[TRANS+PIC] 111125 SHINee’s Japan Mobile Fansite Update


While resting in the waiting room, the members are relaxing themselves. There are 2 person concentrating on using the computer and looking at something. Guess who’s backview are these~? It’s very easy!

Source: SHINee’s Japan Mobile Fansite via minoutshine
Translation by: Forever_SHINee, Mrs.Minho


[INFO] 110605 Dream Team Special – With Asian Stars Part 2

Spoiler! – To see rough translation of the games on the cue sheet

Dream Team: Lee Teuk, Eunhyuk, Shindong, Minho, Taemin, Jungmo
Rival Team: Terada Takuya (Japan)…(don’t know how to spell the names–stars from other Asian countries)

Opening: Introduction and interviews

Couple selection: 14 men and 8 women
Men go and stand before a woman they like.
Women will pick a partner they want.
Those men with no partners will give a demonstration of the game to play
* Men are not allowed to pick a woman of the same nationality.

Pre-game (in couples): Relay Obstacle Race
8 teams of couples will be divided in two groups and do a race on 400m track with obstacles.

Main game: Pentathlon
10 rounds
Record game: Who is the fastest in the obstacle race
1. four Stars 2. swing & two Cylinders 3. five bars with water 4. four windmills 5. turning disc

Source: DC Shinee Gallery
Trans and Posted by: jujugal

[TRANS] 110602 Dream Concert STAFF account (Jonghyun & 2MIN at DC BackStage)

Today on May 28th dream concert . i have the chance to be one of the STAFF (those emotions word i shall keep it) everyone, have you tired giving Yunho a hotdog bun with ketchup on it hahahaha receiving signature it’s not something to boost around keke but squeezing ketchup can i be a little proud to boost around hahha!

That’s Kara’s Nicole who is chatting with Jonghyun , saw those muscles on his arm??

Although i don’t know what are they chatting about,but the topic seems interesting. his hand holding such a small bottle of drink, it’s so cute!

With a small little clip on his hair , don’t say he is playing punk!

Minho Smiling like a child ^^ his so happy he’s 500 TIMES cuter then the mr hotdog!

Minho look more interested in those drinks. looking at CODY strongly passing the measseage of “GIVE ME THIS!”

1. It looks like Master taemin looking at Jonghyun walking over wanting him to kneel down.

2. Seeing “HOTDOG” while the promotion of hotdog is going on, he seems interested in it

3. Baby Jonghyun can’t resist seeing the yummy hotdog

4. Ahh your lips is not cute here ? I am not an ANTI fans

5. He really wants to eat it!!

6. But still it is not given to him and he turn away..

7. Trying to be funny and do ageyo see those small eyes

8. who made this doll angry TTT

[Jonghyun] i did not see it ?i did not see it? I GOT IT! I GOT THE HOTDOG SAW?!
[Staff] saw. our doll did well !

9. This is the hotdog i got, got a cup of ice ,Jonghyun is going back to the room delievered out 100 boxes of hot dog, let’s pray for the children and smile .

Source: weibo
english trans: Forever_SHINee 5th admin
re-uploaded: TONGHYUN @ Soompi SHINee thread

[NEWS] 110601 Minho and Taemin join in ‘Let’s go dream team’ with Asian Stars.

To celebrate the anniversary, was founded eight years in the KBS WORLD has prepared a variety of gifts as a special item for their audience.

The first time with ‘Let’s go dream team’ with Asian Stars!!! Special tape Chung Global Dream Team 2!!

16 Asian Stars from 7 countries in Asia to join “Let’s go dream team with Asian stars” are:

Vu Anh Tuan/Vietnam/Producer – Musician – MC
Anu Davaasuren from Mongolia
Cristie NG/Singapore/Radio DJ
Fauzi Baadila/Indonesia/Actor
He Lei/China/Actor
Li Lin/China/Actor
Misheel Enkhtur/Mongalia/Singer
Nguyen Ti Ngoc/Vietnam/singer
Shim Zeng jie/Singapore/Chinese Martial arts instructur

and 22 K-pop stars who will be join for “Let’s Go Dream Team Asian Stars” are:

Sistar Bora
Sistar Dasom
Super Junior Eunhyuk
Han JeongSoo
ZE:A KwangHee
Rainbow JaeGyeong
ZE:A Dongjun
Miss A Jia
Kang EungBi
Kim ByeongMan
Lee Jon Hyeon
Super Junior Leeteuk
Miss A Min
SHINee Minho
No Woojin
NS Yoonji
Super Junior Shindong
SHINee Lee Taemin
Teen Top CAP
TRAX JeongMo
Rainbow Woori

Event 1>.
You can send a cheer message of your favorite entry below.
For Asian Stars: http://ow.ly/56fVS
For Korean Stars: http://ow.ly/56ozC )

Event 2>. 
Guess and voted who wull be the winner in this special tape.
For Asian Stars: http://ow.ly/55IeK
For Korean Stars: http://ow.ly/56p4a

Event 3>. 
If you are a real fan of the ‘Dream team’ then each. You must know that a sentence of MC Changmyeong cool indeed.

Video Preview: http://ow.ly/56lCZ

deadline date.
Event 1 and 2: June 5,
Event 3: June 10.

source: kbsworldtv
credit to Thailand SHINee’s fanbase
Posted by shineeworldindonesia