @ SBS Gayo Daejun Pre-recording

Today at SBS Gayo New Year special prerecording: EXO Yixing and Kai, SHINee Taemin and Minho, SJ Eunhyuk and Donghae, DBSK Yunho.

Source: mint_mocco

Special Stage: Yunho, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Taemin, Minho, Lay & Kai.
They started of with posing/flirting with the camera.
Black, leather, studs and guyliner! They all look so good!
When it wasn’t that bad yet..Minho imitated Hyukjae’s limping and Donghae followed.
Taemin will dance with 2 back up dancers and his “featured piece” is his studded leather jacket.
Source: _iamgoldie

they are dancing to a new song ive never heard
new song vocals are taemin and donghae not exo
eunhyuk cant walk on his own. yunho and minho carrying him
Source: twomoans

Compiled by joAnnwashere @ shineee.net

– Yunho gave the mic to Minho at the end of the pre-recording and Minho thanked the  SHINee World for coming.

– The pre-recording lasted more than 3 hours. And Taemin had a powerful solo dance.

-During camera settings, Taemin said something to a dancer and they clap their hands together.

-After it, the dancer came in front and shouted ‘SHINee FIGHTING’, Taemin laughed so much.

Credit: SHINee france

-Taemin has an AMAZING move in his dance, like back-dancers are putting a jacket on him??!! Hnggg

– Three takes for Taemin

-But a funny moment when Minho and Donghae started limping as well, playing around

-The best moment of all recording was in the middle.they all went on stage and danced for all solo stages together or more like fooled around

-Like instead of back dancers Kai and Yunho were putting a jacket on Taemin

-yunho started greeting fandoms, he was like “hi, cassies!” “hi, elf!” and minho said “shawols” and yunho gave mic to kai. kai was like “…”

Source: holykrisus 

Compiled by Forever_SHINee 


[FANACC/121224] SHINee World J Fan Club Event in Chiba

2:00 PM Event

Q: What is Jonghyun’s good points?
Onew: His veins are quite good, the blood can flow well
Taemin: His feet are big
Minho: Big head with big face
Key: he is a good guy who gave me presents
Source: whoischrisma
Translated by: yenn_yy

When they talked about Jonghyun’s good points, Minho was like “erm~~ erm~~ this….” So Jjong said angrily “ya! you can’t think of any?!”
Source: whoischrisma
Translated by: yenn_yy

What are Taemin’s good points?
Minho: “He can be cheated easily.. look at Taemin’s face, you will tend cheat him although you don’t have that intention originally…”
SO key concluded, “it’s because you are a bad guy”
Source: whoischrisma
Translated by: yenn_yy

MC: “What are some delicious food in hokkaido?”
Taemin: “Kobe beef! Kobe beef!”
Jonghyun: “It’s Hokkaido!!! *laughs*”
Note: Kobe is far away from Hokkaido. LOL.
Source: lilylylylyly
Translated by: jas_ramblings

They were asked to talk about taemin’s strengths ..
Comments like ” gullible ” , ” great body line and thus fits every clothes well ” ..
Onew : ” like chopsticks ~^▽^ “
Source: Cbaby__Br
Translated by: bling_saur

When they talked about Jjong’s good point..
Key: “erm, there isn’t a specific point that I like… Ah! he bought me presents!”
Jonghyun: “you like the presents,not me right?”
Key: no, people who buy me presents are good people..”
Source: katen1015
Translated by: yenn_yy

Onew’s good points = His airport fashion is always very simple/plain, he is like a father, he is good in playing games, there was once he wore his dad’s clothes …
Key: “I am not joking!”
Taemin: “I really like onew-hyung”
Source: kaoru31
Translated by: yenn_yy

What do the members think about jonghyun’s good points? After thinking for a long time &—#62; thick neck.
Key: “I don’t know what are jonghyun’s good points after 2-3 years of our debut.”
Source: Cbaby__Br
Translated by: bling_saur

What did they do last Christmas?
Key: “last year…. (I) drank champagne~~” Onew was saying softly at the side, “not shampoo~”
*the pronunciation of ‘champagne’ and ‘shampoo’ are similar in japanese -.-
Source: katen1015
Translated by: yenn_yy

(SHINee members had to draw each other)
Taemin drew Minho with one eye swollen.
Somebody: “That is Minho when he is tired?”
Taemin: “I’m drawing (how) minho (looks like in the) morning.”
Source: ___eri___
Translated by: bling_saur

What are the local food they like?
Jjong: “Minho this kid, no matter in osaka or tokyo, he only likes eel rice!”
“How about in hokkaido?”
Jonghyun: “hokkaido ya?”
Minho: “Eel rice!”
Taemin: “I like Kobe beef!”
Source: whoischrisma
Translated by: yenn_yy

Minho: “Our Onew hyung, his airport fashion = old man style, there was once he borrowed his dad clothes to wear!” Jongkey laughed after listening to that…
Source: whoischrisma
Translated by: yenn_yy

121224 when they talked about Onew’s good points… Onew said it first “I am very cute!”
Source: whoischrisma
Translated by: yenn_yy

Compiled by niciang @ shineee.net

[FANACC/121123] Precious SHINee @ #SMTOWNSG

As I left the office in anticipation for the concert, I had that pit feeling in my stomach that somehow something bad would happen. It was like Leonardo DiCaprio performed inception on me and there was no way I could weave myself out of that idea. The journey began with my trip to the camera shop to get my dad’s digital camera fixed, and to fulfill my need for polaroid camera now that I’m working. Unknown to my pre-occupied self, the skies outside were beginning to darken, seemingly with the purpose to dampen the moods of every citizen and tourist in the country.
I had the original intention of renting a 300mm/f2.8L prime lens EF mount…that’s kind of like a zoom lens for you laymen. The burning desire within me to take astounding photos of the five shining boys of SHINee was crimson red as I made my way to the camera shop. Disappointment fell upon me as it was revealed that a full cash payment of $1,200 refund would have to be made for first time rentals. I was shocked and bewildered at the staggering price. I had no choice but to let it go…albeit with a heavy heart.

As the two of us walked towards the concert venue, the dark clouds followed in our footsteps. The fear in us kept increasing with each step as the sun disappeared in the sky. “I really think it will rain,” my friend said, her voice filled with worry. “If you keep thinking about the worst, the worst WILL happen.” At least that’s what I told myself to keep a positive outlook.

My friend was right though. Two minutes after collecting our concert tickets, the rain began it’s descent down to Mother Earth as us mere human beings struggled to find man-made shelter. With the rain getting heavier with each second, the prospect of being able to enjoy the concert completely dry seemed implausible. But we kept on believing, and had faith that the first SMTown concert in Singapore would be roaring success.

Okay that’s it with my attempt to make this a short story, I shall make this short and sweet for the rest of the fan account :P

I had been texting another friend of mine who had been in the moshpit queue since 9am on the concert day and she gave me the news that merchandise was already sold out. I was not that desperate to get them but my friend (let’s call her J) really wanted it. Lo and behold, there were two events going on so that fans would win/receive the towel and the light stick respectively.

In order to get the towel, we had to “experience” the Samsung Note II LTE (sponsors want to advertise their products EVERYWHERE) and get the answers right for a music video quiz. I won’t go into detail about the quiz, but it was basically five different music videos flashed sequentially in 10 seconds and you had to match the artist to the song title, and get the sequence right. I won the towel :D
To get the lightstick, we just had to take part in The Biggest Annyeong Wave to get it, really simple. So I can proudly say that we did not pay for any of the overpriced merchandise, BOOYA!

Before I get to the events of the concert, I want to inform you guys first hand that I will only be recounting the moments when SHINee was on stage, no other artist will be mentioned. If you wanna get accounts of the rest, you may PM me or look at other fansites, there’s bound to be plenty of them.

Okay, it’s SHINee time!

I may have gotten the order of the songs wrong because I honestly can’t remember much.
The boys performed Lucifer first. It really got me all excited because nearly everyone around me knew the fanchant and it was such a nice sight for me to see so many people supporting my the boys. I won’t talk much about the performances because frankly, it’s just the same as their performances in other concerts.

Now you people will loooovveee this:

After the performance of Juliette, the boys took a break to introduce themselves and to talk to the audience. The screen on stage left was having a huge technical glitch so it was just black. Bling Bling Jonghyun made light of it and said in Korean, “Screen, please show us something!” It really lightened the mood of everyone in the audience because we were getting rather moody due to the screen. And so they did the usual. Key seemed like he was having a bit of the flu though, his voice seemed a little more nasal than usual.

They continued to talk and mentioned that they would be coming again for their second solo concert after the one held last year. The translator made a mistake in her translation and said November 8th. Being the smart alec that he is, Onew emphasized, “December 8th!” in English! And the members went, “Oh! You’re like a professional!!” in Korean and Onew said in English, “PRRROOOFESSIONALLL!” This is why I love SHINee so much, they are so real on stage.

The time then came for them to introduce their next song. Naughty Minho said, “Our maknae will introduce our next song,” and we could see that Taemin got a little flustered. He went in Korean, “Our next song is….” Then came to the most epic moment of epic moments, “LOOVEE.LIKKKEE.OXYYYYGEEENNNN.”


Yea, so basically those are the highlights of their performance last night.

Key was charismatic as usual during SHINee’s own performances and during Like a G6. This boy really knows how to own the stage! I’m totally in love with his pink fringe!!! It just makes him look more sexy than he already is. He proved to me once again why he is my bias. He still performed with such energy and enthusiasm despite not being in the best condition, hee (:

I was really appreciative of Minho running to the front left portion of the main stage to wave to us at the back during the finale, he’s such a nice guy :D

Onew’s voice was great as usual during the special performance of Open Arms by Journey. He looked so handsome ^^

Taemin’s dance moves can really blow you away like the wind. He is so precise and full of passion for dance he makes every performance look so flawless.

And Jonghyun…le sigh~what can I say? Our residential dinosaur has a body to die for and a goofiness that you can’t resist. It was really easy to spot him during the finale despite my distance from the stage, because only our Bling Bling puppy would be prancing around the stage in such a manner, and those arms!! Who can’t stop those arms??!!!

Oh yes, about the raaiiiinnnn. There were a total of THREE HEAVY DOWNPOURS!! The first one happened two to three hours before the concert, the second one started during BoA’s performance of Only One. And the third one started half an hour after the concert. Even us locals did not expect the weather to turn out like this because usually, if there is one heavy downpour, there won’t be another, much less three heavy ones!!!

All in all, we enjoyed ourselves despite the rain. Two 12 year olds beside us were really kind to give us their extra ponchos when it began to rain again during the concert. We might have gotten wet, some of us may even get sick, but it’s the experience that counts. I don’t think there’s ever been an outdoor concert in Singapore where it rained so much. (There was one National Day Parade in 70s where it was raining really badly but our soldiers still stayed still in attention, my father was part of that parade.)

A huge thank you to all the staff for working in the rain and helping to make it a success!!! This was one night I will never forget for the rest of my life!

By debcrazy @ shineee.net

[FANACC/121121] Fanaccount of my boss seeing Minho

My boss has had jobs where he worked with people his entire life.
I’m not saying he’s old though…. In a few years, he’ll be 40.
He’s pretty young~

Anyway, even when I first went to the store for an interview,
I saw Minho’s autograph there and I was a bit surprised.
It’s at the Han River but…..
it’s because it’s not like Yeouido where celebrities come and go.
Especially a young child like Minho??

I listened to my boss’s story and he said that Minho came to the store in February of this year.
(That’s right…. Minho even wrote the date February 15th on the autograph…
But there was no year so I didn’t know it was this year~)
Minho came because a married celebrity couple (very famous people so pass~) invited him there.
He rode a black car that he possibly received from Dream Team
and entered with a bright smile on his nice face.

My boss’s comments on Minho’s looks were short.
He’s really skinny. But he was tall. His face is handsome.
He’s…. quite honest..;;;
Even when I saw him in real life at a concert, Minho was really skinny.

And my boss’s comments on Minho’s personality(??) were a bit long.
He was very polite when talking to adults.
He didn’t seem like a celebrity. He was truly a well-mannered child.
That kid will succeed in whatever he does~

He repeated that twice.
My boss is a bit on the cold side so he doesn’t say these things often…
But he praised Minho as if he was really moved(keke) by him.

My boss even took a picture of Minho…
This kid smiled so fair~ly like he would at a photoshoot.
(I will.. upload this later if I get it from my boss.
I already have the autograph.. I’m lazy so later..;;;;)

Our Minho is truly a nice child. ^ㅡ^

Source: Think by EDI
Translated by: kimchi hana @ shineee.net

[FANACC/121121] Brothers Were Brave music director came to my school and mentioned Onew

Today, there was some mentoring concert thing at my school’s auditorium today.
The mentors were concert director Professor Go Heekyung and music director Jang Soyoung!!
(For those who don’t know, Bros Were Brave, Turandot, I Am a Singer consultant, etc and currently doing Legally Blonde at Coex)
While they were talking to Jang Soyoung, they obviously talked about idols.
Seo Kyungsuk was the MC and he asked who there was so Jang Soyoung said Onew first, then Jessica, then Jung Eunji and etc.

Idols can’t make it to practice due to their schedules but they come with their lines memorized
before the actors who are at the practice room every day and stuff and said they work hard.
That’s why she thinks they can receive that sort of applause and win and lose.

I can’t remember what they talked about after.
But Seo Kyungsuk asked which idol she liked the most out of the ones she has worked with
and of course the atmosphere went a little cold.
There’s an audience and there might be fans of idols who are and are not mentioned
so at first she was giving a different answer
(she said he likes 30 year old artists and stuff
but Seo Kyungsuk was all it’s not like I’m asking about who you love!! kekekeke funny as hell)
She said Onew seems like he works the hardest.
Deep inside, I was nodding my head and going like “as expected of Onew” kekekekekeke

Source: 구미베어 @ SHINee DC Gallery
Translated by: kimchi hana @ shineee.net

[FANACC/121117] White Music Festival in Shanghai

When the writer reached Pudong Airport in the morning, there were many Shawols there. Most of them were holding hand banners and were full of energy. When they knew that SHINee’s flight got delayed because of the weather and would only depart from Korea at 11 AM, they were still waiting patiently. Later they were told that SHINee would depart from Korea at 1.30 PM, and many Shawols left the airport since they needed to find a good spot for the White Music Festival. After that, more and more Shawols left the airport. When SHINee finally landed, the remaining Shawols became excited once again. SHINee wasn’t coming out through the normal exit so the Shawols started to become very nervous, but in reality SHINee just went to the toilet.After they came out, the situation was completely chaotic. When SHINee was walking, a fan ran up and hugged Minho’s waist. Minho was shocked but grinned to himself after that. Taemin was bowing and smiling to the fans when he came out.

There were three Mercedes Benz cars prepared to fetch SHINee from the airport. Jonghyun and Key were in the same car while Minho and Onew were in another car. Onew was in the same car with JongKey at first, but he came out of the car and went into Minho’s car after a while. The way he walked while lowering his head down was like a kid who made a mistake. Onew is really a nice guy, he rolled down the car window to greet the fans. Minho was talking to the driver in the meanwhile.

Taemin was very clumsy, he misplaced his passport again. To find his lost passport, Taemin came out late with his manager hyung. The other four members had already left the airport at that time. A fan hugged Taemin when he was walking out. His expression wasn’t as bright then. He almost fell down after being pushed by the fans.

SHINee’s performance time was delayed from 4:10 PM to 8:45 PM due to the delayed flight. After long hours of waiting at Shanghai Expo Park, Shawols were finally able to meet SHINee. However, there were some problems with the electric wires before SHINee came out. The concert staff took around 10 minutes to fix it. SHINee came out after they were done and sang Lucifer, but returned backstage right after the song. The first half of Lucifer was sung without the stage lights (there were some problems with the lights). Although SHINee had to sing the first half of the song in light-less conditions, Shawols did the fanchants very well.

After a couple of minutes, SHINee went up to the stage again and sang Hello, Stranger, and Sherlock. During the intro part of Sherlock, Jjong touched Key’s head with both of his hands. During the talk part after Lucifer and Hello, Onew said, “It has been a long time since we last came to China, we miss you all very much, do you miss us?” After hearing that, Key laughed; he even bent down while laughing. Key greeted Shawols there in Mandarin, and asked them if they would feel just listening to the songs before this (Lucifer and Hello). Shawols replied, “Of course!” The other members greeted Shawols in Mandarin too, they were very cute.

SHINee teased Shawols like this…
Onew: “We will sing Lucifer next.”
Fans: “Ne!”
One of the members: “Wouldn’t it be boring” [to sing Lucifer again]
Fans: “Yes!”
Another member: “So we won’t sing Lucifer anymore.”

Maybe because of the stage problems and their delayed flight, SHINee put more effort into performing. After their performance ended, Onew, Taemin and Jjong went backstage. Key and Minho stayed on the stage to continue waving to the fans.

Source: 钥匙不都叫麻麻, yoyo, liyuxuan1989, 是一个破ID, vakeness
Translated by: pplr @ shineee.net