[ENG SUB] 111123 SHINee Taemin – Star Call

Creditos: ShiningSHINee4ever


[TRANS] 110605 Key Star Call


 Erm… ready?
Hello everyone ~ I am SHINeeAlmighty Key.
Today~ I want to tell everyone..Today I want to tell everyone aboutmy interest , hobby and etc!
Firstly recently erm.. other thennormal schedule , preparing for Japan debutrecording is also part of it.
When there’s no schedule , I will practiceExercise!
Practices include, Singing, Dancing, exercisingand drawing .
Love to have many activities, to make the daysNot waste and pack to energies myself, can’tLet the day to be wasted. Everyone let’s workHard together ~
till the next time we meet again~ Goodbye!!

Source: DC

Credit: baidu
Credit and upload by: SuperLYN16 @YT

Chinese translation : Aekey

English Translation : Forever_shinee

[VIDEO] 110601 SHINee Taemin Star call


I’m shining SHINee’s youngest Taemin
It’s been a long while since we’ve met each other through a video
Think everyone already know?
We’ll officially debut on June 22nd
Everyone ohohoh~
It’s a pity. From now, we’ll be having more activities in Japan compared with Korea
We’ll be so thankful if everyone (fans) in Korea keep
supporting us from afar
Also, our SM Town Concert will kick off in Paris soon
It’s my first time in Europe
(I) feel nervous and excited
Hope we can see lots of fans there as well
I’ll become SHINee’s magnae who is always hardworking
Also hope everyone will anticipate…
Everyone bye~~

Source: DC
Credit: gyapower06 @YT, forevershiningshinee,shineeworldindonesia
Translation: vivz @ SHINee soompi thread

[VIDEO] 110520 Minho Coming of Age Star Call


Hi, I’m SHINee’s Minho who has already become an adult.
Not long ago, it was my coming-of-age day right?
I’m an adult now. Haha, I debuted when I was still underaged.
Till now, I still cannot believe I’ve already become an adult
But I’m still an adult. My skin as well! I still like the current me, I hate growing up!
Anyway, adult Minho is still going to work hard!!
And will show everyone an even better side of me, please look forward to it.
You know! I’m an adult now! I will wait for everyone to become an adult.
Those who have not become an adult yet, I’m going to wait for you all. Haha.
No matter what, see you (goodbye).
Not hanging up? Time is up! Goodbye!

Cr: vivz @ soompi/ DC Inside, TVXQSuJuSHINee @ YT

[VIDEO] 110322 Key Star Call


Hello Everybody!
It’s SHINee’s Almighty Key!
Yes everyone~~~
Now~ Mm…the weather really changes everyday!
Now, its gradually becoming warmer like today’s weather!
My favourite kind of weather!! Everyone
Oh…because.. (I) can go out and play…and can wear a lot of nice clothes
Everyone will have their favourite season right?
In between winter and summer! Not cold and not hot
If the flowers are blossomed, I can go play with the other members
Everyone must stay together! Before this is over, hope I can play with everyone!
Lets go together?
Yes lets go together..
Even though don’t know when we’ll go

No matter what, the weather will become dry as it changes, please take care everyone
Hope everyone will plan some interesting events to welcome the spring time ‘ ㅂ ‘*

Now, my greetings until here

chinese trans: sm shinee
eng trans: vivi.oncifer@youtub

[VIDEO] 110314 Onew White Day Star Call


Today is White Day. It’s March 14th. Aroooooound eveeeeeening.. hahahahaha.
Have you got any candies? I’m enjoying candies you guys sent me.
Here!!! (pointing at the transparent candies…… lol)
But, It can’t be hleped if you didn’t see what I pointed at.
I’m sure there were those who were able to see them. Maybe…
Thank you so much I’m able to recieve these candies and lots of love.
I hope all you guys always stay in happy. Thanks lots.

Credits: iamaprilahn @ YT

[VIDEO] 110305 Taemin Star Call


Everyone it’s already late night ~ Pretty ladies please sleep more! So sleep ealier, hope that everyone’s complexion will get better, be prettier ya?! So this is Maknae Taemin’s message~ it’s getting late so goodnight!

Chinese translation by: baidu
Chi-Eng translation by: Joanna @ forevershiningshinee

Video credits: shakizi, TVXQSuJuSHINee @ YT