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[NEWS] SHINee chosen as one of Cosmopolitan France’s “Top 10 Sexiest Men of the Internet”

SHINee has been chosen as one of Cosmopolitan France’s “Top 10 Sexiest Men of the Internet.”

SHINee has once again been mentioned in the French media, with Cosmopolitan France referring to them in the May issue of their magazine! SHINee’s large amount of online popularity granted them this title, with an approximated 74.2 million pages dedicated to the boys scattered throughout the web.

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SHINee’s online presence is nothing to be laughed at — in the first section of the article, “Why they’re the buzz”, the writer speaks of the existence of 74,200,000 SHINee-related internet pages, SHINee’s powerful french blog (SHINee France perhaps?), and their mega-popular Facebook account. The article goes on to say that in France, an obvious love is shown for SHINee which means “those who receive light,” referring to Korean pop as a new genre of trendy music that has something for everyone.

Although the article has a slight discrepancy in saying that the boys are between 14 and 18 years of age, the frequent doses of humor keep us smiling, as they correlate SHINee’s youth to the youth of a younger sibling. Cosmopolitan mentions that the similarity would be greater “if only our younger brothers were ten times more handsome, better dressed, and more respectful.”

In the following section, “Why we love them,” Cosmopolitan highlights SHINee’s beauty and fashion sense. They refer to Onew as one who gives people a feeling of wanting to treat him like a doll, say that Jonghyun gives off a feeling of someone who one could talk for hours with, and again go back to a doll reference in “[we’d like to] …undress and redress Minho and Taemin, then put them all to sleep lined up in a pink bed like Polly Pocket.” The article comments that rather than sexy, the boys fall under a more simple and wholesome category, using the word “ippeuda” (the Korean word for beautiful) to describe them instead.

Source: Soompi France, Cosmopolitan France
Article by: SHINee Forums International (shineee.net)

[Me2day] 120405 SHINee Me2day conversation – Minho (FULL)

[Me2day] 120405 SHINee Me2day conversation – Minho Fan : (Eng) “MiNHO I LOVE u… do u love me?” Minho : I am Minho Fan : Are you gone TT TT Minho : I am back again haha Fan : Yeah Minho : Yeah~ Fan : (Eng) “Key speak english please” Minho : What are trying to do? Fan : Minho Oppa!! Do you think you are the best at doing aegyo? Minho : Hmm..no. Fan : Oppa belongs to the sweet type of guys. Fan : Are you recently worried about your short hair problems? Fan : You know you can do aegyo really well~! Minho : What are you all discussing about? Fan : (We can discuss) Anything Fan : To discuss stories (gossip) behind Minho’s back Minho : Can you talk about (the “Minho”) that is not on stage? (S/N : He wants fans to treat him as if he is not the charismatic Minho when he is performing, but as a friend when Minho is interacting with fans) Fan : A lot of “duojin” authors must really like oppa right? (S/N : I went to search 多晶 “duojin” and it came up with minerals and solar chips… So I assume it’s doujin – Japanese manga terms – and hence I think they refer to fanfic? Correct me if I am wrong, thanks) Minho : This is the start of war! Fan : Aren’t your ears itchy (S/N : A saying to mean someone is talking behind your back) Minho : Totally (itchy) Fan : But you cannot start a fight! haha Minho : Haha Fan : Oppa, are there any games you play regularly? Minho : I play “Winning” frequently haha Fan : What is “Winning”? (Another fan answers this question) : It is a kind of Soccer game Minho : What is your favourite song in the album? Sherlock, Stranger, All of them Key : (——.,——) Minho : The last wave~ (S/N : Last chance to talk) Fan : (Eng) “Because of SHINee, I make me2day” Minho : (Eng) “THANK U” Minho : I love alarm clock Minho : Hahahaha (S/N : He answered his own question) Fan : Oppa, how did you feel after you have just finished learning “Sherlock’s” dance? Fan : It feels really fresh Fan : When is the next time we can chat with you? Minho : The next time.. Minho : ..so when will that be.. Fan : Will there be a performance (dance) for Alarm clock? Minho : Oh right, I kind of want to try it too Fan : How much time do you spend to practice and sing? Minho : A lot of time. Fan : Oppa, if the things I’ve invented has been integrated into our lives, will you purchase it? Minho : What is that??? Fan : Can you sing “Honesty” for your goodbye stage? Minho : I want to sing that song too.. Fan : What is Oppa’s favourite sport? Minho : Soccer, of course! haha Fan : Which member get’s angry/frustrated the most haha Minho : The one who who gets angry would be Jonghyun hyung Minho : Jonghyun hyung is a monster haha Fan : Is it time for dinner!!! Minho : I have not eaten TT TT (S/N : 6.34PM KST) Fan : Who is the member who can eat the most? Minho : The one who can eat the most would be me. Fan : Minho, are you still growing? Minho : I am not growing anymore. I… Minho : Haha Minho : This is really the last wave (S/N : Last chance to talk to him) Minho : BANG BANG BANG Minho : I am reluctant to leave but this is really the last chance.. haha TT TT Fan : Why are you at my house! Minho : really?? Haha Fan : How lond did you/SHINee take to learn the Sherlock dance well? Minho : 4 days haha Fan : Which song did you put in the most effort in? Minho : The title track of course. Fan : Who invented the “Hybrid” style of the song? Minho : My company haha Fan : Minhyuk’s acting is really awesome TT TT You will still take on the challenge to do acting next time right? Minho : Yes I will, Please anticipate me (my performance) the next time too haha Fan : Do other members go online/ Are other members looking at this conversation, webpage (S/N : *ambiguous meaning*) ? Minho : No Minho : Only Jonghyun-hyung is looking haha Minho : Dear all Minho : I should be Minho : Going off now Minho : TT TT Minho : We will still meet haha Minho : Ah.. Next time Minho : Til we see one another again Minho : I am hungry haha Minho : The next time we will chat Minho : when will that be Minho : Let’s meet next time Minho : The above… I am Minho Minho : Hahahahaha Minho : Byebye Minho : Thank you everyone! Fan : Did he really leave? Fan : Oppa don’t go.. Fan : Bye Fan : Let’s meet next time Fan : Please come to Daegu Minho : See you next time!!!!! (——-.,———)

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[NEWS] Onew is the only SHINee member who didn’t kiss Dara?

Onew of popular Hallyu group SHINee revealed that he is the only member of SHINee who has yet to film a kiss scene with 2NE1‘s Dara.

On Mnet‘s ‘Beatles Code 2′, the SHINee members had a discussion about an advertisement for a beauty product (Etude House‘s new line of lipsticks) with the popular 2NE1 member. Onew explained that during the filming, he was feeling unwell and could not film the planned kiss scene. Fellow SHINee member Keyeven poked fun at Onew by joking, “Onew didn’t even get to see Sandara Park.”

The advertisement in question was filmed with a concept called “Kiss Note”. In the scene, Dara writes the names of the SHINee members in a ‘kiss note’, and each member magically appears and gives her a kiss.

This episode of the ‘Beatles Code’ also featured the SHINee members creating their own ‘kiss notes’. As they were writing the notes, the boys displayed their shy and bashful nature by sheepishly covering their notes with their left hands.

Don’t forget to catch the episode when it airs on April 5th at 9:00PM KST!

Source & Image: Nate

[NEWS] SHINee’s Key looks dapper in his pilot uniform for ‘Catch Me If You Can’

SHINee member Key shared a photo after his ‘Catch Me If You Can‘ musical performance.

On April 4th, Key shared the photo above via SHINee’s official me2day page and wrote, “‘Catch Me If You Can’! We just concluded our second performance today. Thank you everyone for coming! Try to catch me~.”

Key’s smile in the photo exuded confidence, and fans took note of how handsome he looked in a pilot uniform.

You could’ve just become a pilot,” they wrote. “You look so good in it,” along with, “Fighting! To a guy who continues to challenge himself!”

In related news, Key is acting in his first musical ‘Catch Me If You Can’, playing the role of expert con-artist named Frank.

Credits: Allkpop

[NEWS] SHINee reveals their income distribution system on ‘Beatles Code 2′

Popular idol group SHINee revealed how they distribute their income.

On the April 5th episode of Mnet ‘Beatles Code 2‘, the boys of SHINee were asked how much they made. The boys answered, “We make an amount that’s hard to earn for anyone our age.”

MC Shindong who is under the same label as a member of Super Junior thoughtfully tried to change the subject by saying, “I can somewhat guess how much, but there was an occasion where I talked about income during a broadcast, and I was later called in.”

I’m curious to know if all of you distribute your income evenly, or if you make as much as how much you work individually,” he said.

SHINee’s Key answered, “We have a system where each of us make as much as we promote individually.”

When Onew hyung was doing his musical, he made a fixed amount of money per show so he made the most, and when Minho was doing ‘Dream Team‘, he made the most,” he continued.

When asked if there was ever a time he made the most out of the members, Key answered, “They don’t give me those opportunities. I started a musical recently. It’s called ‘Catch Me If You Can‘, and I play the role of an expert con-artist. I get paid per performance.”

MC Shindong then hilariously advised the boys to forget everything else and focus only on musicals, causing everyone on set to laugh.

Source & Image: TVReport via Nate