[PICS] 110909 SHINee’s Japanese single Lucifer Concept photos


source: jina718, shinee’s official japanese website (EMI)


[HQ SCANS] 110829 SHINee Juliette Japanese version album scans

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[NEWS] 110804 SHINee reveals covers & tracklist for Japanese single, “JULIETTE”

Last week, Korean group SHINee released the MV teaser for their second Japanese single , “JULIETTE“.

Scheduled to hit stores on August 29th, the group’s official website amped up the anticipation by revealing the single’s covers and tracklist!

“JUILETTE” will come in three versions: a ‘regular version’ and two ‘first press limited’ editions.

‘First press limited edition A’ will come in a sleeve case with a CD and DVD, in addition to a 68-page photo booklet. It will also come with a “JULIETTE” badge mp3 player and one of five random tradiing cards.

‘First press limited edition B’, meanwhile, virtually has the same contents as ‘A’, but will not include the special “JULIETTE” mp3 piece. is the same as “A” but will not include the “JULIETTE” play button for MP3 players. And this edition is cheaper, ¥2,500.

Finally, the ‘Regular edition’ will come with a postcard, a 44-page photo booklet, and a DVD with the “JULIETTE” music video, the jacket shooting, the music video shoot, and teaser.

Check out the tracklist and covers below!

Limited Edition A [¥3,800]

< CD >

2.Kiss Kiss Kiss
3.JULIETTE [Korean ver.]
4.Kiss Kiss Kiss [Instrumental]

< DVD >

1.JULIETTE Music Video
2.JULIETTE Dance Music Video[Type A]

Limited Edition B [¥2,500]

< CD >

2.Kiss Kiss Kiss
3.JULIETTE [Korean ver.]
4.Kiss Kiss Kiss [Instrumental]

< DVD >

1.JULIETTE Music Video
2.JULIETTE Dance Music Video[Type B]

Normal Edition [¥1,500]

< CD >

2.Kiss Kiss Kiss

< DVD >

1.JULIETTE Music Video
2.JULIETTE Jacket Shooting Sketch
3.JULIETTE Music Video Shooting Sketch

Source: SHINee Official Website
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[NEWS] SHINee reveals teaser for 2nd Japanese single, “JULIETTE”

Last month, Korean group SHINee officially debuted in Japan with the release of their single, “Replay. The single was a success as it was certified Gold by the RIAJ and recently it was announced that SHINee’s follow up single in Japan would be “JULIETTE“.

Earlier today, a teaser for the upcoming single was revealed on EMI Music Japan YouTube channel.

Check out the teaser below, the Japanese version of “JULIETTE” is slated to be officially released on August 29th.

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[INFO] 110703 SHINee Filming M/V for Next Single?

A dancer twitted they are filming a music video for SHINee’s next single. There have been posts some people saw SHINee filming a music video from yesterday. I think this twit confirms it.

SMS suggested SHINee’s scheduled filming for Music Japan on August 1st might be to promote the next single. It’s highly likely, don’t you think?

The next single is Juliette Japanese version. The person who saw SHINee filming the m/v said they were filming with Go Ara (I don’t know how to spell her name–an SM actress who was also featured in DBSK’s m/v for Before You Go).

Please, have it in mind that nothing is confirmed except that they are now filming the m/v.

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[NEWS] 110701 Estimated Copies of Replay Sold Until June 30

2011/ 6 / 28

2 SHINee 2198枚

2011/ 6 / 29

16 SHINee 2006枚(合計 4204枚)

2011/ 6/ 30

4 ノースリーブス 14357枚(合計 56751枚)
5 YGA 3876枚(合計 10938枚)
6 miwa 3416枚(合計 10143枚)
7 Superfly 2723枚(合計 7382枚)
8 フェロ☆メン 2595枚(合計 7589枚)
9 ヒルクライム 2300枚(合計 4454枚)
10 清水翔太 1996枚(合計 4264枚)
11 前田敦子 1920枚(合計 8050枚)
12 GARNET CROW 1834枚(合計 5368枚)
13 RESTART JAPAN with TUBE 1730枚
14 Base Ball Bear 1659枚(合計 4353枚)
15 超新星 1584枚
16 SHINee 1520枚(合計 5724枚)
17 AKB48 1514枚(合計 3928枚)
18 薫と友樹、たまにムック。 1462枚(合計 5435枚)
19 真野恵里菜 1417枚(合計 6622枚)
20 高橋優 1392枚(合計 3430枚)

Copies sold
91,419 + (estimated) 5,724 = 97,143