[SCAN/081212] SHINee @ MEN’S NON-NO Magazine

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[TWITT/121116] Jonghyun’s twitter update @ 6.37pmKST 121116

Hi Galaxy… A girl with high expectation… one day I will definitely get you…!! ㅋㅋㅋ

Phone: Which function do you wish to use?
Jonghyun: I love you
Phone: I appreciate your confession
Jonghyun: I love you yo~
Phone: Love is not something which you can express easily
Jonghyun: I really love you
Phone: Sometimes your over-expressing love will become a burden
Phone: If you wish to operate the function, please say ‘Hi Galaxy’

Credit: realjonghyun90
Chinese Translations: Hyunstar
English Translations: Forever_SHINee

[INFO/121116] SHINee’s Jonghyun tries to seduce ‘S-Voice Hi Galaxy’ on his phone?

Jonghyun amused his fans by trying to seduce the voice assistant on his phone.

Jonghyun had previously tried to ask the automatic chat program ‘SimSimi‘ out on Confession Day, but had gotten rejected by the program. He tried yet again with his phone’s voice helper, ‘S-Voice Hi Galaxy‘, and got a similar rejection.

He posted a screenshot of the conversation with the tagline “Hi Galaxy… You’re a proud woman.. Someday soon, I will..!! kekeke“. The conversation between Jonghyun and Hi Galaxy started with Jonghyun confessing, “I love you“. Hi Galaxy replied, “I’m thankful for your feelings“, to with Jonghyun tried again by saying, “I love you” in a more formal tone. Hi Galaxy again rejected him and said, “You shouldn’t say that phrase so easily like that“. Jonghyun assured Hi Galaxy by confirming his feelings and saying, “I really love you“, but Hi Galaxy firmly refused him and said, “Sometimes, too much attention can be burdensome.”

Fans were amused by the conversation, and said, “Jonghyun, you really need to get a hobby!“, “I wouldn’t reject you..“, and “Jonghyun is the king of playing by himself“.


[TWITT/031112] Jonghyun twitter update on 121103

 I have a worry recently… Our house puppy Roo… is very very pretty and cute and listens well and does her bathroom business well too but…

when I come home sometimes, she sees me and gets excited so she violently wags her tail and then pees.. Is she too happy to see me… Or is it urinary incontinence… Roo… It smells… Let’s wash up… How do I fix this…

To think I am the cause of your urinary incontinence… Roo, I will leave you now…

Credit: realjonghyun90

Translation credit: shiningtweets