[PIC/120830] Taejun (Minho) @ Episode 6 – To The Beautiful You #2

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[INF/120830] Ratings for “To The Beautiful You” showed improvement for Episode 6 aired on 120830


According to the AGB Nielsen rating measurement company, the episode 6 for “To The Beautiful You” aired 30th August 2012 improved from 4.8% to 5.6%, increased by 0.8%!!

Let’s continue to give the Minho and other casts in “To The Beautiful You” more support!!  “To The Beautiful You” will be aired every Wednesday and Thursday at 9 :55 PM KST!

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[INF/120824] ‘For You In Full Blossom’ Sulli and Minho more than just idol actors?

The SBS Weds/Thurs drama “To the Beautiful You” cast members, SHINee’s Minho and f(x)’s Sulli, are catching the audience’s eye with their acting abilities.

On the Thursday episode of “To the Beautiful You,” the drama showed Tae Jun rescuing Jae Hee from a risky situation and the reveal of Jae Hee’s older brother Daniel (played by Julien Kang).

Someone who works at the condo that the group of friends rent finds out that Jae Hee is in fact a woman and tries to assault her but Tae Jun appears in the nick of time to save her. Tae Jun and Jae Hee spend some time alone just the two of them, getting small confirmations of the way they feel about each other.

Eun Kyul, who doesn’t know that Jae Hee is a girl, begins to search the term ‘gay’ on the internet. He even imagines marrying a male Jae Hee and despairs when the imagined Jae Hee tells him they must go back to the army.

Jae Hee, who gets news that her half-brother Daniel is in town, dresses up as a legitimate high school girl in order to meet him. She spends some fun time with him shopping, which they hadn’t done in a while.

Sul Hanna and Tae Jun coincidentally attend a fan signing at a store, which Jae Hee and Daniel are also at. She almost gets seen as a high school girl in front of Tae Jun but manages to avoid him barely. However, Daniel finds out that she has been pretending to be a boy in order to attend a sports high school and takes her back to America.

This episode was special because the two idols’ acting skills really came to light.

Minho, who comes to Jae Hee’s rescue like a knight in shining armor, and showed off his masculine side while not hesitating to take on a little more action than usual. When he hugs Jae Hee after saying, “Sorry I’m late,” he won the hearts of many female viewers who were watching.

The three idols Minho, Sulli and Kwang Hee are all being praised highly for their acting skills which don’t seem all that bad. They’re not facing criticisms that idol actors so often face at the hands of the viewers.

The last scene of the episode was Tae Jun deciding to let Jae Hee go and treating her coldly, which only is sparking the curiosity in viewers.

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[PIC/120820] Minho – For You in Full Blossom “Umbrella Scene” with Sulli

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