[TWITT/140105] Block B’s Park Kyung Twitter Update with Jonghyun – MBC Gayo Daejun

Selca taken with Jonghyun hyung’s phone that he sent me~~ During Gayo Daejejeon!


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[TWIT/011713] Key was mentioned in K+Model Park Hyeong Seop’s tweet

The night before golden disc together with kibum we went to eat chicken and noraebang. we rapped, sang ring ding dong and sherlock together live. kekeke after that because of hungriness we went to eat chapaghetti ramyeon* regret.. 

*chapaghetti ramyeon is something like.dry ramyeon.

[This tweet was deleted by accident]


[TRANS]Uh I wrote a long one.. deleted by accident, the night before golden disc ~

Credit: sc1676

Translation Credit: YangMehLin

[TWITT/130110] Park Hyeong Seop mentions Key on his twitter

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귀 종족 친구 샤이니 키 ㅋㅋ 그래도 귀는 내가 젤큼

Ear tribe friend SHINee Key keke even so my ear is bigger!

Picture translation :

Guy: ah ㅎㅎ anyway
Guy: people with big ear
Key: my ear is big too
Key: ㅋㅋㅋ
Guy: i know. ear tribe

Credit: park hyeong seop

Translation credit: yangmehlin

각자의 스케줄 마친후 기범이와 만나 커피한잔~!

Trans:  After completing the schedule, i met  Kibeomi for a coffee~!

나는 또 촬영이 있어가고~~ 기범이도 다시 녹음실로~

Trans: I also have a photoshoot to attend~~ Kibeomi also has to go back to recorgdng studio

Trasnlation to korean:  Roxy_unnie @ SPF


[TWIT/130108] Jonghyun – January 8th

Just tell me come on~~~

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Picture Translation:

Oh my, look at this kid. What could he have done to get beheaded?

The text in Jonghyun’s tweet are lyrics to SNSD’s I Got A Boy. In their lyrics the phrase means ‘Why did she get her hair cut’, but he used it to mean beheaded

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He has the same personality as I do

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Picture Translation:
Taken from the diary of a dog.
8AM – I ate dog food! I really like dog food!
9:30AM – I rode in a car! I really like riding in cars!
9:40AM – I went on a walk! I really like going on walks!
10:30AM – My owner scratched me! I really like it when someone scratches me!
12PM – Lunch! I really like lunch!
1PM – I played in the yard! I really like the yard!
3PM – I wagged my tail! I really like wagging my tail!
5PM – I got dental treats! I really like dental treats!
7PM – I played with the ball! I really like balls!
8PM – I watched TV with my owner! I really like watching TV!
11PM – I went to sleep! I really like going to sleep!

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[TWIT/121230] Key was mentioned in Hyosup’s Twitter


오오 우리 기범이 잘나옴 에뛰드 왁스 모멘트:나쁜남자 컨셉

Ohoh~ Our Kibummie next Etude Wax Moment: Bad Guy Concept

Credit: spiffyhyosup

Translation Credit: Forever_SHINee


[TWIT/121230] Super Junior’s Donghae Twitter – mentioning SM 7 as well!

Sanghoon hyung Jaewon hyung !! Really really thanks for the hard work^^

Credit: donghae861015
English Translations: Nksubs


[TWIT/121226 ] Donghae twitter update thanking SHINee TVXQ SJ & Exo Fan’s

이렇게 추운날에도 와주신   Tvxq,Super Junior,SHINee,EXO!! Fan’s !! Thank u so much !! I love ya ^^ take care of yourself !!

Tvxq,Super Junior,SHINee,EXO!! Fan’s !! who came in this kind of cold day. Thank u so much !! I love ya ^^ take care of yourself !!

Credit: donghae861015

Translation Credit: 13elieveSG


[TWIT/121207] Jonghyun’s twitter update with selcas ‘To Singapore!’

#1 4.48pm KST


Let’s go!! Ssingapore!! Pink short hootkkibbong!! I’ll give another present!


#2 4.50pm KST


The present is cute mino


#3 4.55pm KST


And when i reach singapore i’ll be expecting high definition photos ^~<*

Credit: realjonghyun90
English Translations: qyblingtastic


[TWIT/121207] Jonghyun’s twitter update

#1 2.23pm KST

Today is also….!!!! Company employee!

English Translations: shiningtweets

#2 2.25pm KST

Ohoh Cool Water City Man Ohoh Handsome Kim

Chinese Translations: Hellohyun
English Translations: Forever_SHINee 

Credit: realjonghyun90


[TWIT/121206] Onew was mentioned in Gagshouting Tweet

Our pose has a very different feeling ㅋㅋㅋ

Credit gagshouting
Translation Credit: Forever_SHINee