[270213/VID] SHINee’s Comeback is mentioned in peruvian tv show ‘Cinescape’

SHINee is mentioned at minute 8:01


This is the long awaited comeback of the south korean band SHINee, after making all the fans from SMTOWN wait, they released the first single from their third album ‘Dream Girl’.

This is how we could have Taemin, Jonghyun, Minho, Key and Onew, in fun scenes and great outfits while they sing to us about this dreamed girl. As it says at the beginning of the song…SHINee is back!

Source: Cinescape

Credits and Trans: SHINee Peru Fan Club (shineeperu.com)


[HQ SCANS] SHINee Especial Edition in Zona Joven – Peruvian Magazine (ENG TRANS)


Lighting up the K-pop Universe


Why talking about SHINee in this new edition? There are way many reasons for doing so: because this year they celebrate their 3rd anniversary, because they are making a trend in kpop and the most importantly, because these five guys, have shown their love for Peruvian shawols, love shown by wearing the Peruvian football team jacket or even t-shirts with the name of our capital city, Lima, in their concerts.

Don’t you think so? In this article you will know everything about it as well as the history of this contemporary band

After their official debut in May 25th, 2008 in the Korean TV show called Inkigayo, the guys from SHINee gave their first concert (which was huge) in December 26th, 2010 in Japan, that means almost 3 years after debuting. Why did they take so long? And why did they do it in Japan and not in their country, Korea?

Let’s go step by step. It seems that for Korean bands to give a concert, they first have to release many albums as well as do lots of preparation. That’s the way to go for agencies like SM Entertainment, agency that manages SHINee. During that time of preparation, the band is gets ready to give a successful concert. In SHINee’s case, after their TV debut, they released mini albums, albums, repackage albums, etc (you will see the list in the next pages), in addition to this, they also had performances in TV music shows and broadcasting events. Everything but concerts.

Because of the great success they had from their productions and because their fandom grew in Asia and other places in the world (Peru for example, where they created a fanclub dedicated only to SHINee) many countries fought for the chance to host their first concert. Japan won this opportunity: they sold the tickets through internet, which were all sold out within 5 minutes. That is why they had to do a double concert the same day (December 26th, 2010, an historical date for all of their fans).

The popularity of the group is still growing nowadays, and their members are beginning to make it into other areas of their agency SM Entertainment. Onew has made it into theater. Minho in sports and rumor has it that he may be part of a new drama (the Korean version of the Japanese “Hana Kimi”).


The name of the group means “the boys who receive light” but for their fans, they are the ones who light up the k-pop world. By the way, their fans are called “shawols”, a word that SHINee loves to use, especially Onew.

Many of their fans are teenagers, that is why the fans always address them as “oppas” (older brother). The reason for them to have many teenage fans is because they began their career at a very young age.


Internationally, Peruvian shawols are very well known because of their continuous activities (fan actions, fan meetings, slide shows, celebrations, etc) which they always record and upload to internet. People say that the members of SHINee might have watched some of these videos, and that’s why in their concerts they have worn t-shirts with names such as Lima and Peru.

But the most significantly was when Minho wore the Peruvian football team jacket. The same image was added into a booklet inside of one of their albums. That is why Peruvian shawols love them even more and dream about the day they come to our country.



Thanks to Rosa Guerrero, Elizabeth Pariona and Nataly Sanchez (staff members of SHINee Peru) we could have a look of their original albums and confirm that in each album they reinvent themselves completely. Also, the additional material and the cover are a delightful thing for their fans. Here some details

Replay: First mini album, released in their country, Korea, with a colorful concept

SHINee World A: First album and where they maximized the concept shown in Replay

SHINee World B: It’s the same first album but with other images and other concept. It’s common for them to release two versions of the same album

A.MI.Go: It’s the repackage of the first album. They changed their look and concept, they keep the songs of the first album, but has remixes and extras.

Romeo: Second Mini Album, the one they released in even 5 versions. Here is the song called “Señorita” where the introduction is spoken in perfect Spanish.



Currently, the band is living in Japan y they will be there for a long period of time, learning the language and releasing songs in Japanese. Is a natural step in Asian industry, which means that SHINee’s career is now rising, heading them to an established point, as well as other Korean bands such as TVXQ and SS501.

Year.Of.Us (YOU): Third mini album, they walked away from the colorful image to take a “dark” concept, not only in their clothes but also in their hairstyles

Lucifer A: It’s their very much awaited second album. It has nothing to do with evil connotations, because “Lucifer” is just a very beautiful girl which is nothing more than an angel

Lucifer B: This version has another cover and other images. Here, all the pictures were chosen by the members and in one of the pictures you can see Minho wearing the Peruvian football team jacket.

Hello: With a totally different look, SHINee gave us their repackage album of their Lucifer production. It has remixes and extras.

Replay: This is their first Japanese album, the beginning of their career in Japan. This “Replay” is the Japanese version of their first Korean mini album.


This fan club is very well known internationally, because SHINee is very popular in Peru. They are promoting the purchase of original products. To know more about SHINee, follow their fan club in these links:

Forum: http://www.shineeperu.com


Facebook: /shineeperufanclub

Credits:  Zona Joven Magazine (@zona_joven in twitter)

Scan credits: Sandy Reyes @ SHINee Peru

English translation: Roxy @ SHINee Peru

A/N1: If you guys want to see what t-shirts and jackets they are talking about check HERE

A/N2: If you guys want to know about our activities, check HERE

[RANDOM] SHINee wearing peruvian clothes!

Because of this, we feel happy. This makes us think that our lovely boys must have a little place reserved for us peruvian shawols in their hearts ^^

Minho wearing the Peruvian Football Team Jacket

Lucifer B SCANS (3rd pic from below)

Onew wearing peruvian t-shirts

Minho wearing peruvian t-shirts

I remember Taemin wearing a peruvian “chullo” once, but i don’t find the picture =(

We’ll make sure our lovely members know how much we love them!! ^^

[RANDOM] Peruvian fans meet K-pop idols through concert videos

Fans of girl group KARA announce in this poster that they will meet at 1:30 p.m. on June 25 to celebrate the birthdays of two KARA members, Han Seung-yeon and Park Gyu-ri. The poster was displayed in a shop window at Arenales shopping mall in Lima.

LIMA ― Fans living in other parts of Asia embark on a pilgrimage to South Korea to attend their K-pop stars’ performance or meet them in person. K-pop idols conduct performances in Asian countries to reach their fans, helping them have more opportunity to interact with their stars.

Unlike Asian fans, those residing in distant countries such as Peru have fewer opportunities to meet their K-pop idols in person partly because these stars rarely perform there. Flying to Seoul from Peru takes more than 20 hours, including several hours of downtime when transferring planes, making it difficult for Peruvian fans to visit here.

The distant star-fan relations allowed fans in Latin America to develop their own way of interacting with their idols. Fans meet in a certain venue, for example at a concert hall, on a certain day to watch their K-pop idols’ music videos or DVDs together with other like-minded people. Last year, Estrella Park was surprised at the young crowds who flocked to an event hall in San Isidro, Lima, to watch a big screen running DVDs of South Korean pop stars.

The students, mostly who attend high schools and colleges based in Peru’s capital city, sang and danced for two and a half hours in a cheerful atmosphere. The K-pop stars that appeared on the big screen that the 25-year old medical school student saw included Girls’ Generation, SS501, Big Bang and TVXQ. Park said she heard about the Korean wave or hallyu before she joined such a “bizarre” union where fans, who had few opportunities to meet their idols in person, set up their own events to experience K-pop stars. “After the San Isidro event, I felt that hallyu is real here and it has made a real impact on teens and young college students,” she said. The hallyu boom has created a new way to bridge fans and their idols in Peru.

The two meet through videos on a big screen. In Arenales shopping mall in Lima, visitors can easily find posters advertising K-pop fan clubs in Peru that organize get-togethers of their own. Some fan clubs launch a dance off where contestants are invited to show off their dancing skills.

Fans set up a date on July 3 to celebrate the birthday of singer Kim Hyun-joong, an SS501 member. Girl group KARA fans are slated to meet at 1:30 p.m. on June 25 to celebrate two birthday girls, Han Seung-yeon and Park Gyuri. Shops there display and sell K-pop stars’ latest CDs and DVDs.

Lucia Guzman, a staff member selling music CDs and comic books at a store in the shopping mall, said the sales of K-pop stars’ CDs are as good as that of Japanese comics. She said most of her customers were high school students and her store is usually packed with K-pop fans who want to buy their idols’ albums during the weekend. Korean dramas airing on major television networks in Peru are a major driving force behind the hallyu boom in the South American country, people who are familiar with the phenomenon said. From January 2002, several Korean dramas, including “My Lovely Samsoon,” have aired on major television networks. The Korean Embassy in Peru said nine hallyu fan clubs have been organized.

The popularity of K-pop and Korean drama in Peru has created a rising demand for Korean language programs. In Peru, four universities, including San Marcos University, currently provide Korean language programs.

Recently, an increasing number of universities have asked the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) Peru Office if it can place volunteers to teach Korean at their university. As more Peruvians show an interest in Korea and its culture, some called on policymakers to come up with an effective response. Jang Bong-soon, head of the KOICA office, noted that the establishment of a culture center in Peru could be an idea to meet the rising demand.

“We can teach Korean language there, or organize a variety of cultural events to raise awareness of the Korean culture. We can also consider a youth exchange program targeting Peruvian university students who are interested in knowing more about Korea,” he said.

Source: Kang Hyun-kyung @ The Korea Times

[NEWS] 110601 SM Town Live makes it into a Peruvian magazine

Previously, we reported on the success of the expansion of SM Town. SM Entertainment scheduled two concerts in Paris, France for K-pop fans in Europe. After the announcement however, fans from all over the world have voiced their opinions about bringing their favorite Korean stars to their own country for SM Town Live.

Recently, fans have been uniting in their own countries for the possibility of bringing SM Town Live to their country. The effect of the Hallyu wave was showcased when Big Bang appeared on a Mexican television station, and now it has gone even further.

Fans of SM Entertainment artists in Peru were able to get an article printed in a Peruvian pop culture magazine. The article calls their cause, “The grand campaign to bring Korean artists to Peru.” The article was entirely in Spanish, but we have translated the article below.

Check out what the Peruvian fans are doing as well as the photo, below!

SM Town Peru
The grand campaign to bring Korean artists to Peru
Peruvian fans cause a fury on Twitter

In the last few years, the enthusiasm for Asian groups has increased more and more, especially for Korean groups that sing. This year, K-pop fans are much more anxious than usual and they are hoping that their dream to meet their favorite artists can come true.

SM Town

SM Entertainment produces Korean performing artists like BoA, TVXQ, Super Junior, SNSD, f(x), ans more! Their best stars come together to have a mega concert and tour many cities in many different countries. This event is called SM Town Live.

However, just in recent years has the internationalization of this even begun. SM Town Live has traveled to countries like the Philippines, China, and Japan. Also, this year, France achieved their goal of having the concert at the Zenith in Paris. The event being held in Paris shows the present competitiveness of the European market.


Fortunately, to the joy of many, it has been announced the SM Town Live will be opening to other countries, even in South America, such as Brazil and Chile. Two concerts have been confirmed so far: Japan and France. France was in such high demand that they received two dates, the 10th and 11th of June. Peru is doing everything they can to get SM Town Live to come to Lima.

Fanclubs opened an account on Facebook to unite the fans and they continue to use Twitter with the hashtag “SMTOWNPERU” which has been on the Worldwide Trending Topics list many times before. They will not stop until they have the possibility of seeing the biggest Asian artists in Lima, Peru.

You can join SM Town Peru’s Facebook page here.

Source: @Makumania

Credits: Koreaboo

[FANMADE] 110525 Happy 3rd Anniversary SHINee + SHINee World Perú Presentation [Eng Subs]

Happy 3rd Anniversary SHINee!

Wow it’s been already 3 years? It feels like it was yesterday that
5 little stars came to us to make our life shine and filled it with happiness
We still remember May 25th, 2008, this date will be forever in our memories,
this day is special for all the Shawols around the world. There are so many things we want to say that cannot be expressed with words, but we will try ^^

To: Our Precious leader Lee Jinki
How can we demonstrate you, how much proud we are? do you know that with only listening to your soft and sweet voice you can make our minds blow away? and with your charming prince smile melting us? yes, you have such a power on us. Thanks for being such a nice and good leader, without your own way to lead, SHINee will not be the same, always giving the spot to your members. In this years you tried lot of things like musicals, Mcing, acting, opera, and you did amazing. We will look forward for what else you will show to us but do not overwork yourself, we don’t want you to get sick. Remember that MVP’s will stick by your side and please always give us that killer smile of yours. ^▽^

To Bling Bling puppy like Kim Jonghyun:
You really are something, always flirting with fans, winking, blowing kisses, making eye contact, you really want to kill us? hehe Puppy you are the master of skinship. Musically you grew so much, please keep writing beautiful lyrics and take care of that unique voice of yours. You got a girlfriend! and she is your Ideal type hehe, please care of that relationship, we hope it will last long *-* Be happy ’cause blingers will never let you go. ㅎㅅㅎ

To our Almighty diva like Kim Kibum
Key, that says it all, you are the Key to all shawol’s heart, the Key to the SHINee World. Our multi talent Kibum, you really are the ALMIGHTY, can do everything, from dancing, rapping, singing, been fashionable, painting, to cooking. Shine on your own way ’cause lockets are here to shine with you. Also keep been the honest Key that you are, it’s very charming. `ㅂ’*

To Our Charismatic Keroro like Choi Minho
Wow! Wow! Wow! Our mute alien is now a talkative Keroro, you really improved a lot more!. So keep talking, ’cause we love to hear your deep voice. Your competitiveness is really impressive, but please don’t force and blame yourself ok? with just doing your best it’s fine for us. We hope to see more of you in the future. Flames want to see a more mature Choi Minho ㅍ_ㅍ

To Our adorable now a Man Lee Taemin
Baby! our maknae isn’t anymore a baby, now you are a grown mature man, but still with cuteness on you . This is your year! now you can sing as many lines as Jonghyun or Onew, wow! you really have a beautiful voice there! so proud of you. Please don’t learn from your Jonghyun hyung to tease and flirt with the fans, coming from you make us, noonas crazy.Taemints love you maknae! ^^;;;

We as your precious Shawols promise to be by your side till FOREVER. Once a Shawol Forever a Shawol … remember? ;D


SHINee World Peru

[PICS] SHINee’s 3rd Anniversary Celebration by Peruvian Shawols (PART 1)

As you know, here in Peru, SHINee has a very big fanbase. Yesterday we celebrated their 3rd anniversary at Ambar Cinema in Arenales Mall.

The tickets were limited, so only 240 lucky shawols got the oportunity to attend. The last 25 tickets were sold out on friday when many fans even lined up to get one. The last tickets were sold out in a minute.

People from other peruvian cities also travelled to  Lima to attend the celebration!

The party started at 2:30pm and finished by 7:00pm. There were videos, ballons, cake, SHINee glasses and a exciting draw of Original products!

One lucky shawol won a Replay Japanese Version – Standard Edition. She’ll have it in her hands once it arrives! ^^

Enjoy the photos! There’re still a lot more to come!

Photo credits: azstationtv.com / Vaneshawol Melissa Miguel Rojas

[INFO] Peruvian fans trend SMTOWNPERU (From Peruvian newspaper La Republica)

K-pop fans have been waiting for this oportunity, the opportunity of seeing their idols on a Latin American tour and their arrival to our country.

The first part of their dream has been accomplished, the korean agency  SM Entertainment has announced this May 4th, that they will arrive to South America as part of a World Tour in July. Brazil and Chile are being considered.

However, our country hasn’t appeared in their agendas yet, that’s why the peruvian kpop fans are doing a campaign to see their favorite stars:  BoASuper JuniorSNSDSHINee among others.

The goal of this campaign, developed within social networks, is get to see their favorite singers in our country. This singers are part of the korean culture; a culture which has taken roots within young and not so young people in our country.

Currently, they are doing a trending campaign on Twitter with SMTOWNPERU.

Source: La Republica Newspaper LINK

English translation: Roxy @ SHINeePERU