[ENGTRANS/170113] HIGH CUT Interview – Minho’s Part

Q: Minho got SBS Drama Awards Newcomer Award through <>. In the recent years, not only in accomplishing something as a singer but you also an award in acting, how do you feel?

Minho: First time getting an acting award, it feels different. As an actor who is a newcomer, I am nervous. In due to the time constraint for the thank you speech, memmbers & family are missed out, regret not able to express my grattitude to the fans too. In future will have bigger award, will thank all the missing ones, this is new target. (Laugh)

Q: In <>, Minho has love line with Sulli, shooting intimate scenes with dongsaeng, will you feel shy?

Minho: No awkward moment at the beginning, not much difference in the process of shooting, most of the shots are relaxed but there are times of awkward too. (Laugh) Becomes closer with Sulli through filming, really lovely dongsaeng.

Q: Feeling of direct experience with drama filming.

Minho: Really tired not able to sleep & eat well. It is even tougher as during was in the cold. I am tired as an (male) actor, not to say (female) actress.
So I thought must take care of the actress. An experience of hard work, efforts & great time with everyone.

Q: How is your year end & start of the year?

Minho: I travel alone during year end. Went to UK to watch Park Ji-Sung in the team of QPR with Manchester United. After that, prepared for all the end year stages, stay up late to practice & also feel that I lack in a lot of part.

Q: Recently Kwanghee showed off of the close relationship with you in <> became a topic, who are your close artist friends?

Minho: Kwanghee hyung is really interesting. Really happy with him so constant contact. SHINee members have already surpassed the intimate level & become a family. Usually, it is Changmin hyung & Kyuhyun hyung, three of us often play together, three of us like wine, often drink & chatted.

Q: What is SHINee’s plan this year?

Minho: Probably in Spring this year, have been recording. (Comeback) won’t be too long. It’s been a year since activities began from start of last year. Looking forward to SHINee’s activities this year. 5-year singing career has let everyone to see our many sides. Now want to have fresh look for everyone. This year will have a different look, should have a not bad effect.

Q: Any plans of acting any drama this year?
Minho: I want to film more dramas this year too. Because I feel that I lack in many areas, thus I want to accumulate more experiences. Want to show everyone a variety of works & looks.

Credit : mrminho


[TRANS] 110615 Individual Interview in HANAKO Magazine


I hope fans will see our funny side in Japan.

“Onew,” “溫流” in kanji, is a stage name that comes from his warm and gentle image. His nickname is “Tofu leader.” Fans call him so because he is white and gentle.

“Actually I’m not at all. I’m…(in Japanese) a human! Is this oyaji gag? Sorry.”

He smiles showing his characteristic intelligence. Onew-goon’s voice that is intelligent and classy is the group’s treasure. In the two sold-out rounds of SHINee’s first solo concert in Yoyogi Stadium, he sang Nessun Dorma of Turandot. This song was unexpected even to fans, and he enwrapped the stadium with his wonderful singing.

“My repertory? I have more. I’m not prepared yet, so I’ll have to practice it. I’m happy I can show what I like.”

On the stage, he announced SHINee’s Japanese debut in Japanese.

“I wanted to confirm it as leader, and think I was able to deliver it well. Our activities in Japan are a new challenge for us. I hope we can show more of our funny side.”

Last, I asked what he thinks he would have been in his past life.

“…a dandelion seed. It can feel free flying in the air and look around to see diverse things.”

He says with a face dreaming and smiling. A poetic boy with a distinct personality, that is Onew.


I’m happy when I can write lyrics that express a given concept well.

“I like a puppy so much. I can’t resist myself when I see a playful puppy and end up playing with it. I often hear people say I have a puppy face (laugh).”

Speaking with his face slightly upturned, Jonghyun-goon exudes natural sexy aura. Although he seems to be known as “the one who acts like a baby” among fans.

“I also want to know why (laugh). I’m rather shy, and to people I met first time, I think I don’t look like that. But once we become friends, certainly…”

Jonghyun’s singing is highly appraised in the industry and has power that pumps up the listener’s tension to a peak instantly in the chorus or adlib part. He wrote lyrics for Juliette, one of SHINee’s hit songs with romantic lyrics and thrilling melody.

“In writing lyrics, I’m quite self-satisfied (laugh). But I’m happy when I get a good output that expresses the given concept well. I also wrote lyrics for Obsession. I think it came out well as a good song with weight and mood.”

Asked about his ideal type of girl, he says, “It changes on occasion,” and looks out the window smiling. Then he wrote lyrics:

“Under a cloudy sky / when her hair is scattered by wind / I see her sad eyes / her thin figure touches my heart / she is such a girl (laugh).”


I was surprised we were able to do our first solo concert in Japan.

Key-san cried singing the ending song in the first solo concert in Japan.

“Well, I was surprised (in Japanese). It was SHINee’s first ever solo concert. We were able to make it in Japan, and all the memories of our experiences for the past 3 years since our debut came back to me.”

Fans were touched by his tears he shed recalling the past. He owns a very lovable character. His name “Key” shows his wish to “become an almighty key that can do anything,” but everyone knows he is a hard worker and mood-maker.

“Many people find me a person who gets more interesting as they get to know more about me. We visit many countries, but my fans have a distinct characteristic. (He continues in Japanese) They are all the same! Their reactions are similar. Everywhere, in Korea too (laugh).”

He is chuckling even before the interpreter speaks, and said he actually has good hearing. In charge of SHINee’s cultural department, he says:

“(In Japanese) I think fashion, music, and dance are all the same. They are all art. All combined make a good outcome. Maigetsu? Maitsuki? I go to an exhibition every month, read a magazine. It’s more like checking on things than studying.”

Key-san himself can be called a culture. What type of girl is his favorite?

“(In Japanese) A girl who is stylish, does a perfect job, and enthusiastic in both work and love. But such a girl is rare (laugh).”


I don’t like losing in competition.

Minho-goon has impressive twinkling eyes, which make one count stars in his eyes. He is the standard handsome guy who has a runway experience as a model in the Seoul Collection and an acting experience. However, he seems not to be interested in his own looks, and his eyes twinkle more when we talk about baseball. He loves sports and smiles saying, “I really don’t like losing in competition,” while he is known to be a kind-hearted person who understands what other people feel.

“I don’t like losing in competition, but if I’m competing with a woman, I don’t care about winning or losing. However competitive I am, I don’t try to win against a woman (laugh). I think some people may think I am ‘sweet’ in that respect.”

He has a bright and calm mood. He writes lyrics for rap parts, so prince Minho-goon turns into a cool guy who attacks with his low voice on stage.

“The nuance of the rap part is different in our Japan debut single, and most of all, (Japanese) pronunciation is difficult. I get to mess it up in the middle (laugh).”

He has a precious sunbae who listens to him when he has concerns about work.

“DBSK’s Changmin hyung give me advice like a real brother. I contact him 4~5 times a week.”

Two young men with extraordinary beautiful looks, which might be a connection between those with something in common.


I immerse myself in the mood of a song to make viewers feel with me.

If you watch Taemin-goon dancing on stage, you will be moved to see how enjoyable and beautiful dancing is. It never makes a showy appeal but is like a miracle that a sense of beat and delicacy, sharpness and elegance co-exist in a slim body. He was standing showing his back and looked back when he was asked to make a certain pose during the photoshoot. A sexy, light, and tender air. That moment was perfect like a scene in a music video.

“SHINee don’t have parts clearly divided among members, but I think I’m in charge of dance. I like pop star Michael Jackson or Usher. I refer to Michael Jackson for the parts I have to make a pause during a performance, make a finish, or for a song with a dandy feel. I immerse myself in the mood of a song to make viewers feel with me.”

He is only 17 years old. He explains bashfully in a high and cute voice you can hear in his singing. A boy like a fairy who is smiling by someone when you awake to your full mind. His hair style, as to which he says, “It is my first time to have hair this red,” matches the mood.

Lastly, his favorite girl type?

“Hmm…pretty and cute? Yes, I like such a girl (laugh).”

Korean Translation: ㄷㅂ29@DC Shinee Gallery
English Translation by jujugal
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[TRANS] 110611 SHINee Is Like a Rainbow – on Hanako Interview

Their long-awaited Japanese debut is set!

Their rainbow-like distinct personalities color the atmosphere.

We love shining SHINee.

Korean contemporary band SHINee’s Japanese debut has been set! The group of five members always surprises us with new and cool music and dance. We will report on their frank and individual talks and the charm of their debut single.

First, we asked this popular five-member group questions on their Japanese debut!

Hanako (H): First of all, tell us about SHINee.

Onew (On): The group name means “Those who shine by receiving light.” We’ll work hard to do activities not only on stage but also in various areas.

Jonghyun (JH): As a contemporary band, we want to initiate everything new from music and dance to fashion.

H: If you express it in color?

JH: Rainbow. Different colors with distinct individuality, but if you mix two colors, you see a different color. You can create all different sorts of colors. So it can be different climates.

H: Where are you now in your career?

Minho (MH): It’s been exactly three years in Korea, but with our Japanese debut set in June, we feel we have a rebirth. Our Japanese debut song is Replay, the same one for our Korean debut, but it has a different feel. There are parts we are trying different looks on our music video.

Taemin (TM): Japanese pronunciation wasn’t easy. For the same letter, there are different variations of pronunciation, so it’s sensitive. But some words sound similar to Korean, and it was easier than English (laugh).

JH: We gained self-confidence through the responses of Japanese fans at our solo concert in Tokyo. We’re looking forward to debuting in the place where people sharing the same memories are waiting for us.

H: Which part of your debut song do you want people to pay attention to?

ON: The chorus part.

MH: The last climax. It has both rap and chorus.

Key: Perhaps my voice (laugh).

TM: Haha. Eh~ the bridge part before the ending.

ON: Bokuno kokorowa~ (humming)

TM: That is the highest climax full of Japanese words, so I think I can appeal “I practiced hard~”

H: Is there anything you fell for recently?

ON: Trying everything that I see. I had a trip recently.

MH: Watching a baseball game. Actually I want to go to a ball park but…

TM: Miyazaki Hayao’s animation movies

Key: Ah~ Taemin is watching Princess Mononoke everyday~ listening to the OST and watching the movie, saying “So good, so good, so good.”

TM: Hahaha. I like all of them, but my favorite is Princess Mononoke.

Key: First of all, dark Americano. I drink it every day. Floral pink for color, and electro for music.

JH: I’ve been into guitar, but recently… singing again.

<To be continued with individual interviews>
* It may not be 100% accurate as it was translated based on a Korean translation.

[Korean Translation: ㄷㅂ29@DC Shinee Gallery
English Translation by jujugal

[TRANS] 110609 SHINee’s interview for TV Pia Japanese Magazine

Onew’s Interview

– What made you start this work?

I was headhunted when I was attending SM Academy because I liked singing.

– What Japanese word did you memorize recently and what did you like most?

Mayuge (eye brows) / Sakura (Cherry blossoms)

– What animation do you like?

One Piece

– What are you concentrating on recently?

Listening to music. I listen to different genres of music.

– What made you laugh most recently?

When I had a trip with friends.

– Which song would you recommend to those who got to know SHINee just now?

Of course, Replay!!!!

– Message

We have had lots of experiences for three years since our debut in Korea. I think our range in performing on stage and recording songs has widened through those experiences. We are debuting in Japan, so I’d like to have many opportunities to communicate with Japanese fans based on our experiences.

Jonghyun’s Interview

– What made you start this work?

I was headhunted when I was in a band in my middle school days. Then, I passed an audition and started taking lessons.

– What Japanese word did you memorize recently and what did you like most?

Masaka (by no means) / shou ga nai na (inevitable)

– What animation do you like?

Hare+Guu, Cowboy Bebop

– What are you concentrating on recently?

Studying Japanese watching Japanese animation

– What made you laugh most recently?

When I had a birthday party with fans in April

– Which song would you recommend to those who got to know SHINee just now?

Our debut song Replay

– Message

I can say with confidence SHINee’s team work is second to none. You mentioned our pose at the ending of Tokyo Legend event. Actually the idea was not from a particular member, but flew out of us naturally. I want to show such natural looks of us.

Minho’s Interview

– What made you start this work?

I had dreamed of it for a long time, but it started when I was headhunted on streets when I was in middle school.

– What Japanese word did you memorize recently and what did you like most?

Tenshi (angel) / Tensai (genius)

– Which animation do you like?

One Piece

– What are you concentrating on recently?

Soccer game and watching Japanese drama

– What made you laugh most recently?

When Taemin interpreted T.G.I Friday’s as “Today’s Great Item”!

– Which song would you recommend to those who got to know SHINee just now?

Hit Me on our 2nd mini album Romeo

– Message

DBSK sunbaes have given us advice since our Japan debut has been set: Changmin hyung about the difference between Korean and Japanese culture, and Yoonho hyung about how to attract the audience’s attention on stage. I hope we can do as well as DBSK sunbaes. I wish we could do a concert in Tokyo Dome.

Key’s Interview

– What made you start this work?

It has been my dream to be a singer from my childhood. I passed an audition held in my hometown Daegu.

– What Japanese word did you memorize recently and what did you like most?

Sasuga (?) / Umai jang (delicious)

– What animation do you like?

Miyazaki Hayao’s animation

– What are you concentrating on recently?

Practicing Japanese and singing. I’m concentrating on everything.

– What made you laugh most recently?

I burst into laughter watching a TV program.

– Which song would you recommend to those who got to know SHINee just now?

Lucifer whose live version is more exciting

– Message

We had our first solo live in Yoyogi Stadium last December. When I saw the pearl aqua green wave of fan lights in the crowded stadium, it moved me into tears. I was able to feel their cheers. Please, keep cheering for us.

Taemin’s Interview

– What made you start this work?

I started dancing when I was in 3rd grade and got interested in this area. I applied for an audition in 6th grade.

– What Japanese word did you memorize recently and what did you like most?

Onaka peko peko (hungry) / kagayaku (shine)

– What animation do you like?

My Neighbor Totoro, Howl’s Moving Castle, Princess Mononoke, etc.

– Is there anything you fell for these days?

Listening to J-pop

– What made you laugh most recently?

When my dog does aegyo to me, it makes me smile.

– Which song would you recommend to those who got to know SHINee just now?

The song I sang live at our concert in Yoyogi, Boy Meets Girl.

– Message

I have visited Japan several times, but the most impressive was Hokkaido. The snow we saw at the Sapporo Snow Festival was so pretty. And Japanese food is delicious! I like a bowl of rice served with eel and katsu-dong. I’m now studying Japanese watching Japanese animation or listening to J-pop. I look forward to meeting Japanese fans!

Korean translation by: 도덕ª @ DC Shinee Gallery
English Translation by: jujugal

[TRANS] 110604 SHINee’s interview on Ori Suta (Oricon Style) Magazine June 2011 issue

– You debuted in 2008 in Korea and will start your activities in Japan. Shall we talk about the birth of SHINee as a group?

Minho: We passed an audition or were headhunted, and then practiced as SHINee for about a year before debuting in Korea.

Key: We have had our activities with this concept of contemporary band since we debuted in Korea. It means we pursue the newest trends in everything from music and dance to fashion. This part won’t change in Japan.

– Now you are entering your 4th year together. What were your first impressions of other members?

Taemin: Minho hyung has big eyes, well-defined features, and good style. So I thought he was not a Korean (laugh). He stuttered when he talked to me maybe because he’s introverted, so I thought he’s younger than me. Key hyung made a strong impression from the beginning for his showy fashion (laugh).

Key: I was showy from the beginning (laugh).

– When did you start liking being showy? From your childhood?

Key: From middle school days. That was a peak time (laugh).

Taemin: Jonghyun hyung sang so well! I think he was singing even when we first met. Onew hyung gave this warm feeling just like the image of his gentle voice.

Key: Because I felt friendly with everyone from the beginning, I thought we’d be good together.

Jonghyun: I’m rather reserved, so I didn’t initiate a conversation more aggressively (laugh).

– What do you pay attention to as a contemporary band?

Minho: We try to pursue new things rather than comparing us with other groups. Trying to show as a group what we have absorbed through our antennas. We pay attention to staying future-oriented.

Key: So I check out newest music domestic or overseas!

– It’s been 3 years since you debuted in Korea. Did you have a time you overcame something through efforts?

Jonghyun: We haven’t had a specific set goal. Because we are trying to enjoy our music, we haven’t had a particular time we can think was a hard time.

– You mean you are now what you are because you have practiced every day and accumulated experiences.

All: Yes!

Minho: We want to show improvements we make to fans, so we are working hard every day! We think the outcome was the new artist awards we received (in Korea).

– You had a live concert at the end of last year, which attracted more than 20,000 people even before your debut. Didn’t it make you realize your popularity in Japan?

Onew: Actually we didn’t have such a large scale live concert in Korea. The concert in Japan was our first ever. Many people came to see us even before our debut and cheered for us passionately. We were nervous in the first round, but were able to show our stages in the second round.

Jonghyun: Frankly, I was concerned about how many people would turn up because it was before our debut. Everything was our first experience, so their support was really encouraging.

Onew: We didn’t know how they’d respond even on the day of our concert.

Minho: We had a completely different feeling (during the concert)from when we did our rehearsal without any audience.

– Did you gain self-confidence?

Onew: Yes. I felt, “We made it!”, looking around the stadium crowded with audiences from the stage (laugh).

– It seems you gained self-confidence for starting your activities in Japan.

Key: Frankly speaking, it’s not different from what we have done because we have released CDs. But I’m glad we get to debut in the major.

Minho: Our sunbaes (BoA, DBSK, SNSD) have had activities in Japan, so we have thought we’d like to make a debut and be artists who represent Korea.

– Did you receive any advice from those sunbaes?

Key: They told me, “You should study Japanese hard.” I’m studying with dramas or variety shows!

Minho: Yunho sunbae (DBSK) said it’s good to figure out the difference in style between Korean and Japanese—we should think about how to entertain Japanese fans with different stage manners.

Taemin: Changmin sunbae (DBSK) told me, “You can brighten up the atmosphere on a TV program with a gag known to everyone” (laugh). So I’m going to check out variety shows!

Source: Ori Suta
Translation by: Jujugal

[TRANS] 110529 SHINee for B-Pass Magazine

Q1. Please tell us the point of SHINee’s major debut single ” Replay”. 

Taemin: The individuality of member who shows it by acting. I  want you to hear the difference between the Korean version of “Replay”  and now, the Japanese version.

Jonghyun: Please pay attention to Shoujo Jidai’s Yoona collaboration episode of each members.

Minho: I want you to see the last part of the Music video which all 5 of us are together, the part of rap and ad-lib.

Key: I’ll be glad if everybody will think that this song is  for each and everyone’s. The dance in our Music Video “Replay”, And also  please pay attention to my acting who is dreaming of becoming a fashion  designer.

Onew: Please pay attention of each and everyone’s acting scene’s expressing emotions.

Q2. Japanese foods you want to eat and the places you want to visit.

Taemin: Unagi-don (bowl of eel and rice), different kinds of  bento *laughs*, Tokyo’s Shibuya, Harajuku. I also want to visit Sapporo.

Jonghyun: Unagi-don, It was very delicious.

Minho: Because I love ramen, I want to eat different kinds of  ramen. A lot of good memories were made when we visited Sapporo’s Snow  Festival Event last year so I want to visit there again.

Key: Ramen and Odaiba, Donki-hote? *laughs*

Onew: Hitsumabushi (Nagoya’s style eel on rice), Tebasaki ( seasoned deep-fried chicken wings). Disneyland and Tokyo Tower.

Q3. Please let us know what is your goal for the second half of this year 2011.

Taemin: Before I turn 20 years old, I want to make my character as “Taemin” firmly.  I want everybody to admit my abilities.

Jonghyun: I want to become good in playing the guitar.

Minho: I want to meet a lot of people in Japan as well as  experiencing different kind of stages. I want everybody to admit my  abilities.

Key: Be merrily and live your life hard *laughs*

Onew: I want to be able to talk in Japanese.

Q4. How do you express your character in a single phrase? also, please compare yourself to an animal!

Taemin: My character is very positive but i think I’m a little greedy? Dolphin.

Jonghyun: Frank and mischievous style? a raccoon?

Minho: For one syllable it’s “flame”. It get’s exited and also  it’s easy to cool. I think if I compare myself to an animal, it’s  Ostrich?

Key: I think I’m a honest and cheerful person. A fox ( people  often said I look like a fox, I really don’t know if it’s my appearance  or actually I look like a fox)

Onew: I think I’m a warm and gentle person. A Rabbit.

Q5. Please tell us what are you into nowadays.

Taemin: I’m addicted to J-POP. For example J-POP’s unique melody and painful ballad.

Jonghyun: Studying Japanese (I’m trying to watch Anime to learn Japanese)

Minho: Studying Japanese and watching Japanese dramas. And also games ( winning eleven)

Key: Studying Japanese, Exercising, Practice singing.

Onew: I’m interested in different types of genres. I’m looking and listening to it.

Q6. Please give a message for B-Pass readers! 

Taemin: Everybody, Hello. I’m SHINee’s youngest Taemin. From  now on, please look forward of us SHINee. We will be coming to meet you  soon so please wait a little! and also, take care of your health and  don’t catch the cold ~

Jonghyun: Since we announced last year at our Japan concert,  all of us members are very exited and looking forward of our Japanese  debut. Our debut single “Replay” will be release on June 22. From now on  we will do our best and please look forward of SHINee!

Minho: Because of all the fans who keep on supporting us, our  debut was decided. I’m truly grateful. We are still beginning so we  should not forget that we are still a beginners. We will work hard  throughly and do our best for the fans who keep on supporting us. From  now on, please look forward of SHINee and let’s meet in Japan!

Key: Japanese fans always support us warmly so from now on we  are more and more excited of our Japanese debut. We will be show you  only SHINee’s style of song and performance so please look forward of  us!

Onew: From now on we will be debuting in Japan. To the extent  that we are expecting, honestly we are a little nervous but Japanese  fans always support us so it’s really heartening. We really thanked you  for supporting us! To answer the fans support, we will do our best so  please look forward to us!

Source and English translation: winkme @ soompi shinee thread

[TRANS] 110528 SHINee Interview on Asian Place July 2011 – Part I

– To begin with, congratulations on your debut in Japan!
First, tell us about each member’s role or character.

Key: I’m SHINee’s energizer?

Minho: I think my nickname “flaming charisma” fits me very well for my character who dislikes giving up.

Taemin: I’m team’s maknae who is always adored by everyone? (laugh) I’ll show my aegyo a lot in Japan too.

Jonghyun: I’m in charge of being joyful, a character helpng smooth, adjusting things to go well

Onew: And I’m in charge of SHINee’s leader

– That’s very concise. How did you feel when you heard about your debut in Japan, and what did you do to prepare for it?

Minho: All our members were very happy. Frankly speaking, we got nervous but felt we’d love to show our music and performances to Japanese fans. While recording the debut song in Japanese we studied Japanese watching Japanese movies or dramas. I think it is part of the process of learning more about Japan.

Jonghyun: I’m glad we can study Japanese culture and contribute to cultural exchange between both countries

– We saw Key’s tears when you announced your Japan debut during your live in the Yoyogi stadium last year. Did you have lots of thoughts?

Key: First off, it was our fist time to perform on such a big stage. I couldn’t see the audience well when we started our live, but when I was able to see fans at the ending I was touched very much. And at the happy news about our debut in Japan, I was moved into tears.

Minho: It was meaningful because it was our first solo live.

Jonghyun: The ending song was “One.” When I glanced at Minho standing next to me, he was singing very sincerely. I got teary with lots of memories with members coming to my mind.

– Do you have such moments of feeling with members during your live?

Onew: Yes, we do so when we have eye contacts with each other on stage. We try to adjust through talk while practicing, but at the end, we can feel what other members are thinking through our eyes.

– While you spend time together, do you get influenced by each other, for instance, training or singing skills, or food taste?

Key: Yes! As for food, thanks to Taemin, I got to like meat, which I didn’t like that much before.

Taemin: (Looking at Key) my way of thinking has changed a little. I thought I would change naturally inside when I turn 20, but now I think someone doesn’t change like that simply because he gets older (laugh).

Jonghyun: Taemin now likes exercising at a gym thanks to Minho and me? (laugh)

Taemin: Right, we get to learn from each other. I learn about singing from Onew hyung and Jonghyun hyung, Minho hyung gives me advice. Key hyung gives me tips related to fashion.

– You mention fashion. What is your fashion point as fashion leaders?

Key: I think our concept is ‘contemporary boys’ that is what SHINee are, natural, cool, and friendly.

– What music and dance styles do you like?

Key: I listen to almost all the new songs I like. I like urban (modern dance music with rap) and pops.

Minho: I like R&B or ballad, and like tough dance performance.

Taemin: I think music and dance are the same in the end in delivering music. I like songs with strong beat I can show dance performance to.

Jonghyun: I listen to punky music like Maroon5 or T.O.P. Recently I’m learning guitar.

Onew: I like and listen to old pop a lot.

– You like different styles. What ritual do you have before recording?

Taemin: I do vocal exercises, pull my voice together, and drink lots of water

Minho: Before recording, I practice listening to the song several times. It makes me feel less nervous and feel like I can sing better.

Onew: It’s important to practice listening to the song again and again.

Jonghyun: I try to understand the lyrics completely, and then to sing to express the feelings

– Then, what do you do before your performance on stage?

Minho: We stand in a circle and shout “Fighting~”

Taemin: Shouting “Fighting!” helps clear our throat (laugh). So we can’t skip “Fighting!”

[Korean Trans by 88@DC Shinee Gallery | English Trans by jujugal]

[TRANS] SHINee interview for Arena Special Asian Palace July Issue

Q: during live performances, r there moments when members can feel each other just by the look of the eyes? 

Onew: Yes, we can feel each other just by looking at the eyes on stage, during practice we don’t talk, we communicate through looking at each other.

Q: through the years together, did your habits/singing style/the food u like change because of each other? 

Key: Yes! food! thanks to taemin, i start to like eating meat i did not use to like.

Jonghyun: taemin.. thanks to me? and minho, he’s starting to like gym-ing too.

Taemin: i learnt singing from onew and jonghyun, minho encourages me a lot and key taught me how to dress myself up.


1. things you must do everyday

– sleep..? because i like sleeping. and practice singing.

2. your biggest wish now

– I want a car. (laughs)

3. what are you anticipating from japanese activities?

– be more fluent in japanese.

4. when you fall in love, what kind of person will you become?

– the kind who wouldn’t be able to do anything else.

5. shyest member is..?

– taemin.

6. who walks the fastest? slowest?

– everyone can be fast/slow at times. i have to think about it. (laughs)

7. when do you feel ‘love’  from fans?

– when we are performing on stage.


1. things you must do everyday 

– practice singing and dancing, listening to music.

2. your biggest wish now

– a hat (or cap) i want

3. what are you anticipating from japanese activities?

– how do j fans view shinee? what reactions will they have?

4. when you fall in love, what kind of person will you become?

– the kind who wouldn’t be able to do anything else throughout the day.

5. shyest member is..?

– taemin?

6. who walks the fastest? slowest?

– fastest jonghyun, slowest onew.

7. when do you feel ‘love’  from fans?

– i feel it every time we meet.


1. things you must do everyday 

– listening to music, dance, practice our songs.

2. your biggest wish now

– i want to be better at playing the piano.

3. what are you anticipating from japanese activities?

– appearing on japan’s TV programmes! i want people to see our stage.

4. when you fall in love, what kind of person will you become?

 i.. don’t know.

5. shyest member is..?

– myself? when i’m shy i can’t conceal my expressions.

6. who walks the fastest? slowest?

– fastest jonghyun hyung, minho hyung walks at the most relaxing pace.

7. when do you feel ‘love’  from fans?

– when fans notice the littlest things about us.


1. things you must do everyday 

– practice songs.

2. your biggest wish now

– have a good sleep.

3. what are you anticipating from japanese activities?

– new experiences and challenges, show people various kinds of performances.

4. when you fall in love, what kind of person will you become?

– the kind who wouldn’t change much from who i am normally.

5. shyest member is..?

– taemin. he blushes easily no matter what happens.

6. who walks the fastest? slowest?

– i walk the fastest.

7. when do you feel ‘love’  from fans?

– when we are standing on stage.


1. things you must do everyday

– listening to music. gym/exercise.

2. your biggest wish now

– nothing in particular right now.

3. what are you anticipating from japanese activities?

– really want to participate in japanese programmes, i want to know how different it would be from Korea’s, and also take part in music shows?

4. when you fall in love, what kind of person will you become?

– the faithful kind. the kind who would only have eyes for the person?

5. shyest member is..?

– taemin. (he gets nervous and shy when he’s being asked questions on shows)

6. who walks the fastest? slowest?

– fastest jonghyun. slowest ME.

7. when do you feel ‘love’  from fans?

– when they warmly support us.

CREDITS: Chinese Translations by SHINee Bloom

English Translations by hiyeom

source : shineeworldindonesia

[TRANS] 110524 Minho, Key & Taemin’s interview for Elle Girl Korea June 2011 issue


A slim body with long arms and legs, a small face with big eyes. Which part of his face does Minho, who is agreed to have the top visual amongst idols, like most?

“My eyes. When asked (to choose a part), I always answer it is my eyes.”

Seated face to face for the interview, I found him a serious and straight young man who wasn’t as talkative as I thought. He had a low voice too soft and quiet to be associated with a guy who won triple gold medals at the ‘Idol Track & Swimming Competition.’

“I think I’m rather serious and prudent. I’ve been like this from my childhood. But I like exercise very much. Especially playing with a ball. I’m very competitive. Desiring to win and do well whatever I do? Haha.”

I was curious what he thinks of his image fixed as an athletic idol.

“I enjoy it. That is what I am. When I filmed ‘Start Dream Team’ with grand sunbaes, they treated me like their maknae and let me win the race. I am very thankful for that.”

What else is Athletic Idol Minho doing recently?

“It’s now Champions League season, so I’m trying not to miss any game. I’m also studying Japanese hard for our upcoming Japanese activities. Oh, I find it really difficult as I learn more.”

Our conversation naturally turned to their concert when he mentioned their Japanese activities.

“We had our solo concert in Japan at the end of last year, and then in Korea. Members all had high expectations. We had lots of concerts with our SM sunbaes, so we had this longing and desire for our solo concert. It was great fun. I felt, ‘Ah, this is what a concert is like, how it tastes.'”

He made a debut as an actor before their first solo concert. He starred in ‘Pianist,’ a KBS special drama which was aired last November.

“It took two weeks to film it. My character was a piano repair man with an innate talent for piano. I had a hard time practicing because I was not familiar with piano. Although it wasn’t easy to practice in a short time, I enjoyed the experience.”

As he often revealed his desire for acting, I asked what kind of roles he wants to try in the future.

“I think I’m too much a beginner to be desirous of roles. Yet I’d like to do a character that is my age. I want to play a character I can express naturally based on what I am.”

I saw a 21 year old young man positive and enterprising during our Q&A. Minho says he tries to follow his plan two out of three times and to be leisurely the last time in his everyday schedule. I wondered what hobby he enjoys while he is busy with studying Japanese and practicing for their debut in Japan.

“Please, don’t laugh, it’s soccer. And soccer game. Haha, soccer is really my life.”


This is our second meeting after (the pictorial for) the March issue of Elle Girl. He greeted me saying, “People liked the pictorial.” Key’s fashion sense is as outstanding as last time. The eye-grabbing unique pink piercings on his ears are his own. He says he found it after ransacking a store.

Another thing that surprised me was his Japanese skills! Only one month since he started full-scale study, he was talking with the staff proficiently in Japanese. I got envious of his talents ranging from dancing, rapping, fashion and art to Japanese skills.

“I’ve watched lots of Japanese dramas for a long while.”

He says he cried a lot watching ‘One Liter of Tears.’ He is known to fans for being a fan of Ghibli Studio’s animation.

With lots of interests, likings, and talents, Key’s daily tasks these days are ‘practicing, studying Japanese, exercising, and painting.’ Recently, he had an exhibition of his paintings with his uncle who is an architect (I overheard him saying he participated in it under his real name without calling any press to do it quietly). According to Taemin’s testimony, he paints while dancing to music and choosing matching clothes. He is such a multiplayer. Has he ever been anxious and nervous?

“I was anxious and nervous about everything in my trainee days. Debuting was also stressful in many ways.”

But he then gave an answer which can be defined as ‘Key-like.’

“I’m so happy and good now. I think I’m what I am now because of what I went through, I needed the period. So whatever happens, I try to enjoy it.”

Key acquired this ‘coolness’ from his hot passion and precious wisdom. Last winter, SHINee had their solo concert held in the National Yoyogi Stadium successfully.

“I wondered if it wasn’t too much when it was announced we’d have a concert in Japan. Because we didn’t make any amazing sale records with our license albums and didn’t make an official debut. I was surprised when so many fans turned up. I cried. At the ending both times.”

I asked what he wants to achieve in his 20s as he is already doing so much. Another clear and ‘Key-like’ answer:

“What if I don’t make it after I set my mind to something? Then I become a failure. I think I’ll achieve something if I work hard. If I have fun and live happily, I think there’s nothing more I have to do.”


When did noonas’ Taemin grow up and become a 19 year old who worries about the College Entrance Exam? Yet a skinny body, smooth skin, and angelic smile still represent his looks. Taemin is a cute maknae who is forgetful of where he put what he was holding a minute ago, but he is also a mature maknae who takes good care of hyungs. He exudes a unique masculine beauty when he is absorbed in his performance with smoky make-up on. Even so, doesn’t he have any complaints about his image as a baby-faced handsome boy?

“In fans’ eyes, I’m maknae in the team and actually young. I have no complaints about it. They see it favorably, so I like it too.”

If you watched him for a minute, you could see Taemin is not boisterous as shown in his serene answer. He is still shy before the photographer’s camera unlike the other members. He is tender-hearted, but you can see he is so reserved he finds it difficult to talk with someone before making friends with him.

“I was an introvert from childhood, so I couldn’t respond well when a stranger approached and talked to me. But I’ve changed a lot since we debuted. It was hard for me even to talk to our staff noonas, but now I kid around them.”

I asked how he’d like to spend his 20s, although it’s still too early (to ask).

“I want to live day by day without regrets like I’m doing so now. I’ll probably like to do things I couldn’t do in my teens, but there is nothing specific I’m looking forward to.”

Did he become an adult too early because he had to adjust himself to social life at a tender age. Key threw a joke while listening to us, “Watching us, he must have felt there’s no big change in 20s.”

Now approaching their 4th year after their debut, SHINee has become Korea’s representative boy group ready to start activities in Japan with the Japanese version of Noona Is So Pretty.

“I think the title Replay itself shows our ambition that we’ll make another start.”

He says it is the same song but with a different mood and concept. It made me curious in what looks they will stir Japanese noona fans’ hearts. Taemin says with his unique innocent smile:

“There’s nothing too demanding. As our team work is good, I’m preparing (for our debut) with hyungs in a good mood. Since our sunbaes made way for us, I’ll work hard so we can climb up step by step along the path.”

The boy who danced in admiration of Michael Jackson has spent the ‘storm and stress’ time of adolescence on stage calmly and is now facing splendid days of youth. Even though he says he has no expectations, we are curious of Taemin’s tomorrow which will be beautiful in itself.

*The interview pinpointed the reason for part of the tender feelings I have toward Teamin: the fact he had to become an adult too early as he spent his adolescent days exposed to media. Taemin, I also believe in your splendid 20s. Go, Taemin~*

Source: Elle Girl Korea
Translation by: by jujugal

[TRANS] 110522 Jonghyun @ SHINee’s Elle Girl Korea June 2011 Edition Interview


He was unreservedly relaxed throughout the photoshoot. When he had an eye contact with me, he didn’t avoid it. My first impression of him was different. A born vocalist and emotional man who cries often on stage. I expected him to be shy, but he wasn’t. “We have had photoshoots with a variety of concepts. The formal style with a shirt and tie is not very comfortable to me. I usually pose and act relaxed and loose.” Jonghyun endured the first half of the year “patiently” because of his leg injury. “We had our solo concert for the first time since our debut, but I couldn’t dance for most of the time. But we had lots of performances together at the later part of the concert, and special stage sets helped me slake my thirst somewhat.” His tears before fans during their concerts in some Asian countries, including Japan, became a hot topic. “I’m sensitive and easily moved to tears. Usually all our emotional rhythm goes “up” during performances. My emotion seems to become uncontrollable as all kinds of thoughts come to me. But I’m not crying because I am sad.” How does Jonghyun think of his voice as a vocalist? “Most vocalists don’t like their own voices very much. Some of them receive training to change their voices. But I can at least assure you I can make whoever listens to my singing recognize it like “Ah, this is SHINee Jonghyun” instantly. I think I have my own distinct color.” Then, what song does Jonghyun like most amongst SHINee’s songs? He answers immediately: “Actually, there are some unpublished songs I like. Yet ‘Noona Is So Pretty’ is the song I feel most attached to.” I was curious about ‘Obsession,’ the song whose lyrics he participated in writing. “When I was little, my mom didn’t give me pocket money if I didn’t write book reports, haha. Maybe because it’s become my habit, I feel relaxed when I am writing. I make notes of ideas and use them when I study writing lyrics.” Jonghyun was serious throughout our Q&A about music. He was back to being lively when I asked an unexpected question. “Three things I like most besides music? Well, I think I have nothing left with music excluded. Ah! I like animation with heroes and comics. And also exercise except for playing with a ball.” Jonghyun was a very good speaker. He used every word precisely and made clear pronunciation carefully. It didn’t take him long to answer any question. Lastly, I asked him about the ‘identity of SHINee.’ “(Identity of) SHINee? SHINee is SHINee. What more is there to explain? To me, SHINee is like this: Going together all the way as we get older.”

Translation by: jujugal