[FANCAM] 110619 Jonghyun at IMS 2

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[NEWS] 110619 Judges’ praise for Jonghyun (edited out) for IMS 2

Judges’ praise edited out

– Kim Taewon (guitar) : Ah, first of all, he’s so handsome, good gestures, and has it all like a rock group vocal…congratulations! Lonely Night is so difficult people usually lower the key, but I had a feeling you used the original key almost. You are Sshiniee (JH: Yes) Sshinee… Personally, SHINee and Super Junior are teams I like. Our homepage…recently very stable. It’s very stable. Very good.

– Seo Jaehyuk (base): If this were a concert hall, Jonghyun-ssi’s stage would have been more moving in the last part. Because this is a TV station… It was a little bit impractical, but it would have been much better (in a concert hall). The last part’s soft feelings reminded me of previous performances like Yoseop’s and Hyorin’s. Today’s performance was like a festival…it was very good.

Jonghyun: If you had such a feeling, that’s what I intended.

– Jung Dongha (vocal): Ah, it was awesome, expecially your attempt to perform with the audience and approach them on stage was unexpected and very good. You did a good job.

– Chae Jemin (drum): It took our vocal Jung Dongha 6 years to perform with the audience (laugh), it was very good. I’m very happy to see such a performance. I thought we should work harder. To make our country’s rock better… I think the audience judges will be really hard to decide.

Source: DC Shinee Gallery
Trans by jujugal

[NEWS] 110606 IU, Yesung, Jonghyun Drop Out of Immortal Masterpiece 2

IU, Super Junior’s Yesung, and SHINee’s Jonghyun will drop out of Immortal Song 2.

Kwon Jaeyoung PD said on 6 June, “IU, Yesung, and Jonghyun are leaving because of their busy schedules. Last episode was IU’s last, and the 3rd episode that is aired on 18 June will be the last one for Yesung and Jonghyun.”

IU, Yesung, and Jonghyun will be replace by Secret’s Song Jieun, 2PM’s Joonsu, and FT Island’s Lee Hongki.

Kwon PD added, “I’m sorry that we cannot show how the original members improve, but we think positively that this will give opportunities to more idol stars.”

Source: kukinews
Translation by: jujugal

[NEWS] 110606 The Rule Changes for Next Immortal Song 2 Episode

Secret’s Song Jieun replaces IU. Song participated in the first round filmed under the theme “A Song I Practiced with in Trainee Days.”

Immortal Song 2 is likely to become more competitive as the rule for deciding the performing order in the second round has been modified. On last episode, the MC drew a ball with the name of the singer to perform, but from the next episode the winner in the first round will be the last performer in the second round.

The viewer rating for the first episode was 7.9% (AGB Nielsen Media Research Nationwide Ratings) to signal a successful start.


Source: Osen; nyc@osen.co.kr
Trans by jujugal