[SCAN/081212] SHINee @ MEN’S NON-NO Magazine

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[TWITT/121116] Jonghyun’s twitter update @ 6.37pmKST 121116

Hi Galaxy… A girl with high expectation… one day I will definitely get you…!! ㅋㅋㅋ

Phone: Which function do you wish to use?
Jonghyun: I love you
Phone: I appreciate your confession
Jonghyun: I love you yo~
Phone: Love is not something which you can express easily
Jonghyun: I really love you
Phone: Sometimes your over-expressing love will become a burden
Phone: If you wish to operate the function, please say ‘Hi Galaxy’

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Chinese Translations: Hyunstar
English Translations: Forever_SHINee

[FANACCOUNT/121113] Dazzling Girl Special Showcase in Sapporo

Taemin was thinking over to answer who would be his dazzling girl. Then Minho knelt before him, offering his right hand. Just like a prince!! Taemin was just grinning, but you actually wanted to take that hand, didn’t you?

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Translated by: red @ shineee.net

In the middle of MC Onew asked, “How are you doing ~!?”

During the later part in Dazzling Girl Key accidentally hit someone’s mouth. As his eyes met Minho’s, who was suppressing his mouth, he laughed so hard that he couldn’t sing.

They were introducing themselves and Taemin didn’t say anything when it was his turn. Then he had that startled expression and was laughing while introducing himself. And then when it Minho’s turn, only “I’m ☆*○◇▲” can be heard because his voice was too low. Yeah, he probably said that he is Minho.

During the final greeting, Key was daringly rolled up his jacket and scratched his left abdomen splendidly. Jjong imitated him.

When announced that they secured second place on the Oricon chart, Minho was so happy that he reached for both of Key’s hands and started to dance.

After Onew asked, “How are you doing?” someone at the front said, “Niisan~ (Older brother).” Ah, I should have said it.

When talking about their roles in Dazzling Girl MV, Minho said, “I was a hair make artist.” The other four had fun laughing.

About Key’s dazzling girl, he said, “Someone who fits me well. She’s in here too.” “Who?” “So rude that you should ask. It’s everyone in here! Everyone!” he answered while making a big circle with his hand. He was good in uniting everyone.

As Jjong explained, “The key was high, so the expression… it’s hard!.. Huh?” suddenly he lost confidence. Then Key said, “Explain it properly. So, to explain it…” In the end, he asked the interpreter. You had it hard, Mom.

When they’re in standby for Sherlock and it’s dark, Minho pushed Key. There’s a shriek. Key couldn’t get in the line. Jjong joined in and pushed Key too. A shriek again. Yeah, I got it. You both like Key, okay…

To announce the title of the new single, someone said to Key, “It’s your first time, right?” and made Key say it. He was laughing hahaha with deep voice but afterwards, brushing up his hair, he said, “1000 years, always be by my side…” with a serious face. “100 years? No! 10 years? No way! It’s 1000 years!” So cool and I died.

Every time the members spoke, Jonghyun would repeat 80% of it.

Taemin’s dazzling girl… “I found one today” “Who is it? Who is it” Taemin just grinned. They asked again, “Where is she?” Still grinning, Taemin said, “There’s none. Hehehehe..” You fooled us, huh?

Minho was asked about what his thoughts were after seeing the lyrics of Dazzling Girl. Key said to him, “Minho, please tell us about it. In Japanese!” Key was emphasizing on the Japanese part. The charisma guy smiled bitterly.

Minho couldn’t explain smoothly in Japanese… “The lyrics… I was happy.” “What do you mean by happy!?” That made him stumbled again. As he was panicking Taemin came to him, grinning, and wiped his sweat for him before adding, “Please speak seriously.” Taemin, your kindness lasted in just a moment.

While looking out for his dazzling girl, Minho saw someone was holding to a board with ‘Kyu line” written on it. He pointed to the board and read, “Kyu line..” Then he added, “Congratulations.” So for Choi Minho, Kyu line is an existence meant to be congratulated.

When choosing his dazzling girl, Taemin rubbed his towel against his chest and threw it to the audience..! Turned out he was just pretending. Key scolded the grinning Taemin, saying that it’s a dangerous thing to do.

Taemin then went to Key and gave him the towel. The members said he couldn’t do that because Key is a guy. Taemin probably was too shy to pass the towel to the fan. He crouched passing the towel with his back turned on her.

Onew had fun imitating the fan’s reaction when she got the towel. Other members told her, “It’s great isn’t it?” “You’re lucky!”

Source: MJY_MiSW
Translated by: red @ shineee.net

Who is your dazzling girl?
Onew: It’s you! (Pointed his finger to someone in the audience.)
Key: That’s rude!
Jonghyun: Rude?
Onew: It’s all of you!
And the audience cheered.

Taemin was about to sing at the wrong part in Run With Me and Jonghyun saw it, grinning.

Onew’s voice cracked as he was calling out for Key. He then laughed with his hand covering his mouth.

Since Taemin stumbled on his words in Japanese, he looked at Key (probably was hoping that Key would help him). Key said, “I am Korean though..”

When I thought Jonghyun was gone, he appeared with a mobile phone and took a picture of the audience.

Source: _crazyswj718
Translated by: red @ shineee.net

[INFO/121116] SHINee adds a new show and extra seats to the “SHINee World J Fanclub Event” lineup due to popular demand

A new performance and additional seats have now been added to the SHINee WORLD J FANCLUB EVENT 2012 lineup.

The heated response given off by fans has given way to the addition of a new event to the schedule! SHINee will now be performing two events (instead of just one) on December 24th at the Makuhari Messe Event Hall in Chiba, Japan. The new event is currently planned to start at 2:00 PM JST, a few hours before the already-scheduled event at 7:00 PM JST.

To satisfy demand, changes have been made to some venue seating layouts. Extra tickets will be going on sale for the two events on December 20th (Osaka-jō Hall) and December 24th (Makuhari Messe Event Hall; 7:00 PM JST).

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to attend one of the iconic SHINee World J fanclub events, sign up now!

■ SHINee’s Official Fanclub “SHINee WORLD J” – http://shineeworld-j.com
※ Admission to fanclub events is decided by lottery.

SHINee WORLD J FANCLUB EVENT :: Summary of Changes
★ New Performance:
_ _December 24, 2012 (Monday; Christmas Eve) – Makuhari Messe Event Hall (planned for 2:00 PM JST)

★ Seats/Tickets Added:
__ December 20, 2012 (Thursday) – Osaka Castle Hall (7:00 PM JST)
__ December 24, 2012 (Monday; Christmas Eve) – Makuhari Messe Event Hall (7:00 PM JST)
__ ※ If you have already been elected to attend these performances, please do not apply a second time.

SHINee World J members who have joined before 3:00 PM JST on November 26th, 2012.
※ Complete the membership application and send in your payment to join SHINee WORLD J.
※ If you choose the option of paying through a convenience store, your payment may be subject to a one-day delay.Payments made through convenience stores should be sent in by Friday, November 23rd.
※ If you apply for two tickets, the person you bring must also be a member of SHINee World J.
※ Pre-school children are not allowed to attend the events.

Acceptance Period
Those who want to apply for the new ticket lotteries must apply during this period.
November 14, 2012; 3:00 PM JST (Wednesday) – November 26, 2012; 3:00 PM JST (Monday)

Ticket Price
5,500 yen (tax and system-use fee inclusive)

Application Limit
Up to two tickets per performance.

※ Applications can only be sent in through mobile phones and smartphones. Those who do not have mobile phones cannot apply.
※ For more information, refer to the ticket page. http://tickebo.jp/sh…anclub_event02/

Source: shinee.jp
Written by: joAnnwashere @ shineee.net

[INFO/121116] SHINee’s Jonghyun tries to seduce ‘S-Voice Hi Galaxy’ on his phone?

Jonghyun amused his fans by trying to seduce the voice assistant on his phone.

Jonghyun had previously tried to ask the automatic chat program ‘SimSimi‘ out on Confession Day, but had gotten rejected by the program. He tried yet again with his phone’s voice helper, ‘S-Voice Hi Galaxy‘, and got a similar rejection.

He posted a screenshot of the conversation with the tagline “Hi Galaxy… You’re a proud woman.. Someday soon, I will..!! kekeke“. The conversation between Jonghyun and Hi Galaxy started with Jonghyun confessing, “I love you“. Hi Galaxy replied, “I’m thankful for your feelings“, to with Jonghyun tried again by saying, “I love you” in a more formal tone. Hi Galaxy again rejected him and said, “You shouldn’t say that phrase so easily like that“. Jonghyun assured Hi Galaxy by confirming his feelings and saying, “I really love you“, but Hi Galaxy firmly refused him and said, “Sometimes, too much attention can be burdensome.”

Fans were amused by the conversation, and said, “Jonghyun, you really need to get a hobby!“, “I wouldn’t reject you..“, and “Jonghyun is the king of playing by himself“.


[INFO/121116] SHINee releases special trailer for new Japanese single “1000 Years, Always By Your Side”

SHINee has just unveiled a special trailer for their upcoming Japanese single, “1000 Years, Always By Your Side”

The group has seen much success with their previous Japanese release “Dazzling Girl“, and now the group will be showcasing a more mature image through the upcoming song.

Check out the special trailer below and catch the full release of the new single on December 12th!


[INFO/121116]SHINee interviews and comment segments to broadcast on Japan’s ZIP-FM, FM AICHI, and STV Radio

SHINee has been scheduled to appear on the following radio broadcasts in Japan.
The list is subject to change in the case of unforeseen circumstances.

ZIP-FM (Nagoya) – “BREEZY SATURDAY” – December 8 (Saturday); 7:00 to 13:00 JST
“K-POP DISCOVERY” Segment (10:00 – 10:30 JST)
※ SHINee Interview OA

FM AICHI 80.7 – “Fresh Up Eye” – December 5 (Wednesday); 8:20 to 11:00 JST
※ SHINee Comment OA

STV Radio (Hokkaido) – “Korean Nights are Hot!” – November 17 (Saturday); 22:00 to 23:00 JST
※ SHINee Interview OA
Note: Normally this segment is called “Korean Music is Hot!”

ZIP-FM (Nagoya) – “BREEZY SATURDAY” – November 17 (Saturday); 7:00 to 13:00 JST
“K-POP DISCOVERY” Segment (10:00 to 10:30 JST)
※ SHINee Comment OA

Source: shinee.jp
Written by: joAnnwashere @ shineee.net

[INFO/121112] SHINee’s ‘Dazzling Girl’ achieves Gold certification in Japan!

Groups SHINee and KARA both impressed when they achieved the Gold Certification in Japan.

On November 12th, according to the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ), SHINee’s “Dazzling Girl” was certified Gold for exceptional sales. Produced by Jeff Miyahara, “Dazzling Girl” shipped more than 100,000 albums and placed second on the Oricon Weekly Chart.

KARA’s “Electric Boy” also did extremely well, selling over 100,000 albums and also achieving Gold status. Each of KARA’s singles in Japan have been huge hits, as “Electric Boy” proved that by selling 57,942 albums in the first week of sales, also placing second on the Oricon Weekly Chart.
Congratulations to SHINee and KARA on their success overseas!

Source/Credit: Allkpop