[NEWS/130408] SHINee’s music video concept imitated in Serbian group Tropico Band’s music video?

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Serbian pop group Tropico Band released their music video for “U Lkubav Verujem” on April 7, 2013.

What caught fans’ attention however, wasn’t the song itself but the striking similarities the music video has with SHINee’s Japanese release, “1000 nen, Zutto Soba ni Ite”, which was released on November 26, 2012.

There are more than a few noticeable similarities between the two music videos, including the storyline, overall design, and fist pound at the end.

Both videos can be found below.

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[NEWS/130405] Miss A’s Jia and Key go on a lunch date

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miss A‘s Jia and SHINee‘s Key went on a lunch date together.

On April 5th, Jia posted the photo above onto her Twitter and wrote, “Tasty lunch~ ke✌”.

From the angle of the photo, it looks like Key himself took the photo with Jia’s phone.

The two look like they had a lunch date together at an Italian restaurant on a well deserved day off. Both are dressed perfectly to match their unique style, and pouting their lips for the camera.

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[NEWS/130405] Key filling in as a special DJ with CSJH’s Dana on KBS Kiss The Radio

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OBS News has received word that Key will be filling in as a temporary special DJ of Super Junior’s KBS Kiss The Radio (Sukira).

SHINee’s resident diva will host the show alongside CSJH the Grace’s Dana, who has racked up quite a track record after DJing on multiple occasions with Key’s fellow SHINee member Onew. The DJ arrangement is expected, but subject to future change.

Key and Dana are to come together to substitute for the original hosts, Sungmin and Ryeowook, while the two Super Junior members embark on their “Super Show 5” world tour.

The radio program has been broadcasting strongly and steadily since the year of 2006.

Source: OBS News
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[NEWS/130404] SHINee’s Taemin explains his love for extreme sports

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We had reported before that SHINee’s youngest member Taemin went skydiving in Switzerland. This occurred on March 26, for the episode of MBC Music’s “SHINee’s Wonderful Day.” At the time Taemin surprised most of the instructors because he went through with the skydiving “without the slightest trepidation.” So it seems like Taemin really enjoys extreme sports!

He appeared on the April 3 episode of MBC Music’s “SHINee’s Wonderful Day” and explained why he enjoys extreme sports so much. He stated, “I enjoy thrills that make you anxious.” The other members chimed in and stated, “It’s scary when the youngest member Taemin talks like this. Even on bridges, he will always stand on rails even though it is dangerous.”

Taemin explained why he does this, “It’s my small way of rebelling.” Jonghyun immediately stated, “How is that a small way when you are risking your life.” 

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[NEWS/130404] SHINee to perform + Minho to emcee at K-POP Collection in Seou

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Get ready to see many of your favorite idol stars all on one stage as it has been announced that SHINee, INFINITE, SECRET, ZE:A5, Jay Park, Dynamic Duo, B.A.P, Rainbow, Davichi, Dal Shabet, Girl’s Day, TEEN TOP, Kim Tae Woo, B1A4, Nine Muses, Park Hyun Bin, and more will be performing at the upcoming ‘K-POP Collection In Seoul‘ event on the 20th and 21st!

The theme of the event will be ‘FACON’, which is short for ‘fashion’ and ‘concert’, and will feature the latest trends in beauty, fashion, and K-pop. ZE:A‘s Kwanghee and A Pink‘s Eunji will bring laughs as MCs on the 20th followed by MCs SHINee’s Minho and Min Hyo Rin on the 21st.

Stay tuned for this exciting televised two-day event on the 20th and 21st on SBS.

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[NEWS/130404] SHINee announced as part of the lineup for Dream Concert 2013

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SHINee has been announced as part of the lineup for the K-Pop Dream Concert of 2013. The mega-event has become a sort of tradition, continuously bringing a rainbow of fanbases together year after year.

The confirmed lineup for this year’s event is as follows: Girls’ Generation, KARA, BEAST, T-ARA, Secret, SHINee, SISTAR, INFINITE, 4minute, U-KISS, ZE: A, EXO, RAINBOW, BTOB, SPEED, ZE: A, B1A4, Girls Day, Evol, VIXX. (This performer list is still subject to change in accordance with individual artists’ schedules.)

Dream Concert annually attracts approximately 70,000 fans to the Seoul World Cup Stadium in support of their favorite artist group. The concert will be held on May 11th at 6:30 PM KST.

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[JAPMOB/130404] Key Update

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Hello everyone on the fan site.

April has already rushed in, but every day you’re still pondering about whether to put your winter coats away or not, right? In times like these, let listen to “Fire” to warm our hearts~ ^^

Today, we present “Fire”‘s jacket filming episode!

People who has watched the first-run limited version jacket filming DVD of “Fire” will of course know these cute characters~

These are the cute candles which the members made during the jacket filming!
They were excited to show their cute creations with individual touches but, the truth is there was another one! The work which hasn’t been shown anywhere is…

Seaweed rolls~
Even after everyone had finished making the candles, Key enjoyed using the leftover to make these by himself. He was very meticulous about the ingredients and even added the sesame as the final touch. ^^ ♪

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[NEWS/130404] SM Entertainment releases new statement on Jonghyun’s condition after accident

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SM Entertainment has released another set of statements to update those who are keeping up with Jonghyun’s condition after his car accident on April 1st. The following was published in an article on April 3rd.

The company told Star News, “Jonghyun is still admitted to the hospital. The swelling around his nose has not gone down yet. Once it does, he’ll get surgery specific to the area he hurt. We currently do not know when he will be discharged. He’ll stay in the hospital and focus on his recovery until his health improves.”

Onew, Key, Minho, and Taemin have been in Japan to host special showcases for new single Fire. Jonghyun was regretfully unable to make it on account of his accident. The remaining members arrived back in Seoul today after completing four special showcase events in total.

To view past details on Jonghyun’s car accident, please visit this thread.

Source: Star News

Translated by: kimchi hana @ shineee.net

Written by: joAnnwashere @ shineee.net

[NEWS/130403] SHINee performs “Dream Girl” with mops

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SHINee performed their hit single “Dream Girl” without standing microphones. Instead they used mops!

Although they looked funny, they still managed to make it cool! The funny parody of themselves was done on the cable channel MBC Everyone. They appeared on the show “Weekly Idol” and used mops instead of standing microphones.

At first when the SHINee members were surprised when they were giving mops, but soon they started to use them and practice passionately. Onew showed off his signature microphone spin and all the other members began to follow suit.

The SHINee members told each other, “I think we can now start to use mops instead” and “I think we are pretty good.”

The episode of “Weekly Idol” with SHINee will broadcast on April 3.

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[NEWS/130403] SHINee’s Onew Searches High and Low for Monkeys

The monkeys have sent SHINee’s Onew on a wildgoose monkey chase on MBC Music’s SHINee’s One Fine Day

On April 2, Onew continued his adventures in Krabi, Thailand, where he decided that he must see some monkeys on the trip. So he began to climb into a forest, carrying a bunch of bananas taken from his hotel room. 

Unfortunately for Onew, the monkeys didn’t feel like playing with him, and Onew ended up climbing a ridiculous amount of stairs during the search. Despite his desperate calls for the monkeys with bananas as bait, the monkeys did not respond. 


“These are for you, but if you’re not going to come out, I’m going to eat these myself,” said Onew, taking out his bananas to tease the monkeys. 

Long story short, in the end, Onew succeeded in meeting the monkeys after much determination and persistence. 

Photo Credit: SBS
Source: enewsworld