[TWIT/130108] Jonghyun – January 8th

Just tell me come on~~~

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Picture Translation:

Oh my, look at this kid. What could he have done to get beheaded?

The text in Jonghyun’s tweet are lyrics to SNSD’s I Got A Boy. In their lyrics the phrase means ‘Why did she get her hair cut’, but he used it to mean beheaded

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He has the same personality as I do

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Picture Translation:
Taken from the diary of a dog.
8AM – I ate dog food! I really like dog food!
9:30AM – I rode in a car! I really like riding in cars!
9:40AM – I went on a walk! I really like going on walks!
10:30AM – My owner scratched me! I really like it when someone scratches me!
12PM – Lunch! I really like lunch!
1PM – I played in the yard! I really like the yard!
3PM – I wagged my tail! I really like wagging my tail!
5PM – I got dental treats! I really like dental treats!
7PM – I played with the ball! I really like balls!
8PM – I watched TV with my owner! I really like watching TV!
11PM – I went to sleep! I really like going to sleep!

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[TWITT/130107] Park Su Min mentions Jonghyun on his twitter

어제 나에 급생파에와준 경민형,진환형,세준형,재형형,프람형,은진/지혜누나,슈주강인이,샤인종현이,달마사이먼,대룡이,나뮤은지,봄이,채원이,문경이,소라,한별이,케익사온 일선이~ 축하전화주신분들 모두 고맙습니다!^^


Yesterday, they came to celebrate with me

KyungMin hyung, JinHwan hyung, SeJun hyung, JaeHyung hyung, Fram hyung, EunJin/JiHye noona, Suju’s Kanginieu, SHINee’s JongHyunie, Dalmatian’s Simon, DaeRyeongie, Namyu EunJi (Nine Muses), Bomi, ChaeWonie, MunKyeong, Sora, HanByulie…

This is the cake they bought and brought~ Thank you everyone for you greetings calls!^^

Note: Translation might not be accurate

Source: Park Su Min’s Twitter

Translation from Korean to English: Roxy_unnie @ SHINee Peru Fan Club

[JPMOB/121207] Jonghyun & Key Japan Mobile Site Update

Hello to everyone visiting the fansite.
We have entered December 2012!
This month, starting from Minho’s birthday, there are a lot of exciting days to be enjoyed such as the release of both new single 「1000 Years, Always be by My Side…」 and LIVE DVD 「SHINee THE FIRST JAPAN ARENA TOUR “SHINee WORLD 2012”」, Onew’s birthday, SHINee official club event, and Christmas! (0^^0)

So today we’ll deliver to you a slightly cute episode during the exciting MV filming right away.

“Eh? The train isn’t coming!” said Jonghyun and Key as they were waiting for the train.
Those two were trying to freshen up from the sleepy morning by waiting for the train to pass by.

Then, as the long awaited train finally passed, they both said, “Good morning!” and “Please work hard for today as well!” while waving their hands!
No one in that train would have seen them but they still waved till the end (laugh)

Source/Credit: minoutshine
Translated by: red @ shineee.net