[130218/TRANS] SHINee’s interview with NYLON KOREA, March 2013

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Why are your eyes swollen?
I don’t know. They were like this when I woke up in the morning. It’s a relief though. The swelling settled down when it was time for the shoot, interestingly enough.

Aren’t you annoyed about having to do a shoot when your body is not in good condition?
It’s okay since it’s not like my body is severely tired.

When do you get annoyed the most?
When I’m tired and several things overlap with each other. When I’m tired from working all day and they don’t give me food and when my body hurts.

When did you have the hardest time?
The 1~2 years right after debuting was hard on me. Our schedule was seriously packed. It was to the point where we slept for a total of 8 hours during a week.

How do you put up with times like that?
I don’t think. I just do whatever I’m told to do. If we move from here, I went there. Then I do whatever I they tell me to do there.

Would you be able to handle it if it was like that now?
I’m not sure. I think I’d rebel these days. There are times when I say I’m tired or when I keep things inside then explode, but I think I’ll just talk about it? I’m not good at talking though so pinpointing things one by one wouldn’t be easy.

Is there something you think you’re better at compared to others? 
The ability to bring down an atmosphere. I don’t know why but when I start to talk after someone, the atmosphere sinks. If that counts, then it’s my ability?

What is one word that currently describes “me” the best?
Frog. I can expand my stomach like a frog now.

When have you rebelled?
I basically have a very clear view on things. I think I’ve rebelled when my views and the situation didn’t match. There was a time I even butted heads with adults when I was told to do something I didn’t need to. When I think about it now, I feel regretful for the most part.

What do you regret the most?
Dropping out of school. I don’t think it was the best choice to drop out of high school in order to attend music school. At the time, I felt that the time spent studying at school was a waste but I think it would have been okay not to go about it that exact way. And that doesn’t mean I blame myself for regretting it so much.

What am I better at compared to other people?
Talking? Hahaha. I’m kidding. My motto is “Acceptance rather than understanding.” You get stressed out if you try to understand something that just isn’t understandable. So it means even if you can’t understand something, just accept it. That’s why I think I’m better at simply accepting things compared to others.

What are you particularly interested in at the moment?
Well, I’m always interested in music. A new interest I’ve obtained is in human relations. I told my mother and she told me to study psychology. My mother is a nursery director. She said if I study philosophy or psychology, I’ll be able to solve a lot of problems about relationships.

Do you have any intentions to learn?
It’s bothersome to be honest. And I feel like I’ll show off if I study those things.

What do you want to hear the most from someone these days?
That I’m doing well. I’m always happy to hear acknowledgement related to my work.

What do you think is a charm point that only you have?
Twist. I have a fear of cameras so I can’t show my all when I go on TV, thus people feel a twist when they meet me in person. I often hear, “You’re a lot different from what I thought you’d be like.” Wouldn’t that be my charm?

What do you do on your day off?
I buy clothes, drink coffee, practice for my musical, and draw pictures.

What are you better at than others?
I have good foresight when it comes to people. When I meet someone for the first time and go, “I don’t think his person will get along with me,” then they really don’t get along with me. I have a good sense so I’ve mostly been right.

What word describes you the best?
This is a hard question. Can I use a sentence instead of an adjective? Someone told me this before. “Too cute to watch, too wild to touch.” It means I look cute but I’m too fierce to approach. I agree with it for certain aspects.

What did you work on the most while preparing for your new album?
Ways to set ourselves apart a little more. It’s because it’s time for SHINee to approach the general public.

When did you have the hardest time?
When I debuted. I didn’t know anything and I was young so there were too many things that I had to learn every day.

What is your favorite memory?
When my musical finished yesterday.

What is the biggest type of rebellion you’ve pulled?
I’m the type who has always rebelled a lot. I’ve gotten better these days but I used to rebel severely in the past. There were times when I knew the other person was right but I just hated that so I would argue until the end. Since I did that, I was able to precisely understand the meaning of rebellion in the dictionary.

What are you particularly into these days?
I watch a lot of movies. My problem is always watching the same movies over again, if you call that a problem.

Which movies?
I’ve seen the animation <Howl’s Moving Castle> several times. As for movies, I’ve watched <Billy Elliot>, <Factory Girl>, and <The Dreamers> a lot. I only saw the main character when watching <The Dreamers> and <Factory Girl>. Later on, I was able to see other people’s outfits or the movie’s overall color. Then I saw the structures and angles. Since I’m also somebody who gets filmed on camera, I’m able to infer about how they act and how they worked. It’s my hobby to think like that and watch the same movie over again.

What makes you feel good to hear again and again?
It’s the phrase, “That’s good.” It’s supporting my decisions and actions. I feel the happiest when I hear those words.

When did you cut your hair?
I just suddenly got it cut yesterday. I’m in the process of changing my appearance with the promotions for our new song “Dream Girl” ahead.

What did you particularly focus on while preparing your new album?
I’m concerned about how to present a different side compared to our previous <Sherlock> album. I mean a way to maintain SHINee’s color while showing a differentiated side of myself.

It’s been 6 years since you debuted. When did you have the hardest time?
I was having a really hard time when filming the drama <For You In Full Blossom>. I didn’t tell anyone but it was physically and mentally draining. The burden of being the main character was huge and I was lonely while doing activities without the members.

Has there ever been a time when you rebelled?
There have been two times that I’ve seriously rebelled. One time I rebelled because I wanted to play soccer. Then I troubled my parents because I wanted to become a celebrity.

When my parents told me no, I would thoughtlessly tell them I would do it although there was a reason. “I’m gonna do it. Even if you oppose, I’m gonna do it.” I put it like that and didn’t back down

What do you think you’re better at compared to others?
This is an embarrassing question because I’ve never thought of anything like that… I’m not exceptionally good at something compared to others. If doing my best and working hard at whatever I’m given counts as something, then that’s my answer.

What do you want to do more of in the future?
To be honest, I’ve actually done all the things I’ve wanted. My goal is to keep doing the things that I’ve done so far.

What is one word that currently describes “me” the best?
Wouldn’t that be passion? Because I’m in my early 20’s. I want to be passionate in no matter what I do now.

How do you feel about your new album coming out? 
I’m anticipating it but we’ve released quite a lot in the past already so there are no special thoughts that come to mind. Just something like, “Ah. The album is coming out.”

What are you interested in lately?
I don’t have anything to be interested in since all I do is practice but I start to think a lot. My thoughts keep going on and on.

Do you have any worries?
The 20 years old that I imagine and the real 20 years old. I think the only difference is that being 21 years old is pretty different.

When have you rebelled for no reason?
I have never rebelled at all. Even if others disagree, it’s true in my standards.

What makes you the happiest to hear?
I get a break from this day to this day.

Then what’s the next one?
You did well so rest. Hahaha.

What are your new plans for this year?
I used to do it up until last year but I didn’t make any this time. It’s because I get stressed out from trying to keep my plans if I make them.

What is your favorite SHINee song so far?
I like “Sherlock” the most, then “Replay”. But “Replay” is both a song I like the most and hate the most.

I have a lot of disappointments over the whole song. I think I lacked so much and I can only remember the other members’ voices if I listen to it again. But it’s our debut song, so although I had a hard time preparing for it, I’m just as pleased.

Translated by: kimchi hana @ shineee.net


[TRANS/121122] SHINee – Hanako Japan Magazine Interview

[ ONEW ]
Q1. The thing you want most right now

Happen to see and fall in love at first sight with a 25-tonne lorry/truck (laughs) I hope that one day I am able to build my house surrounded by nature. It would be great if I can park my truck next to my house.

Q2. The recent thing that made you laugh really hard.

I can’t think of it right now, because I laughed really hard frequently, everyday.

Q3. The thing you anticipate when coming to Japan.

First (on the list) would be Live (performance)! Then Ramen, Beef rice and other food.

Q4. What kind of man do you aim to be?

Able to let others feel that I am an easy going, carefree person.

Q5. What recent event have caused you to feet the closness (bonds) between members?

During music performances. Able to pinpoint one another’s mistake. Because of this, we become closer and more cooperative.

I am very glad fans say that they like my voice very much

During Arena Tour solo, Onew used his beautiful voice and his long note to shock and mesmerise the entire concert arena. But Onew humbly responded “I really love the song “Friend”, I feel that it really suits me, but I feel that I have not sang it well.” On the other hand “Fans seems to like my voice. On this note, I feel really happy.” In addition, we asked Onew what aspect of him does he think fans like about him. He analysed “Because I am considerered the rather laid-baid type, so I may come across rather cold, a sense of quiet and stable-ness?” Among SHINee members, he is the oldest and is the only member with O-group blood type. Hence we asked him if he had any troubles before because of this (his blood type). “Hmm~no special feelings about that. Tackling with any problems, I love to look it from a distant perspective. Ah! But I am still someone who has his own opinions, but my timing is always wrong (laughs). I frequently envy those people who can say (the right) words at accurately (at the right moment).”

Also, “If I wasn’t the oldest, perhaps my presence would be less prominent.” On another note, Onew seems to be mindful when he speaks Japanese “For example when (I) order beverage for room service, I will say “Ice..a little bit~” I am like that recently.”During the interview, Onew constantly maintained his smile and gave people a sense of stability and calmness. He exudes a sense of healing aura.
[ KEY ]

Q1. The thing you want most right now

Nothing particular that I want. I am satisfied with my life right now.

Q2. The recent thing that made you laugh really hard.

Even though he is the maknae (Taemin), but he calls our managers name directly. I find that very interesting!

Q3. The thing you anticipate when coming to Japan.

It should still be shopping! I also want to travel to other places!

Q4. What kind of man do you aim to be?

I want to be someone others can easily strike a conversation with. Hope that the others will not think too much.

Q5. What recent event have caused you to feet the closness (bonds) between members?

When we create a record for a handphone game together. Everybody’s heart is united as one (laughs).

It is very interesting to change the theme of the fashion style everyday.

Regarding the earlier questions, Key used his friendly smile to ask “Can I use Japanese to answer them?” Other than work, his social network circle has extended to other idol groups, it is perhaps because of this reason, Key is able to create such feeling (sense of friendliness)! “My house is at Daegu, it is somewhat like Japan’s Osaka. Since I had no friends in Seoul, hence I particularly (made) many friends in the entertainment industry. In the past, I was the one who took the initiative to approach people, but now seems like there are many people who wants to be my friend (laughs).”As a fashionista, Key, who has always been receiving attention, will also give his friends styling opinions. (So) what are the main points Key pay attention to? “Colours and theme are very important. For example, I want a cute theme today, and a cool and handsome look for tomorrow. There will be a different theme for everyday. For the following day’s outfit, I will also prepare and plan them before I sleep.” As for a girl’s style “If our taste are similar, it would be great. For now (I am going for) the “Sid and Nancy” movie feel. I am Sid and the girl will be Nancy. It would be the best under such conditions.” Recently, something shocking happened to Key. “I realised my room is really messy (recently)! I am actually a person who loves to tidy up things and hang my clothes up nicely… I will always stack up my birthday gifts in boxes and place them on the floor. But because of this, it is really tiring to return back (to Korea) after coming to Japan directly~ (laughs)”


Q1. The thing you want most right now

To rest.

Q2. The recent thing that made you laugh really hard.

When I’m watching Korean variety show “Infinity Challenge”

Q3. The thing you anticipate when coming to Japan.

Delicious food. Especially Japan’s ramen!

Q4. What kind of man do you aim to be?

A man who will do his best in his work, as well as (a man who) will achieve his goals. Also, a man that is able to solve his problems alone/ independently. I am still far from that….

Q5. What recent event have caused you to feet the closness (bonds) between members?

Due to filming of drama, I have not seen the members for months. I feel very relaxed when I am around with them, I feel very warm and cozy.

It is the first time playing the lead in a drama; It is a good experience

Minho has caught attention for playing the male lead character in “For You in Full Blossom”. “As a lead character, it is indeed really tiring to lead the entire drama. As I lack acting experience, when I look back (at the drama), I sometimes will feel “Ah~ It is such a pity (that I could have done better) in this scene!”, as expected, these words came out from the man who has a strong desire to win, Minho. Taejoon, the charcter Minho plays fell in love with Jaehee, the female character played by Sulli from f(x) under the same management company. Talking about the hot-discussed kissing scene, “because my relationship with Sulli is not bad to begin with, so I think that the effects came out well.” Was the kiss initiated by Minho? After asking him, he (replied) “Yes” hahaha and laughed bashfully. He not only has a perfect appearance but also good in all sports; full of manly aura but yet gentle – simply flawless.” Analyze yourself what kind of person is Minho? “Cautious, tries to avoid causing trouble for others, will always embrace a positive thinking when dealing with anything.” During the interview, being unexpectedly being teased by other members, Minho seems to be very happy too. When we told Minho what other members replied for “Q5. What recent event have caused you to feet the closness (bonds) between members?” – ( members raised the long absence of Minho as their answer), Minho responded “Really!” and seemed extremely happy. His beautiful eyes are even more dazzling now.



Q1. The thing you want most right now


Q2. The recent thing that made you laugh really hard.

When I play soccer with my friends; when I fall and make mistakes.

Q3. The thing you anticipate when coming to Japan.


Q4. What kind of man do you aim to be?

(A man with) a sense of responsibility, with regards to his work, he will not give up easily. Work that he has planned out, to be executed wholeheartedly/ with his best efforts.

Q5. What recent event have caused you to feet the closness (bonds) between members?

When Minho came back after his filming activities. It feels like family being constantly around with one another. Even though it can be annoying at times (laughs), but when (he is) absent, (I) miss him a lot. I am really happy that we are able to return back to those days where we always see one another.

I hope one day I will be able to let my fans listen to the lyrics and songs I have composed.

As a maknae of SHINee, he has been doted by everyone; Taemin is also often hailed as an “angel” by fans. But for his solo performance for this year’s Arena Tour, he unexpectedly performed an intense rock song. His charismatic handsome performance, full of manly aura have caused many fan’s hearts to throb. (We) asked Taemin which side of his is the real him? “Cool and cute, both of them” Taemin laughed as he replied. He then asked “Am I able I eat this?” he very politely asked before placing it in his mouth. We can only describe him as cute, seeing this side of Taemin. Taemin is really an angel right? “Haha, it would be weird for me to answer this myself….(laughs). But people around me often say that to me. Because of this, I frequently greet people with smiles.. perhaps this is the reason?” Taemin is 19 years old this year, he even has juniors in his management company. “Even though I have juniors like EXO but they are hyungs and dongsaengs I have met since my trainee days. I also frequently meet them in practice room. Rather than saying that I take care of them, it is (more appropriate to say that) we take care of one another (laughs)”. Taemin has recently embarked on a new challenge “Actually I have started to learn how to compose music recently. As a singer, I want to be able to translate messages that I want to let everybody to know. Hopefully, one day I will be able to let everyone listen to the lyrics and songs I have composed!”

Q1. The thing you want most right now


Q2. The recent thing that made you laugh really hard.

There is a drawing-guessing handphone game; seeing those drawings made me burst out laughing.

Q3. The thing you anticipate when coming to Japan.


Q4. What kind of man do you aim to be?

Able to understand another person from their perspective. Pretend to not know even knowing it. Even though as a man, we cannot just depend on strength, we have to broaden our hearts and to be more more emotional.

Q5. What recent event have caused you to feet the closness (bonds) between members?

When I gave Minho a hug after he has completed filming his drama. Normally, I won’t do that~ (laughs).

Humans’ emotions are just like the weather; they change easily.

He is the first person to do his solo photoshoot, after the photo-taking session, he immediately went on to do his solo interview. He gives off a different vibe from his photoshoot session. During the interview, he gives people a sense of stability. He also pay close attention to listen to our questions. When we asked Jonghyun if he has encountered any interesting moments, he replied with a sense like an artist/poet “I think it is interesting to compare human’s emotions with weather. Weather is just like emotions; there are many changes in just one day. For example the weather seemed to be very good initially, but there can be a sudden downpour. Feelings/Emotions can fluctuate right?” To Jonghyun, every day life is his source of inspiration. “If I were to use this this place to describe my family, my mother (will represent) this table and this pen woulld be me (laughs). I often include daily experience into other things.” Are there any solo activities would you want to try out? “I have not particularly thought about that, but if there is opportunities to act or do musicals, I will gladly work hard on them. But for now, SHINee’s activities are most important.” Jonghyun seems to have watched Minho’s drama; he will even remember his lines and purposely mimick him. “Because it can be tiring for Minho to work alone, so (I) have to punctually watch (his drama) to support him. I am really not a straightforward person (laughs).”

Src : Hanako | Scanned by K-aten | JP-Chi : AzucenaYang | Chi-Eng : soundtracklove@soompi

[TRANS+PICS] 110923 Minho’s Me2Day Update

[민호] 여기는 러시아 아르바트거리 ….. 러시아는 참 춥다^^ 오늘은 키생일!! 추카한다!!!! 선물은… ^^


[Minho] I am here in Old Arbat in Russia ….. It’s very cold here in Russia ^^ Today is Key’s birthday!! Congratulations!!!! Here’s a present… ^^

Source: SHINee’s Me2Day
Translation by: Mrs.Minho, dalbit1209

[TRANS+PICS] 110805 SHINee mentioned in Choreographer Jaewon’s Twitter Update

오늘은 빛돌이돌이 샤이니 샤이니 연숩!! 오른쪽 녀석 일등 금색 신발 이등 윗쪽 삼등 ㅋㅋ 누구누구누구누구?? 금발 쌍둥이 나란히 꼴등… ㅋㅋ


Today Bitdoridori SHINee SHINee practice!! The guy on the right is the first, Golden shoes second, the above one third ㅋㅋ Who who who who?? Blond twins both last…ㅋㅋ

*Bitdordori means Shiny boys.

Source: Jaewon’s twiter
Translation by: Jujugal

[TRANS] 110731 Korean Men’s Reaction to ‘Onew is Popular Among Women’

I translated some comments from postings related to Onew’s popularity from BULLPEN,
one of the biggest communities that Korean men usually talk about anything casually.

The posting titles are usually,
‘i don’t understand why Onew is loved by so many girls’,
‘The most popular member in each group I don’t understand.’,
‘How girls think about Onew is same as how we think about Taeyeon.’ etc etc. LOL
(I’m not joking this kind of subject has been discussed in so many communities for years.)
They rarely bring up male idols, but sometimes they do talk about them.

It’s a bit long, but hope you enjoy and get an idea how Korean men think about him.
(I am sure there are some comments made by women too, but mostly by guys.)

– His face isn’t something unique or special, but for what many people say about him,
he must have his own charm to be that popular.

– For women using the internet a lot, it’s impossible not to know Onew.
In Internet communities like daum cafes and Bestiz where are mostly for women,
so many of them pick him as their ideal type, seriously.
I think many people already know he is the most popular member too. ㅋㅋ
I have lots of female friends in my university talking that they like him.
By what I’ve heard, I think I’ll start to like him too. ㅋㅋ

– Onew.. I think he’s cute but has an ordinary face, ordinary dongsaeng image?

– Just think about why IU is popular. Onew’s popularity is same as hers, cute dongsaeng image.

– Isn’t he the typical ‘Hun-Nam (heartwarming man)’ type man?
I absolutely understand why he is popular.
If I were to look like him, I would uplod my picture to brag on here everyday..

– Asking ‘Why Onew is popular? I don’t get it.’ is same as
‘Why are Taeyeon and Suzy so popular? Why do men think they are pretty?
They just look so average.’.

– He looks cute when he especially smiles, but he isn’t that good looking.

– He has a cute dongsaeng image, but I heard he’s the most popular member.
When I watched SM Concert in Paris on TV,
it seemed he was also popular among western girls, was surprising.

– I first thought, ‘Onew is an idol means anyone can be idol.’,
but he was just ‘The-more-I-look-the-more-I-get-interested-in’ type. Hard to get bored of him.
He can be also loved by international fans who love typical Asian man looking.
He sings well, behaves in an exemplary manner, and is tidy.
Most importantly he’s one of those who have the most beautiful voices.
In a way, he also has a good sense of humor. That’s why he’s popular, I guess?

– It’s because Onew seems very good-natured, and importantly he doesn’t have double eyelid.

– It seems Onew’s attractive, but a bit ordinary.

– I think I like Onew because of his attitude.

– Onew isn’t the only popular idol having an oridinary face,
but also JYJ’s Junsu, Wooyoung and Yoseob.

– People think ‘Hun-Nam (heartwarming man)’ is only loved in the music industry,
but it isn’t true, look at those popular actors, they aren’t also that good looking, just ‘Hun-Nam’.

– He has a very ordinary face, but because of his image, soft, good-natured and good-mannered,
girls love him, I think.

– Onew has 2 different charms at one go, most girls say.
Just think about what type of woman men love.
We love women looking pure and having a calm face. It’s the same.

– In idol fandoms, the most popular members are usually
who sing well and funny on variety shows. That’s why.
But even so, I personally don’t understand why he’s popular, don’t women love ‘a bad boy’?
He behaves extremely nice and polite that women never get interested in,
not a bad guy at all I thought, but I was wrong.

– Since I got interested in male idols, I’ve been mostly surprised at Onew, Wooyoung, Yoseob,
who are the most popular members in their fandoms.
It was hard to understand as a man, but I kind of get why now
They are all cute and having familiar lookings like ‘The Boy Next Door’.

– It’s like, the more girls look at Onew, the more they find his endless charm.
You know he looks good-hearted, gentle and neat having a Hun-Nam dongsaeng image.
I personally don’t like a woman or man having a boringly beautiful face,
so I think he’s good looking to me.

– It seems men usually say Onew isn’t that good looking,
but with having no double eyelid, he’s handsome.

– If I were a girl, I would ask him to go out..

– As a matter of fact, it’s the same case as how men look at Taeyeon and IU.
I think Onew gives most people a good impression because of his smile and personality.

– Onew isn’t average good looking guy, but girls love the kind of look.
By the way, he’s the most popular member, right?

– I heard his nickname is ‘Dubu’ because of his soft, gentle and kind image.
His voice color is also unique. I feel good when looking at his smiley face.
I definitely think he has a charm to be #1 in the fandom.

– I think he’s popular in public more than fandom.

– Hur.. Onew, Wooyoung and Junsu,
the most popular member overwhelmingly in their fandoms?
Don’t you think they aren’t good looking for being idols?

– Don’t you think Onew is cute?
As a man, what I think is he’s cute having a baby face that girls fall in love.

– Men usually love pretty and cute idols, but women usually have a wide choice of idols.
They mostly prefer who’s attractive than who looks good.

– Don’t you think Onew is definitely the one that many girls feel comfortable with?
His appearance is the general trend in the past few years.

– Many guys don’t understand why Onew is that popular,
but you know it’s the same, women would react same as us
when we tell them Taeyeon is the most popular member than Yoona and Yuri.
I think Onew is attractive, neat and good looking.
I don’t think it’s necessary to be super hansome to be popular.

– I heard Onew’s fandom is the biggest one.

– Taeyeon isn’t popular only for her look. Onew’s case is the same.

– Having a charm is more important than look for idols.

– I think Onew is also popular among female idols by what has been said on the radio and TV.
His appearance is something girls think very attractive, I think.

– I don’t know if he’s popular or not,
but only name popping up in my head when thinking of SHINee is Onew.
I think it’s because his name is unique or what?

– Girls love Onew so much because of his soft image and voice.

– Women usually like a man looking like Tofu.
(You know people started to use the term of ‘Dubu type face’ after Onew. ㅋㅋㅋ)

– I’m a man, but I agree with his soft image is very attractive..
What I know is Song-Joongki, Park-Haeil, Onew, Park-Yunchun, etc are popular among women.

– Taeyeon VS Onew
They sing well, popular in fandom, leaders, smile and do aegyo a lot on TV, actually shy in real life.
I think they are alike.

– Taeyeon and Onew are ‘=’, not ‘VS’.
I’m an active user on Bestiz and here,
so I know how they are treated by both male and female fans.

– I’m not gay, but why I get more and more into Onew every time I listen to him singing?
His voice is so good.

– How women think about Taeyeon is same as how men think about Onew.

– Is it only me, as a man, thinking he’s cute and good at aegyo?;;

– I like Onew. ㅋㅋㅋ
I noticed he was very popular when I saw him in SNSD’s Concerts.
First, he sings well and looks kind. ㅋㅋ

– He is the most popular member, I heard.

– I was surprised he was that popular..

– I talked with many ladies in their mid 20’s few days ago
and we suddenly brought up idols, SNSD, SHINee, 2PM and etc.
All of them liked Onew, I was surprised..

– It’s because Onew has everything, his look and voice that can make Noonas fulfil their fantazies.
Many female friends of mine also go crazy about him.

– I like Onew because he looks very easy-going.

– Perhaps because Onew’s look is like anyone can be comfortable with.
He isn’t that good looking, but his warm look never gives people dislike feeling on him, I think.
For such reasons, no wonder why Onew and Taeyeon are popular.

– Such a nice looking boy. I think he’s the nicest one among idols.

– He isn’t handsome like what we usually talk about ‘handsome’,
but girls might love his pure looking..

– I was so surprised at Onew is popular, but if so, there must be reasons.

– I’m a man, not gay or anything, but I like Onew the most if I have to pick one male idol. *_*

– Don’t you think Onew is cute? Don’t you think he’s super nice and soft?
I like him the most among male idols.

– He looks like a Junior-hight student. I sort of started to like him since he sang with Jessica.

– I like Onew’s voice and think his attitude is good. Who says he isn’t good looking?
He looks good, huh? I’ve heard he’s really popular. I can absolutely understand that.

– Everyone’s been saying Onew is popular and guys don’t understand that,
for years. ㅋㅋ

– In fact, Onew is the one who gets many votes as the ideal man
from women in their teens and mid 20’s overwhelmingly, but guys don’t know this.
I’ve been active in Soul Dresser, Bestize and here over recent years,
so I know whom women and men like.

– I’ve seen him on variety shows. He has a good voice and sings well.

– I like Onew. His look doesn’t wow me but his voice absolutely wow-s me.

– Onew is very likable, isn’t he? I’m not gay, but It’s strange if you don’t like his smiley face.

– I think he has a soft voice and is tender-hearted that girls go crazy about.

– Some guys still think 2PM is the number one, but Onew is the number one for individual popularity.

– I don’t know why I recently like him a lot especailly because of his unique voice?
He seems good-natured and has a nice smile. +_+
Oh, I like the songs he sang with Jessica and Kim-Yeonwoo.

– Isn’t it like he’s also popular among men?
I personally like him the most among male idols… His voice is superb.

Credit :April_Ontokki [http://onewonewonew.blogspot.com/]
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[TRANS] 110730 Key’s Me2day Update

[Key] 한국돌아갈땐 써니호타고가기로 루피랑 합의봤으니 시간이조금걸릴수도있을것같습니다:-)

[Key] I’ve made an agreement with Luffy to sail back to Korea on Sunny but seems like it might take a little more time 🙂

[Key] 🙂

Credit: me2day/shineeshinee
Translation credits: Starlight@tumblr
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[HQ SCANS] SHINee Especial Edition in Zona Joven – Peruvian Magazine (ENG TRANS)


Lighting up the K-pop Universe


Why talking about SHINee in this new edition? There are way many reasons for doing so: because this year they celebrate their 3rd anniversary, because they are making a trend in kpop and the most importantly, because these five guys, have shown their love for Peruvian shawols, love shown by wearing the Peruvian football team jacket or even t-shirts with the name of our capital city, Lima, in their concerts.

Don’t you think so? In this article you will know everything about it as well as the history of this contemporary band

After their official debut in May 25th, 2008 in the Korean TV show called Inkigayo, the guys from SHINee gave their first concert (which was huge) in December 26th, 2010 in Japan, that means almost 3 years after debuting. Why did they take so long? And why did they do it in Japan and not in their country, Korea?

Let’s go step by step. It seems that for Korean bands to give a concert, they first have to release many albums as well as do lots of preparation. That’s the way to go for agencies like SM Entertainment, agency that manages SHINee. During that time of preparation, the band is gets ready to give a successful concert. In SHINee’s case, after their TV debut, they released mini albums, albums, repackage albums, etc (you will see the list in the next pages), in addition to this, they also had performances in TV music shows and broadcasting events. Everything but concerts.

Because of the great success they had from their productions and because their fandom grew in Asia and other places in the world (Peru for example, where they created a fanclub dedicated only to SHINee) many countries fought for the chance to host their first concert. Japan won this opportunity: they sold the tickets through internet, which were all sold out within 5 minutes. That is why they had to do a double concert the same day (December 26th, 2010, an historical date for all of their fans).

The popularity of the group is still growing nowadays, and their members are beginning to make it into other areas of their agency SM Entertainment. Onew has made it into theater. Minho in sports and rumor has it that he may be part of a new drama (the Korean version of the Japanese “Hana Kimi”).


The name of the group means “the boys who receive light” but for their fans, they are the ones who light up the k-pop world. By the way, their fans are called “shawols”, a word that SHINee loves to use, especially Onew.

Many of their fans are teenagers, that is why the fans always address them as “oppas” (older brother). The reason for them to have many teenage fans is because they began their career at a very young age.


Internationally, Peruvian shawols are very well known because of their continuous activities (fan actions, fan meetings, slide shows, celebrations, etc) which they always record and upload to internet. People say that the members of SHINee might have watched some of these videos, and that’s why in their concerts they have worn t-shirts with names such as Lima and Peru.

But the most significantly was when Minho wore the Peruvian football team jacket. The same image was added into a booklet inside of one of their albums. That is why Peruvian shawols love them even more and dream about the day they come to our country.



Thanks to Rosa Guerrero, Elizabeth Pariona and Nataly Sanchez (staff members of SHINee Peru) we could have a look of their original albums and confirm that in each album they reinvent themselves completely. Also, the additional material and the cover are a delightful thing for their fans. Here some details

Replay: First mini album, released in their country, Korea, with a colorful concept

SHINee World A: First album and where they maximized the concept shown in Replay

SHINee World B: It’s the same first album but with other images and other concept. It’s common for them to release two versions of the same album

A.MI.Go: It’s the repackage of the first album. They changed their look and concept, they keep the songs of the first album, but has remixes and extras.

Romeo: Second Mini Album, the one they released in even 5 versions. Here is the song called “Señorita” where the introduction is spoken in perfect Spanish.



Currently, the band is living in Japan y they will be there for a long period of time, learning the language and releasing songs in Japanese. Is a natural step in Asian industry, which means that SHINee’s career is now rising, heading them to an established point, as well as other Korean bands such as TVXQ and SS501.

Year.Of.Us (YOU): Third mini album, they walked away from the colorful image to take a “dark” concept, not only in their clothes but also in their hairstyles

Lucifer A: It’s their very much awaited second album. It has nothing to do with evil connotations, because “Lucifer” is just a very beautiful girl which is nothing more than an angel

Lucifer B: This version has another cover and other images. Here, all the pictures were chosen by the members and in one of the pictures you can see Minho wearing the Peruvian football team jacket.

Hello: With a totally different look, SHINee gave us their repackage album of their Lucifer production. It has remixes and extras.

Replay: This is their first Japanese album, the beginning of their career in Japan. This “Replay” is the Japanese version of their first Korean mini album.


This fan club is very well known internationally, because SHINee is very popular in Peru. They are promoting the purchase of original products. To know more about SHINee, follow their fan club in these links:

Forum: http://www.shineeperu.com


Facebook: /shineeperufanclub

Credits:  Zona Joven Magazine (@zona_joven in twitter)

Scan credits: Sandy Reyes @ SHINee Peru

English translation: Roxy @ SHINee Peru

A/N1: If you guys want to see what t-shirts and jackets they are talking about check HERE

A/N2: If you guys want to know about our activities, check HERE

[TRANS+PICS] 110723 Key’s Me2day Update

[Key] 일본입니다!!! 캬캬 생존신고를 드디어 하게되네요~’-‘

Chinese Trans:

[Key]在日本!!!咔咔 终于来汇报生存报告咯~’-‘


English Trans:

[Key] In Japan!!! Finally we are posting something~’-’

(P.S Key’s meaning is to tell everyone that they are save and sound. And so everyone, do not worry^^)

Source: SHINee’s Me2Day
Korean to Chinese Translation Credit: 【闪耀星球翻译】
Chinese to English Translation Credit: Forever_SHINee