[NEWS/130427] Taemin and NaEun spotted dating in Myeongdong!



SHINee’s Taemin and A-Pink’s NaEun are spotted strolling in the streets of Myeongdong. 

Apparently, the photos are taken during a filming for We Got Married, wherein the two young idols joined in as the new and youngest couple of the reality show.

The two are wearing school uniforms and strolling in the streets smiling to the people around. They are enjoying snacks and seemed in a good mood together.

Fans who saw the two during the filming commented, “I can’t believe that they’ll get married on the show!”,”Oh they look like middle schoolers in those uniforms.”,”Seems like a real date.” etc.

More fantaken pictures below:






Meanwhile, Taemin-NaEun couple had their first appearance on We Got Married on April 27.

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[TRANS/130427] Key on KBS Kiss The Radio (4/27)

During trainee days, people often agitate Key by saying “who are you” but instead of being angry, he thought deeply about it.
The guest is a 91liner, from daegu. Key asked which school was he from and he said xx school and Key said he has a lot of friends there.
Guest said they cross dress as girls in their MV and it was fun. Key asked them to look back 2 years later.. aish!
Key screamed SUKIRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA and hold for 25s.
Key said he’s afraid of bubble (all-glass) lift. He closed his eyes the first time he was on it.
Key’s 25s shout was the longest and he was shocked. He say he did too well and he shouldn’t have exposed his talent.
Key (then tried to save himself) said his ideal type changes everyday. (he said he liked BoA and now changed ideals).
Actually Key said there was this period he like sohee a lotttt and it had a mysterious feeling and he started laughing.

Guess the song speed game.
Key : “you don’t have to cry”
guest : “ulgi manayo” (cry lots)
key : “aniyooooooooooo”. (noooooo)

Translation: keykrisyeol

Key held his breath for 29 seconds to test his lung capacity.
Key says that he hates to wait for tardy people.
Key says that he has the habit of making phone calls at night.
And he has the ability to listen to people’s thoughts and give them advice too.
Key said that he does know that bb cream exists, but only came to realise on how to use it only recently.
He said Dana must have used a lot of BB cream, since she was in junior high second grade when Key was 10 years old.

Kor-Chi Translation: tsconditional

Chi-Eng Translation: ​sherylmilo @ shineee.net

Key said when he was still in training, he heard a lot of hurtful things like “What are you ?” …then he said he should be angry but he suddenly thought “Who am I exactly ? (What am I worth)” ..
The guest group had a kiss scene, Dana asked Key if he had kiss scenes back when he wore girl costumes, key said its all girl costumes, kissing with who?
Key said that in 2007 he felt sad, before being a celebrity, his members weren’t fixed, so he had to work hard. That time he heard a song called “snail” (probably jay chou’s) and felt really secure.
Receiving the song listeners requested for in 2007, Key eventually said 2007 was pretty important but 2008 was really a year where there was war in the music world. Dana laughed at him saying that he was trying to hint it was the year he became a celebrity. Key in panic laughed and said that wasn’t his intention, at that time lee hyori, rain and (not stated) had a come back, it was like a war ! Dana pointed out that they were the only boy idol group back then. Key said there was big bang, where did they stand ?
Key said in 2007 during coffee prince, he really liked Yoon Eun Hye’s role, dana pointed out thats the type of girl he likes and key agreed ! Key said he used to like Sohee during Tell Me period and Dana said Key likes innocent girls.
When they talked about waiting, Key said as a man, its weak to be saying things like this, he won’t wait under the rain for someone.
Key said he has experienced love at first sight before, used to talk on the phone till late at night, key said he could talk for a long time with anyone, leading them to talk more, Dana said he talks a lot, Key even missed a family gathering because of a girl he liked…he continued saying that at that time, his lover was first in his heart, and he wanted to meet her.

Kor-Chi Translation: human-lock

Chi-Eng Translation: shuwen94

[NEWS/130427] SHINee’s Taemin and A Pink’s Na Eun meet for the first time on ‘We Got Married’

The newest idol couple to join ‘We Got Married 4‘ met for the first time on the April 27th episode.

SHINee‘s Taemin and A Pink‘s Na Eun definitely seemed shy and nervous to see their unknown partner, but they managed to spill their honest feelings during their first meeting. 

During his solo interview, Taemin stated, “When A Pink first debuted, I pointed out Na Eun as the prettiest member. I saw her for the first time on Jeju Island, and it was like a painting,” while Na Eun revealed, “I think the first impression and meeting will be very memorable. He was so cute.”

Despite his young age and being the youngest member of SHINee, Taemin took the lead and tried to make Na Eun comfortable, surprising the studio with his forwardness. He frankly stated, “[You’re] one of the ideal types I told the producers about,” which made the A Pink member a little flustered.

Check out some scenes from their first episode below!

Taemin, Onew, and Key first getting message from We Got Married staff:

Taemin, Onew, and Key guessing who Taemin will be paired up with:

Taemin, Onew, and Key discussing what to do on a date and initiating skinship:

Taemin’s first meeting with Na Eun:

Taemin being a gentleman and opening door, helping Na Eun get seated in a red Hyundai Genesis:

Taemin and Na Eun driving down the road and talking. Taemin and Na Eun discuss their search engine rankings after being announced they would appear together on We Got Married, Taemin also states he likes being called “oppa”. Whenever he’s called “oppa”, it makes him feel like he has to take good care of that person:

Taemin and Na Eun exchanging drawn portraits:

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[NEWS/130426] 130426 Onew

Posted Image

Uwaah! Only 4 days left of April!! Too soon… Lately, I feel like time flies really fast!!

Whether I’m in Korea or Japan, it’s thanks to the support from every one of you that I can move on happily!

We are working hard in preparing to present a new SHINee, so everyone, please look forward to it ♪

Source: shinette0718
Translated by: red @ shineee.net

[TRANS/130426] Onew, Key, Minho, and Taemin on KBS Kiss The Radio (4/26)

Taemin messed up his lines and his hyungs are snickering in the bg. I think it’s cos lines were from a song and Taemin read it, not sang.
Key: Minho’s representative visual, Minho! / Onew: He’s the representative?
Lady Jane: What’s it like promoting without Jonghyun? / Minho: It’s great!
Key: There’s more space in the waiting room. / Minho: The staffs have to work less so they said they’re happy.
DJs: He’ll be sad if he listens to this. / Minho: We’re saying it so that he can hear.
Key: Jonghyun, if you’re listening, send us a text.
Dana wanted someone to talk about Jonghyun’s lyrics and the boys were like “lol well he’s not here so pass” & talked about changmin instead
Fan: Why isn’t the Bread Song on the album? / Onew: I know, right?!
Key was like Chapter 2 is a dark theme so imagine if track 6 was “Bread Song”
Minho said they went to Music Bank, then took a nap, and came to Sukira.
Taemin lost the relay quiz so he’s gonna get the punishment~
Onew chose Minho as the member most likely to give his card to his gf buy Minho was like, “Isn’t that normal though?” and Onew agreed.
SHINee said Taemin is most likely to marry forst and it became true. They think after the pretend marriage is over, he’ll still marry first.
DJ: Who do you think will marry first? / Taemin: The oldest member Onew…. I hope he gets married first.
Onew chosen as member who will wear whatever his girlfriend tells him to wear.
Onew: I wasn’t very good at coordinating my outfits. / DJ: Really? / Onew: Wait… I’m still not good.
Onew said he’s been asking Key a lot about clothes and asking if he can borrow clothes. Key said Onew has gotten the “feel” for it lately.
Taem: Since it’s a pretend marriage, I want to make it fun. But I wanna try not to talk about it since there are many people sad about it…
All the members chose Taemin as the member who talks about girls the most.
Taemin chose Key as the member who talks a lot to girls, asking things like how they are and etc small talk.
Onew chose Minho as the member who he would not date. Minho was upset because Onew answered before the question was finished.
The boys were laughing and the DJs asked what was so funny. I think they didn’t wanna share cause it’s only relevant/funny to them?
The story they read was about a girl who got a text from a guy asking for advice about a girl he likes & she’s wondering if he likes her.
At 1st, all the members were like “Pffft why is this even a story here, it’s so obvious that he likes her!! Are you here to brag LOL”
But they talked more about it then all the members made a 180 change and are like “He might be playing with you so be careful”
Jonghyun is listening to Sukira~

Taemin and Key playing the new employees of the company and Onew is the super sunbae hahaha
Minho sunbae likes Jane so he told Taemin and Key to not think about getting with her.
Key laughed at Minho cause it’s one sided. Minho told Taekey to find out everything about Jane and he’ll buy them food.
Dana yelling at Minho because Minho keeps messing up and stuttering on broadcast
Key used to be a player in high school HAHAHAH
Jane confessed to Onew but Onew sunbae rejected her. ):
Taekey told Minho that Jane got rejected by Onew sunbae. Minho is confronting Onew. Dana overheard.
Dana is drunk and told Jane that Minho likes Jane. Dana tells Jane that she likes Minho. Jane says she’s not interested in him.
Jane is upset but says she’ll wait for Onew sunbae. Tells Dana to keep liking Minho cause she’s not interested.
Minho came to Jane’s house. Confesses to her. Minho gets friendzoned. Tells him Dana likes him.
Minho confronts Dana and asks why she likes him. Yells at her saying he’s not for her and takes his anger out on her.

Translation: kimchi hana @ shineee.net 

Key says the first time he went overseas in 2000 was a turning point in his life. He realized he can have a different lifestyle after seeing how is it overseas.
Taemin says he will be natural on WGM and won’t purposely plan any thing for atmosphere.
Q: “Which member will you definitely not date if they reborn as a girl in their next life?”. Onew said “Minho” immediately.
Minho: “You’re too mean! You should at least think about it how can you say it’s me so fast!” Onew: “Because I can only see you, I love you”.
When they asked SHINee how is it like without Jonghyun, minho said “It’s pretty good” Key: “I think the waiting room is so much bigger”
And then minho said “Our coordi also thinks that having one member less to take care of is better” ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Key complained about Minho not treating him and said he only treated him to BBQ once and Minho said “Don’t i always pay when we drink”
Q: “To be with someone who loves you or someone you love” Onew, Taemin & Minho picked the first one, Key: “As long as we like each other”
“Onew said he’s been asking Key a lot about clothes and asking if he can borrow clothes. Key said Onew has gotten the “feel” for it lately.”

Translation: qyblingtastic

Just when Key mentioned about the missing members, SHINee arrived. While they were having their photos taken, Minho was drinking water, Onew was holding a guitar, lowering his head, wiping his mouth, looking at the screen. And Taemin misread 2 words which caused Minho to laugh out loudly..!

Noona asked how does it feel without Jonghyun. Minho immediately answered “Feels quite good”. Key “Feels that the waiting room is much more spacious now”. Minho “Even our coordinators and costume staff said that it is slightly better (less busy) to have one person less (to take care of).”
Dana asked Taemin to say something to Jonghyun, Taemin “Hyung, please get well quickly and return to the group~”. Key added “(Jonghyun), if you are listening, please send us a message/sms”.
With regards to Onew’s crying scene in the mini drama segment the previous time he came to the radio show, Key says “Not just our dear ‘senior citizen’, I find it very funny whichever member who cries. I remember we had a gathering previously, Jonghyun cried and I find it very very funny.”
Introducing the album, Onew says that they are the slightly comical zombies. Key said that there were other groups who had a zombie concept as well but they had a serious zombie concept while SHINee’s zombies are interesting.
Upon mentioning Taemin’s We Got Married, hyungs immediately burst out laughing. Noona asked Taemin why did his hyungs laugh, Taemin says because he is the maknae yet he has gotten ‘married’ the earliest. For this program he will try his best to perform naturally, and will not try hard to create any specific atmosphere.
After Taemin read out his part for the first sms/message, Minho opened his mouth widely and laughed. He must have realised that he had opened his mouth too widely so he covered his face with the script.
Moving onto mini drama segment. Lady Jane noona said that PD-nim emphasized “Minho is not allowed to laugh”.
Noonas asked Onew if he would like to be with someone that loves him or be together with someone that he loves.
Onew picked ‘Someone that loves him’. He says that if he is with someone who loves him, he will be touched by her deep love (for him); this kind of love will last longer.
Key and Minho have also picked “someone who loves me”.
Key added “Taemin often says ‘It would be great if it the love shared was mutual'”.
Q: “The member who received the most number of requests from female celebrities to give her his phone number?” | Answer : Onew (answered by Key)
Q: “Member who will get married the soonest” | Answer : Taemin (answered by Taemin himself XD)
Q: “The member who is fickleminded – saying that he likes one girl today, and another the next day” | Answer : Taemin (answered by Minho)
Q: “Despite girlfriend’s annoying nagging to wear this and that, this member will listen and do according to what she says” | Answer : Onew (answered by Minho)
Q: “In a guy’s point of view, this member will treat a girl very well.” | Answer : Minho (answered by Key after slight consideration)

Regarding their ‘tone’.
Key : Musical tone
Minho : Drama tone
Onew : Mini Drama tone
(fan forgot about Taemin’s part)

Kor-Chi Translation: tsconditional

Chi-Eng Translation: thpapergangster

Key say he once got first in class!

Dana said a strong tear-actor will come later,his name is LeeJinki and asked Key if he’s nervous.He sighed saying tell him to come now.
Taemin’s introduction was “a guy who got married without falling in love” then Taemin asked “what’s being in love.”
Lady J asked Onew if he feels bored being a guest instead of DJ. he said nope, that’ll be my place soon~ (he wants to replace key).
Onew’s introduction went “dubu leader Onew” then Onew said “not dubu~ I’m Onew”.
talked about Onew tearing at KTR previously. Key said it’s funny when the members cry. Everybody laughs when Jjong cries.
DJ asked about taemin’s WGM thoughts. All the hyungs started laughing but Taemin kept quiet for a long time.
Key said other groups did vampire concept before but theirs are dark and serious but SHINee vampire is more interesting.
Dana asked the members to introduced the songs that Jjong wrote. Onew said since he’s not here there’s no point talking about it Minho said isn’t it too mean? Let’s just skip this part.
Onew sang the first line of Can’t Leave with a higher pitch but Taemin can’t continue so he looked at Key for help. Key then said you guys only give me the difficult things!!!!
correction: jjong said he’s WATCHING.
Key showed his dislike towards Taemin’s ignorance about love and he said it in his dialect.
Onew said he may be tired of the person he likes but the person that likes him will last longer.
Key said the person that likes him.. just bc of this fact isn’t it a charming point of that person? bc that person likes me I’ll constantly think of her and feel that she’s not bad.

Speed Quiz:
the member who judges girls based on their appearance first. Minho: Key! (Then Key shake his head and said no!!!)

Translation: keykrisyeol

[NEWS/130425] SHINee’s Taemin and A Pink’s Son Na Eun were meant to be together?

First time dating and first time getting ‘married,’ SHINee’s Taemin and A Pink’s Son Na Eun attempted to find things in common with each other on their first meeting.

In a recent recording of MBC’s We Got Married, Taemin and Son Na Eun met each other for the first time at the beautiful beachside café from the movie Architecture 101.

As they have both never dated in their lives, Taemin and Son Na Eun appeared very nervous about the whole ‘marriage.’ Although they once appeared in a sitcom together as siblings, they attempted to get rid of the awkwardness by finding things in common between each other.

It turned out the two went to the same junior high school, have the same religion, and have the same appetite. Also, Taemin has the habit of losing things while Son Na Eun has the habit of finding things, making it seem like their meeting was fate.

The stars in the studio commented that watching the two idol stars was reminding them of their first loves and thought the new couple was cute and innocent.

The first episode of Taemin and Son Na Eun marriage will broadcast on April 27.

Source: enewsWorld
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[NEWS/130425] SHINee showcases zombie dance concept in music video for “Why So Serious?”

Posted Image

Today marks the beginning of SHINee’s much-anticipated “Why So Serious?” promotional era with both the music video and album being released to the public.

Although Jonghyun was unable to be present in the video due to an injury, the remaining members succeeded in presenting a video that delighted fans to the best of their ability. The four members re-recorded “Why So Serious?” with re-distributed lines for the video, but Jonghyun’s voice remains unmistakably present in all its glory for the album version.

Fans were able to get a glimpse of SHINee’s choreography in the “Why So Serious?” music video teaser released on the 22nd. The dynamic dance that can be viewed more wholly in the full music video is the work of world-class choreographer Devin Jamieson.

Both the dance and the story present in the music video are reminiscent of the lyrics to the song. As “Why So Serious?” begins describing a zombie’s awakening, SHINee lies down on the floor and reaches toward the sky. SHINee’s zombie dance concept is evident in the way the members stagger in a zombie-like fashion throughout the video.

In other news, the physical release of SHINee’s “Why So Serious?” album is set for April 29th. SHINee will be performing on KBS Music Bank for the first time at 6:10 PM KST today, and continue performing on shows throughout the weekend.

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[NEWS/130425] SHINee releases “Why So Serious?: The Misconceptions of Me” album

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Support SHINee by buying the digital album on any of the following sites!

Soribada: Global http://kpop.soribada…D=AK019782&TID= — Korea http://www.soribada….album/KA0050771

Credit: rawfudge @ shineee.net

[NEWS/130425] SHINee takes part in idol quiz special of MBC Infinity Challenge

SHINee will be appearing on an upcoming episode of MBC’s variety show “Infinity Challenge”.

Recordng for the show is taking place at the 88 Gymnasium in Hwaguk-dong, Seoul. Fifty idol group members will take part in the filming, making up an episode that holds one of the largest group of guests on the show so far.

This special episode of Infinity Challenge will function as an idol quiz show, featuring idol groups as guests alongside the permanent cast. Fans of varieties may take notice of the resemblance between the special and KBS Challenge! Golden Bell, another popular quiz show.

Recording began on April 25th and will continue on May 2nd of next week. Groups with members participating include SHINee, Teen Top, Infinite, B.A.P, After School, Secret, 4minute, Girl’s Day, and G.NA.

Source: Osen, Soompi
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[NEWS/130424] SHINee & Various artist Share Love of Bubble Tea and High Hopes for ‘M COUNTDOWN Nihao-Taiwan’

Taiwan was overrun by K-Pop’s hottest acts on April 24 as SHINee, Infinite, SISTAR, T-ara, U-KISS and more gathered to for the highly-anticipated M COUNTDOWN Nihao-Taiwan show. 

A press conference was held before the event at the Taipei Arena in Taiwan, where the artists talked about their visit, a first for some of the performers, as well as their expectations for the show. 

The Davichi members, who shared that it was their first time in Taiwan, said, “It’s slightly warmer than our country. It’s a little humid, but the people are friendly and the food is delicious.”

Rap duo Baechigi, who recently with stepped into the spotlight with Shower of Tears and is set to perform at the night’s show with singer Ailee, joked, “There aren’t very many Baechigi fans in Taiwan, but we hope to make at least 10 fans before we go.”

The U-KISS members, on the other hand, are practically regulars in Taiwan, and member Kevin, who will perform with the group’s first unit group uBEAT for its debut stage, said, “All of the members love bubble tea, and the manager brought us some in the waiting room.”

SHINee is similarly familiar with Taiwan’s charm, as member Key said, “We’ve been coming to Taiwan ever since our debut, and Taiwan is an alluring place that is worth coming to often.”

When asked what places or foods in Taiwan he’d recommend to his juniors, Minho said, “We filmed a program at the night market before, and it’s definitely a must-go place.”

Meanwhile, SISTAR’s Hyolyn said, “It’s our second time meeting our Taiwanese fans, so we prepared a special stage. Our unit group SISTAR19 will perform for overseas fans for the first time.”

In addition to hot debuts and performances of well-loved K-Pop songs, collaboration stages are also expected to make the show a special event for Taiwanese fans, as girl group Dal Shabet revealed it would be putting on a special stage with popular Taiwanese girl group SHE, while T-ara shared it will take the stage with Dream Girls. 

SHINee, Infinite, SISTAR, T-ara, U-KISS ‘uBEAT,’ Teen Top, Dal Shabet, Girl’s Day, K.Will, Tasty, Baechigi, Ailee and DJ Koo are among the artists set to take the stage at M COUNTDOWN Nihao-Taiwan

Photo credit: Chin Eun Joo Via: Nancy lee @ enewsworld