[FAN ACCOUNT] 110922 Key’s Surprise Birthday Party

The boys talked about their trip to Spain & Russia and
also about their japanese version of Lucifer among
other things: – Key said that he encountered a theif in Spain!!! And
then Minho said that theif must be his.. and stole his
heart! – Onew borrowed Key’s shirt and a dancer’s beret.
And he looked delighted. (via: noonew nolife / Trans by:
seunghee) – Jjong said that the japanese lyrics for Lucifer are too
hard, he feels that it sounds like 3rd world (alien)
language… – Before the party, Taemin asked Minho, “Minho hyung!
Did you buy a present?”
And Minho said, “No, I did not prepare a friggin- ” He
stopped talking and after that rephrased his answer to
“Oh, I didn’t prepare a present!!” (via: @shye0525) – Minho fed Key a piece of cake! (Cr: 9142 / Trans by:
BLAQMeeSHINing) – Onew fell into the water in spain & Taemin went into
water to save him! (Cr: vivitrollian) – OnTae were “bullying” Key.. in his hotel room in
SG!!! And Minho heard ”ahh ahhh” outside the rooms.
He came in halfway and joined Onew & Taemin in
throwing Key around.. – Jinki said that he threw key 40 times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – Apparently, when Key feels bored, him and Jinki will
say “I love you” to Taemin and pull him around… – During SWC in Singapore int he hotel:, Taemin + Key
shared a room, Jonghyun + Minho a room & Onew gets a
room to himself.
Manager told minho, “Go to Taemin’s room! Hurry!
Taemin said he has something important to tell you.”
However Minho was too tired and said “Can’t he tell me tomorrow?”
Then Manager said “No! Go now! Quickly!”
SO Minho went. When he reached Taemin’s room, he
heard some funny sounds like “eue oeok eueoeok’
in the room. He went in and saw Taemin and Onew
throwing Key around. Taemin saw Minho and said, “Oh hyung yo came in
time! We just started!!” And then Minho joined in and
the three of them threw Key around kekeke~
it’s so Cute them>_< (via: @shye0525) – They said that Minho and Key went out alone in Russia!
(via: vivitrollian) – Minho and all of the SHINe went to daegu in Minho’s
new car. (via: dalbit1209) – Key said last time if you bully him he’ll get pissed off
but recently he has forgotten how to get pissed off…
Then the members were saying they like to see Kibum
getting bullied. Then they really bullied Kibum but Kibum
was just laughing. (via: @Shining0525 / Trans by:
byulbit) – Key said that he will save Onew first, if all the
members were all drowning! Sources & credit: vivitrollian, @shye0525@dalbit1209,
@byulbit@Shining0525, 9142

Credits: @TaemintsLockets


[FAN ACCOUNT] 110912 What happened after SHINee The 1st Concert in Singapore (110910)

( SHINee going back to hotel after they had their dinner at Chijmes )

SHINee’s van stopped at the loading bay to drop the boys off at the hotel, our van was behind their van at first but the security from the hotel stopped our van from getting near SHINee’s van at the loading area . At first, we intended to open the door & go out but decided not to . I opened the door & was about to close it when a coordi noona held the door, said something in Korean & slammed the door. We didn’t even step out of the van, it’s very rude of her to slam the door & my hand was on the door, my friend managed to pull my hands back before the door was slammed . She didn’t even look or bother if my hands might get injured if she slam the door. THE HOTEL LOADING BAY IS A ONE WAY LANE WITH DEAD ENDS, how do you expect our vans to reverse backwards to leave when SMENT VAN behind us not moving. Then the sment crew told our van uncle to reverse to exit immediately when THEIR van was behind our van not even moving. Which made it not possible for us to move until the van had reversed as well.

( Jonghyun cried )

Yes, it’s true that he cried. I’ve no idea why he cried but there must be something that he’s unhappy about that’s why he cried. I don’t understand why fans claiming that “crazy stalkers made him angry” You are not him, how would you know that the “crazy stalkers” were the reason why he cried. Also, some fanbases told their followers not to stalk them to give them privacy. HOWEVER, we recognised some of those particular fanbase admins at Chijmes and saw them enter a van which also stalked SHINee. What a way to contradict themselves.

( SHINee at Chijmes Korean Charcoal BBQ restaurant )

Some fans went into the restaurant, they did order something in order to stay in the restaurant. SMENT DID NOT BOOK THE WHOLE RESTAURANT. SHINee & their crew, managers & etc ate at one VIP room, the door was closed & nobody from the outside eating in the restaurant can see them. When SHINee came out & greeted the fans, bowing down to thank them, some of the fans took pictures from below when they bowing down. Some of them even took pictures with flash. Some even touched Onew’s face when he was bowing down.

( Picture of SHINee in Changi Airport )

Firstly, we did not say that the group of guys in the picture was SHINee. The tweet didn’t even mention SHINee or the SM crew. A fanbase copied and pasted the link to the picture without our permission and assumed it was SHINee . Then , suddenly the picture was spread to other fanbases . Just because one of the guys was wearing Key’s hat doesn’t mean it was Key. Whether you believe us or not, the group of guys were the back-up dancers of SHINee. When they were done settling their luggage, they walked DIRECTLY in front of my three friends. They were definitely NOT SHINee.
Afterwhich the same coordi noona who slammed the door recognised my friends and said this : “No sleep?” They replied yes and she just said “Ahh~” in an understanding tone.

Extra Info:

SG media said Jong’s solo was an uncomfortable falsetto and some fans think that Jong’s solo was not needed at all.

[Newspaper] Jonghyun negative comment from reporter. “I could have done without Jong Hyun’s uncomfortably falsetto lament, Lost Love, It was almost as embarrassing as the schmaltzy Korean song, lullaby.”

[Newspaper] “While the Merlion imitations were funny in context, it is hard to imagine how these five might continue in the future without youthful charm to make such antics palatable. Ah well, for now, it is still a bright Shinee world.” [via KimKEYfacts @ twitter]

Source/Credits: Ching Ling ♥ (@gdragonnnnn), shineetrend

[FAN ACCOUNT] 110906 SHINee at K-pop Cover Dance Festival in Russia

First of all, there were 3 k-pop flashmobs at that day before the festival, but we attend only the last. My friends said, that SHINee were there, they enjoyed the situation, shook fans’ hands, danced, laughed and hugged with fans.

Instead of flashmobs we were in the queue for the festival, but around 12 AM we got our enter-numbers. (Festival was free of charge). Then we were told that they are now at the Arbat. So we have gone to stalk SHINee there.

At the street we were just walking, because the chance to find SHINee there was around 1% (there were a lot of people and tourists; also the street is very long). But suddenly my friend has stopped. She has seen their manager and 2 securities near the café. We stopped at the Starbucks near here and prepared to wait.

We saw boys through the window, but we were hidden by the plants. It was great, because we had an idea, so we wanted to do everything not to disturb the boys!

My friend Julia has gone to buy a present for them! When she returned, SHINee was going to exit. Minho was the first to leave the café, then Key, Taemin and Bling. Onew was the last, so we decided to give him the present. Julia has gone far away from us, she wanted to look like a simple girl ^^
(Note: Since airport both of us were remembered by SHINee, their stuff and securities (we have walked together ^^) Read the previous account, about the 5th of September)

Finally, Onew got the present and we have run like a mad to the 3rd flashmob venue (Red Square).

There were already 500+ fans, television channels and stuff. The idea was that our leader-dancers will start to dance and then SHINee joins them. Flashmobbers should to dance ‘Ring Ding Dong’.
Ok. Boys were shoked. They laughed, jumped and covered their faces. They couldn’t believe that they have SO MANY fans. During flashmob they sang Russian songs and danced with fans. It’s unbelievable! Can you imagine that they standing in front of 500+ fans and nobody tried to touch them? Their securities didn’t have the work, because girls in the first row did it instead of them. OMG Russian Shawols, I’m proud of you!!!!

After the flashmob SHINee has stood near our underground station and made photos. We have left them for the festival.

We was in time, but entrance was still closed so we was seating at the another café, until SHINee’s bus has arrived. Boys was really already tired, but Key was happily holding Russian national winter-hat LOL

The queue was huge (more than 1000 people), but then we took our seats.

Festival was great, all teams worked hard. SHINee sat in the middle of the hall, in the second row. During performances, they fooled around a lot. Key did dance moves of many dances (It was really cute).

There were 18 teams, but only 10 teams have passed the first round. And the winners are FebrisErotica (boysband, ‘BEAST – Shock’ and other songs) and Rain’s Girls (MissA ). They will go to the Korea in October.

In the end SHINee looked dead. But they went on stage and sang ‘Ring Ding Dong’. After that all 10 teams joined them and they started a final speech. And we ran to the underground (It was around 12.00 PM)

The END.

Source/Credit: imalexy

[FAN ACCOUNT] 110904 SHINee at SMTOWN Live in Tokyo Special Edition (Day 2)

Yesterday, I went to SMTOWN LIVE in TOKYO SPECIAL EDITION purely for SHINee because I didnt go for Nanjing’s Concert so I had to do this.

The bad thing about Japan’s SMTOWN was that the seats were picked by the computer. Being the first doesnt mean you will get the best seats. and the price for all the seats were all the same. They did not allow photos, videos and voice recordings. Those photos circulated on the internet were taken secretly. It was illegal and there were many staff members keeping on the lookout for unauthorised devices. I only took a few photos in the beginning of the show. It started from 5.15pm to 9pm approximately 4hours L( to be honest, it was tiring to stand for so long.

The following is a purely subjective personal account of the event, purely SHINee bias :
We were at the 3rd level. It was too far so we relied on the big screen.

SHINee sang a total of 7 songs which included performances with other SM Town family embers. In not proper order, Stand by me( japan version )、君は仆のeverything、Juliette (japan version)、Amigo(Rock version)、Ready or not、Ring Ding Dong(Remix) 和 Lucifer(Remix). SHINee’s outfit was pretty much similar to those worn during SMtown Paris and Shinee World Concerts.

Combined performances included :
1. Onew with Kangta and f(x) Sulli
2. Key and f(x) krystal for My First Kiss
3. Key and Minho for Ayo Rap version
4. Onew, Yesung and Ryeowook’s collaboration on a Japanese song
5. Taemin and Minho on the dance battle
6. Key and Boa for “I Did it for love”

During Sulli and Kangta’s performance I had a shock when I saw onew because SHINee had not been on stage yet. He wore an outfit similar to school canteen’s white apron-like robe and black pants holding a silverish white unknown object which looked like a Bakery Shop Pot (?) .. he rushed forward in front of sulli and kneeled down.

He took out a telephone from the pot-like thing. I laughed so hard because the character totally suited Onew – it was such a funny character! Even the SJ fans beside me screamed “onew onew onew” when they saw him. He was so cute!

Onew is famous for his cuteness in Japan!

SHINee’s first song was stand by me.. Once the music played, everybody started screaming. After the song, the SHINee members did a self introduction and jonghyun spoke in Japanese ” SHINee really shines” and in the mean time acted as if he has been blinded by a ray of bright light. Once taemin did he self introduction, the fans screamed to loudly (all types of screams could be heard).. I could barely make out he was saying “I am SHINee’s charsimatic (?) taemin!” He said he name loudly and the audiences got hyped up once again! Key’s Japanese was not bad, he had clear pronounciation and did a very sleek conclusion.

To be honest, I was quite speechless about the hairstyle Key’s coordi did for him – his fringe was blown up many times, revealing his entire foreheard – similar to Jonghyun’s Korean Juliette hairstyle. *cries* Key, your fringe looks good! Other than this point, Key’s performance that night was GREAT! THe time I am the most proud of was that until Juliette’s performance, key did not put on any eyeliner.

Next it was Replay and Juliette. A lot of people screamed along for Replay’s introduction.

“SHINee.. SHinee.. SHINee..” Fan chants touched me! DBSK fans were on my left hand side, even though they were not SHINee fans, they did the fan chants along with us!!! If not for Shawols, many people did not know the fan chants for many of the songs. But it seems like everyone knew Lucifer’s Fanchant!!! Practically almost all the Japanese fans beside me screamed with us!! Lucifer is amazing!!!

Jonghyun had a solo shot for Ring Ding Dong’s ending, he was panting real hard with his face cringed up, seemingly very tired. But after that, he was all hyper and active, jumping around again!! Ha~

I shall not mention individual performance :

Onew and SJ senior’s collaboration on a Japanese ballad was very well done. The 2 SJ members cutely looked to the side, as if they were looking at the prompter for lyrics. Onew fans were very supportive! Onew sang passionately and remembered his lyrics well! Good Job!

Key and Boa sang “I did it for love”. In the end Key and Boa looked at each other while singing, key placed a hand on Boa’s shoulder seemingly like a good friend. I screamed~

SHINee sang My First Kiss many times but it was the first in SM Town right? Key was very hyper during the perofrmance, like Nanjing’s Concert, he swayed his hair everywhere. He is tryly more open now! Krystal and Key’s famous scene pushing each other away was removed, they walked towards separate directions instead.

Taemin performed first followed by Eunhyuk for SM town dance battle. Minho and the other SMtown members joined after that. Taemin danced very well as usual and minho was not bad too! He even wore a pair of black sunglasses! Because he was the only one wearing it, he was outstanding~

At the end of the concert, Key and SNSD’s Hyoyeon played crazily. Hyoyeon did a shoulder dance to Key first, then Key followed. She is definitely the dancing queen.

Jonghyun kept carrying the video camera, taemin on the other hand taemin held a silver camera taking photos of fans from the first floor and those at the mosh pits. SMTOWN members all gathered at the center. When it was about to end, Key suddenly pulled Sulli to the left side of the stage and did like what they did at the Idol Sports Competition ” Did a heart then send it to the fans” It was a cute action! Key really fell in love doing Fan service!

In conclusion, SHINee’s performance was truly “SHINY”!! Japanese shawols were truly supportive! Screams were orderly, which was important for fan chants!) Looking forward to their future Japanese activities!!

Source: SHINee Baidu – CirceUriel
Translation by: Soundtracklove @ Soompi (Chinese to English)

[FAN ACCOUNT] 110827 SHINee at MBC 3rd Idol Athletics Championships

The events in order were the Men’s 100m sprint, Women’s, Women’s hurdles followed by Men’s hurdles, Men’s long jump, Women’s high jump, Men’s high jump and then finals for Men’s and Women’s hurdles. I left after that so I’m not sure what else took place. I won’t be uploading all my fancams and photos since the quality isn’t that great but I will link the ones which don’t disclose results or anything.

Okay, so onto the idols I saw! When we first entered the stadium, the opening ceremony was already finished so I had no idea what colours the companies/groups were. As I was pretty far away at this point, I had to really go by hair colour and or the hangeul I could barely see on their bibs. In these two fancams (1, 2) I’m pointing my camera straight at SHINee (Taemin and Jonghyun in the aqua shirts) but I had no idea. B1A4 were really easy to spot because they were in their group and CNU stands out with his glasses and ponytail ^_^. My friend was feeding me by the way, so excuse the muffled talking.


– I saw Jonghyun only at the very start and he had a towel wrapped around him the entire time. He didn’t participate in any event as far as I saw.

– I also hardly saw Taemin. He was in the sprint and hurdles but after that he just kinda disappeared.

– Minho was everywhere. HOW COULD HE NOT BE?? He was hyungwhoring with SJ, what’s new?

– THERE WAS 2MIN. A LOT OF IT. Minho just went up to Taemin and put his arm around him. He did it a few times and I caught it on camera 8D.

– Key was so cute dancing along to the ‘KIM KIBUM’ cheers. I was so slow though so I didn’t manage to capture it even though he did it a few times. Fans cheered for him the loudest outside of when Minho was participating in events. I think it’s because he has the best reactions to their cheers!

– Onewwwwwwwwwww. The love of my life. I really wanted to just jump over fans and down to him so that I could give him a hug. He’s so freaking cute !!! But I also think he was unwell. There was a lot of sangtae (I’m sure other fans got much better videos of them) but actually, after the sprints, Onew was by himself the entire time. He just sat a little away from everyone out in the sun and stayed there. He had an umbrella later and kept spinning and spinning it. He did it for like 5 minutes, I swear. Eventually he joined Sungmin under the tent in the shade and lay down on the grass on his tummy, holding his umbrella. SO CUTE. Later when he lay on his back, fans kept shouting ‘LEE JINKI’ and he put his arm up and then just kinda jumped up as if he was alive again. So precious ;-;.

– He kept putting in and taking off his jacket though so it made me wonder if he was unwell? He seemed to lack energy too, despite all the cute/weird/sangtae things he did (like he sat down on the grass facing one way, then put his arms out and spun himself to face the other way keke). Just the fact that he was alone about 90% of the time made me really :( :( :(.

– UM. WHEN MINHO COMPETES. WATCHING IT IRL IS 1003401983918203 MORE TENSE. I honestly thought I was going to pee my pants watching him high jump. I definitely lost my voice. And I don’t think this will get aired, but what he jumped after it was all over (like, just for fun), was better than his ‘official’ result.

Source/Credits: onelastlove @ tumblr

[FAN ACCOUNT] 110808 SHINee at Japan Debut Premium Reception in Sapporo

Today’s set list was Replay-Hello-Replay (Abbey Road Studios version). It was lots of fun because they had a long talk time.

To the question how they study Japanese, their answer was they study with animation or dramas; and all of them like One Piece. And Key added Minho even bought One Piece goods ㅎㅎㅎ Taemin said he self-studies Japanese alone in their dorm. Then Key said he’s never seen it, so fans all laughed ㅎㅎㅎ

To the question what impressive episodes they had in London, Onew said he was happy because of the big chicken size. Watching the London promotion video with fans, he said, “I don’t know why our facial expressions are like that,” so fans laughed again ㅋㅋㅋ

When the MC asked whether they’d visit Hokkaido again, the members answered in Japanese, “Jehi, Jettai.” Then Onew added, “Gentleman.” ㅋㅋㅋ Japanese fans seemed they couldn’t catch Onew’s gag point or his 4-dimensional gag ㅎㅎㅎ (Onew cuteㅎㅎㅎ)

Talking about their new single Juliette to be released at the end of August, they introduced Kiss Kiss Kiss, an original Japanese coupling song, and asked fans if they pre-ordered it… ㅎㅎ

They seemed to find the sound of kyu-nyu (milk) interesting and repeated it ㅋㅋ Before the performance started, Key played with his mic as if he was making an announcement ㅎㅎ Key’s Japanese was good. Jonghyun also tried to speak in Japanese but…..ㅎ cute ㅋㅋㅋ He said he wants to eat Hokkaido food Jingisukan Soup Curry.

When I went to buy goods, all the goods were gone except for the fans and towels.

The hall was very small, so I saw them real close, but still I feel like I saw them on the monitor.

I went with a friend who is not a shawol. She said their live was really good, Onew and Taemin sing well, and she enjoyed it. Replay Abbey Road version is really good.

Source/Credits: JulietteHong @ DC Shinee Gallery
Translation by: jujugal

[FAN ACCOUNT] 110723 SHINee Japan Debut Premium Reception in Fukuoka(22/7)

Fans were counting down “5,4,3,2,1” as it was shown on the screen!! When it reached 0, the boys came out!! Suddenly, they started singing Replay~

Each one of them stood in front to sing during their solo part. As I stood in the 2nd row, in the middle, it seems as if I was just an arm length away from them!!! Minho oppa did a wink and everyone started becoming more lively.

As fans were too loud, their voices couldn’t really be heard and the show started without any introduction session. Taemin passed his microphone smoothly~ After that, Hello started suddenly! Really thought that a human being couldn’t have such nice skin as Taemin’s!

When they sang Replay, I didn’t really observe them as I was too nervous but I tried calming down a bit during HELLO. Indeed, it was SHINee! Super great! They were too good looking, I started to doubt whether I was a woman or not.

After HELLO finished, a female MC came on stage to replace SHINee. Then staffs prepared seats for them so they sat down and started their self introductions~ During that time, I was nervous so I couldn’t really remember except Taemin being quite cute and interesting.

Also, because Onew didn’t speak much and finally wanted to speak, Key interrupted so they both immediately let each other speak first and cracked up. Fans also told Onew to “keep trying!” and he started laughing again.

After that was a talking session and we watched SHINee’s debut video that was recorded in London. As SHINee was looking at the monitor, fans could only see their backs. Indeed, Key sweated the most. Only Key had his shirt opened so that his sweat could dry up as he watched the debut video, cute!

A short talking session followed and it was already the last song!!! It was the last song they sang in London, that Replay version!! It was really good! Everyone had a mic-stand and started singing. Everyone sang with their eyes closed with lots of feelings. If you listen to it for the first time, you’ll definitely cry!!!! Even if it wasn’t my first listen, I cried too!!! Really want a CD version~~~~

When the song finished, the 5 of them stood at the front. From the start till end, Onew was still waving to fans. Indeed, SHINee is the best~~~

source: shineebloom
eng trans and posted by: vivz@shinee soompi thread

[FAN ACCOUNT] 110720 Onew Fan Accounts @ Taemin’s Birthday Party(18/7)

PS: These fan accs are Onew-biased

SHINee boys still wear 5 pairs of pajamas, fans gave them not many months after their debut. So comfortable. They all share them: milk-cow patterned, kiss-lips patterned etc and said milk-cow is the most comfortable one. Dubu said, “Milk-cow is beside my bed” then Key said to him, “You said we all share them and now what? Aww, that’s actually mine.” ㅋㅋㅋ

– A fan requested Taemin to do 9 kinds of ‘aegyo’,but he said he’s never done it more than 3 kinds at one go. Dubu then said, “You can do 3 kinds of aegyo 3 times.” XD This was funny.

– There were some ‘5-letter question’ papers that Taemin had to ask hyungs what’s written on there. When he saw a question, ‘Wild Dance’, he said he was going to request Onew to do it. Other members said to him to request now, but he hid the paper under his butt saying, “I’ll get Onew at the last.”

Taemin asked Dubu to do a ‘Wild Dance’ and other members also kept saying to Dubu, “Dance sexy and wild!” While he was doing an unidentified dance, said to fans, “I think I might take off……..” because the boys kept saying, “Do wild and sexy!” I shouted so much he said that. OMG, then, he did really take off his……………left shoe. He wore neat grey socks. ^^

– When Dubu danced, he shook his waist like a rustling wind. Members said his body works faster than brain when he makes a joke. He played with balloon strings knotting and tearing, kept moistening his lips and having his famous facial expression, ^~^. He lied down on the floor opening up his hands, ‘I want gifts~’, when members and he did a rock-paper-scissors game. He tried to inhale helium from a helium balloon and talk, but he failed because he missed it after inhaling it just little bit. He was too cute his voice hasn’t changed at all.

It was good that I saw his bare legs, he didn’t have hair on his legs!!!!! He didn’t speak a lot but gave good reactions to members. Sooooooo cute. T.T I think I was just happy looking at him. T.T

– A fans asked Taemin, “Can you hear my mind?” Taemin was suddenly in a rage, showing the question paper and saying, “What is this? Who’s this? How can I hear?” (cute XD). Then, Dubu said to the fan, “Set up a speaker on your mind.”. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ ♥

– There was a time that all members wore candle shaped glasses and signed on a huge balloon. Dubu was the last person to sign. He got shy that fans only focused on him at that time, saying he was afraid. He covered his face with his hands after finishing it. ㅋㅋㅋ He was so cute. He signed as he embraced the balloon like an aegi (baby). T.T He was in a grey tee with pink line drawing, loose(little bit) denim shorts covering his knees, high-top converse shoes and fedora. His bare legs were just asdfghjkl T.T So cute T.T

He said he gave Taemin a good gift ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ He didn’t say what it was ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I was curious. It was funny, other members also giggled with him and didn’t say what it was. He had to cover his face a lot because of the strong lighting. T.T But I was able to see him well because of it. T.T He made his facial expression like this, ‘~’, a lot.

– Taemin got surprised fans knew he had 2 dogs, Adam and Eve, asking them, “How do you know!”(ㅋㅋㅋ). They told him he had mentioned it before. Then, Dubu said “I think he got surprised because he had said about Adam and Eve but ‘2 dogs’.” XD Don’t you think it’s funny?

– Key talked about the “melon” again saying he took a selca with it because he thought it was going to be funny, junior high school students are like that. Fans said it was ‘junior-high-2nd-grade-disease’. Key agreed that Jonghyun and him were high-class at ‘junior-high-2nd-grade-disease’ and Dubu was with ‘choding(gradeschool students)-disease’, after talking about Dubu’s gif-picture where he was about to eat his cell-phone.

– You never get bored when you keep looking at Dubu. He always does something. Today, he kept playing with balloons, tearing strings attached to them.

– Members teased Dubu that he’s ‘young-gam’ (old man), as they talked about their ages T.T Afterwards, Dubu lowered his head weakly walking towards the left side.. T.T Fans were worried about him, said he was in a sulk and kept looking at him if he was ok from getting teased. T.T But actually, he just picked up a bottle of water and said, “Why? I just came here to drink water.” (onew sangtae?) ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I was dying he was sooo cute ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I really thought he turned his back to us because he was in a sulk, but he was just there for water. You really had to see his back at that time. T.T His shoulder and back drooped down. So cute. T.T

– I remember Dubu, all of a sudden, slung a string attached to balloon over his neck and body. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ He was just doing something random the whole time.

– Even though he didn’t speak a lot, he always said something quietly after other members. ㅋㅋㅋ Like when Minho pretended to cry, Dubu was like “Don’t cry…”, quietly. He didn’t wear any make-up on his face. His skin looked smooth. T.T When Minho stood up, his butt was towards fans, so Dubu covered it with his hand. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

– When Dubu said, “We have 5 b-day parties every year~”, fans said he didn’t have his b-day party every year, then he made a joke, “I’ll have my b-day party twice this year.” Key added, “Have them on a sailboat.” Dubu, “It’s in December, so cold.” ㅋㅋㅋ When the party ended, all members gave something(gifts?) to fans sitting in front, so fans sitting at the back said they also wanted those, then Dubu gave 2 balloons to fans as he went out. T.T

source: DC SHINee Gallery, dub.dothome, onew.me
eng trans + rearranged: aprilontokki + vivz @SHINee_soompi

[FAN ACCOUNT] 110623 SHINee Japan Debut Premium Reception at Abbey Road Studios in London

SHINee Japan Debut Premium Reception at Abbey Road Studios in London (Sunday the 19th of June 2011, the best day of my life)

Okay, so, I arrived at Abbey road at about 1pm, and before we even got around the corner we could hear all the screams, I was actually quite nervous to go around the corner haha, when we got around the corner, I actually did a double take, I didn’t expect there to be that many fans there. At this point I was still so nervous, because I was worried 1) We wouldn’t be able to get past the fans to go in 2) I didn’t know where we had to go to get to go in 3) In case the email I got was fake or something haha

So we went, and it was obvious where we were expected to enter as it was clear from fans and said something like ‘Authorized person only’ so we went to the guard and asked about people with tickets and he said we would be going in later……so we waited and nervously chatted for…oh gosh I have no idea how long it was, everything seems a bit blurry, it must have been well over an hour, then we saw Samia and her friend enter and I grabbed Jenny and went forwards, when we got to the gate we showed them our invite and they let us in and gave us special passes (It’s a shame we didn’t get to keep them) and then we had to wait for the other winners to arrive, there were 10 of us from England and then about maximum 20 Japanese fans in the end, Samia and her friend who were at the front got interviewed by loads of press, me and Jenny were second in and got interviewed by Japanese press (I think it was for fuji TV I’m not sure though) and they asked us our names, our favourite members, how we got into SHINee, I mentioned about the fact my friend Emma showed them to me and she sadly couldn’t be here today, then they asked us to give a message to SHINee xD, we also got interviewed by a friend of Rains!! Jenny got to send Rain a text from his friends phone omg haha, so after all that, we were still waiting outside (behind a van) then eventually we got to go in, we went pup the steps (and omg all the cheers from the fans waiting outside :’)) went into a room with like the reception area, along a hallway (Greenday was in a huge photo to the left) and then in the next hallway there was a huge poster for the last Harry Potter film xD, then we went down some spiral staircases and along another hallway and then we got told ‘NO PHOTO, NO PHOTO’ haha, (it was a shame though….having even one photo would have helped this stick in my memory better and make it seem less like a dream) but anyway, then we saw the room, it was studio 2, and oh my goodness, there was the stage and then the front rope was less than 2 metres from the stage, the whole room was dark apart from blue lights everywhere, and so me and Jenny got right to the front I was a bit to the left, we saw there were only 4 mic stands at the edge of the stage which we thought was odd, but we didn’t look into it too much, and so we were all waiting and had a chat to one of the camera men (who took a particular liking to Jenny haha) and that was when he said one of the members was ill, and at this point we didn’t know who, I wish none of them had been ill, I really really do, but I thought ‘Oh my goodness, I bet it’s my boy, I bet it’s my Tae’ and then one of the ladies came round the front (may have been a cordi-noona not sure) said it was Jjongie ;__; I was so disappointed, and I felt to bad for Jenny, but hey, the main thing is, I hope he has got better as fast as possible and I really really hope he is okay. Whilst all this was going on they has on loop on the speakers Hit Me, Quasimodo, Romantic, You, basically they had all the songs playing that would make us sob haha, then omg, THEN there was this TV to the right that suddenly started blasting some AWESOME Lucifer remix…omg it was awesome and it started a 3 minute forty countdown and showed all their faces and introduced them with their names, then showed clips from each other their MV’s from the original Replay and then when it got down to 0:00 they came on stage

and oh my god

The beat from the start of Replay…it was just…like magic…..I have no idea…it was just, we saw them perform their new single for the first time….I feel so utterly privileged, and they performed so amazingly, all their vocals were fabulous, Taemin did most of Jjong’s lines, but Key and Onew also did some, seein how synchronized they are with their dancing is absolutely unbelievable, and I am sorry, but fancams/music video’s do not do Taemin’s dancing justice, the way that boy pops and locks his body….it’s beyond me, it’s like he is not even human, he just follows through all his moves so flawlessly and just…I have no words AND THE SWIMMING MOVE, THE SWIMMING MOVE I SAW IT WITH MY OWN EYES, I NEARLY COLLAPSED WHEN HE DID IT I WAS SO HAPPY, AND THEN WHEN KEY PASSED HIM THE MIC BACK IDK I JUST FELT TO PRIVILEGED TO SEE THAT TOO BECAUSE IT’S SOMETHING WE ALL CHAT ABOUT BUT OMG I SAW IT DSKJGGJKDBGVF and they were all smiling the whole way through, especially Onew, he had the biggest grin on his face ever and was just beaming it at everyone, you can really see why he is the leader…he is just, he yer. Key…..Key baffles me, he was just….oh my, he was flawless, seriously, I know Key is an amazing dancer, but seriously, the very few times I took my eyes off Tae, I was so amazed by Key, and Minho……where do I ever start…..Minho emits this amazing aura….his face it’s so calm and so beautiful….Minho is the hardest to explain, because he is, oh I don’t even know.

So when they finished performing they all grinned with their beautiful faces, at this point Onew was sweating the most, they then introduced themselves in English, then Korean and then Japanese, it was the cutest thing ever omg, they spoke mainly in Korean but they said random sentences in English, at the start Onew was reading off the board and two girls pointed at the board as if to say ‘Yer we know what you’re doing’ and he grinned and smiled at them and laughed and pointed at the board and messed up what he was saying haha, then the translator supposedly translated what Onew said, but Onew spoke for ages and the translated only said a few words and then Key rolled his eyes, looked at all of us and said ‘Ooookkkaaaaayyyyyy’ in a really sarcastic voice, omg I was laughing so much, then Key said a few words and then Taemin looked at the screen and said (whilst being nervous and adorable and dsjghjdsbdsjk) ‘W..we are s..so essited!!’ (i.e.: We are so excited) omg, it was the god damn cutest most adorable thing I have ever seen in my life and heard and I will never get over it ever, then Taemin said a few more words…and can I just say….his face, it’s absolutely, the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life, photo’s/video’s are just….they do no justice, he actually looks so much different..it’s hard to explain…I don’t know, but he is just flawless, I never thought I could fall further than I already had for him, I thought that was impossible but….and it’s so hard…everything seems to be so….blurry…like I don’t know, I remember being in absolute awe, but in some ways I can’t remember his face…like I know I can, but I was in so much shock, and I think the fact that my eyes never left his face just added to it all I don’t know omg.

Then, THEN

They played Juliette, on the first beat, I nearly collapsed, I always said, if I ever ever saw SHINee live, the one song I would give my soul to see them perform would be Juliette, and they performed it, and it was so perfect, so utterly flawless and Taemin’s vocals just sounded absolutely wonderful, and he held on Jonghyun’s long note so well, it was just utterly magical, just…it will always be my favourite song, and I…I can’t put it into words, the dance looked odd with only 4 of them though but it was still perfect AND MINHO’S RAP, IT WAS AMAZING, I SAW MINHO RAP LIVE AT OH MY GOODNESS THERE ARE NO WORDS, HE IS JUST THE BEST RAPPER IN THE WHOLE OF KPOP I DON’T EVEN KNOW, AND ONEW’S ‘DA DA DA DA DA DA DAA DA’ THAT HE DOES OVER EVERYONE ELSES DKJBGJDKBDS IT SOUNDED SO AMAZING!!!!!

Then they all started grinning and smiling and dijghdjsbgk then they performed the Japanese version of Hello, and it just sounds so wonderful live, it sounds absolutely beautiful, and they didn’t dance to this one, but they all walked RIGHT to the front of the stage and put their hands up and started swaying them to the beat and we all joined in! xD and ever chorus Tae walked to the front and waved his hands again with the most stunning smile on his face, he is just so breathtaking, and the bass in Hello was just thumping through our bodies, it was just amazing. OH! and Jjon’s long note in Hello, Onew did it, Taemin nudged him and smiled at him as if to say ‘You do it hyung’ and then he did it, it was so adorable!

Now forgive me, it has all gone into a huge massive blur of one thing, they did another talk, and I can’t remember if it was now, I think it was and this was were I got eye contact with Taemin….it was so short, literally it was just tiny, but I saw those eyes look at me, his beautiful eyes looked at me even though it was for the tiniest millisecond, that millisecond will mean the world to me for the rest of my life, and I will never forget that moment, I have engraved it into my memory, my boy, I will never forget that one time you looked at me, ever. Then after that happened I was all flustered but trying not to cry, you know that feeling where your mouth has no idea what to do, so your lips start quivering because they/you have no idea if you are going to smile or cry? Haha well that happened throughout the entire thing xD Oh my, me and Minho had some sort of staring contest…I never even thought of that until I spoke to Nikki, me and Minho just locked eyes for ages whilst Key and Onew were talking and Nikki said to me ‘YOU KNOW HOW COMPETITIVE HE IS, I BET HE WAS THINKING OF IT AS A CONTEST’ and I was like OMFG I BET HE WAS OMFG…and I lost, lmfao I blushed grinned and looked away after a while and then peeked up and the corner of his mouth twitched and he looked back to the rest of the crowd omg haha, then I resumed staring at Taemin. OH I FORGOT! Me and Key got eye contact RIGHT at the beginning when he was on my side of the stage, he smiled….omg seriously, Key….he is SO much more attractive in real life, I mean obviously he is gorgeous anyway, but seriously Key…wow, and he is so smirky! He smirked so much throughout the whole thing! Onew was the only one I didn’t get eye contact with…or not that I remember, the main thing I remember about Onew was just him grinning the whole time and looking around everyone….he really is such an amazing leader.

THEN THEY PLAYED RING DING DONG 8D It was so awesome! Seeing all the moves live dskjgjdbs omfg and you know the movement just where they put their hands on their chest and like swivel round? Yer? Well you know Taemin’s top? It had like big square holes in it? He got his hand and mic caught inside ^^;;; he looked so pissed off with himself, I wanted to go help him haha, but he eventually got it out and carried on like nothing had happened but looked frustrated with himself! Oh and apparently Key’s necklace fell off, but I didn’t see that, I was concentrating on Taemin haha, and Minho and Taemin swapped round like usual for the rocka rocka rocka bit, first time round Minho was at the front doing the gear shift move, then Taemin was the second time, oh and in the bridge (my favourite part) Onew and Taemin shared the lines! AND MINHO/KEY’S RAP SOUNDED SO FUCKING AWESOME OMFG THERE WAS SO MUCH ATTITUDE!


AND IT WAS UTTERLY FABULOUS! They all really went for it, they were sweating absolute buckets, but like always they just performed flawlessly, TAEMIN’S BUTTERFLY MOVE DSJGBFKJDSBKSD IT WAS AWESOME! and in Onew’s part, the bit just after the centipede move (WHICH LOOKED SO COOL BY THE WAY DGKJBDSKJ) Onew walked to the front of the stage and sang AND THEN KEY WALKED FORWARD and put his right arm on Onew’s left shoulder and started his part and had the best expression on his face ever! Then Tae did Jjong’s long note, and he did it SO WELL!!! AND THEN MINHO’S RAP DSGKJHDSKJGBDS HIS EXPRESSION WHILST RAPPING IS SO AMAZING (I only managed to see the end of it because I was watching Taemin singing that long note and watching the concentration on his face and the way his throat moved dskjgbdskjds and the way his left arm/hand curled upwards…he is so mesmerizing to watch) OH AND ONEW’S VOICE CRACKED HAHAHAHHAA IT WAS THE FUNNIEST CUTEST THING EVER AND HE GAVE A GRIN XD, none of the other members actually reacted to it, but it wasn’t a huge crack, so that is probably why, the whole thing I was watching Taemin more or less, and his dancing…well I have already said, it is just unreal, the boy is so talented, and seriously the way they all sing so perfectly whilst dancing is just amazing, they just sounded so wonderful (and no they were definitely not miming haha I can tell the difference)

When they finished Lucifer we were all clapping and screaming TAKE A BREAK TAKE A BREAK because they all looked so tired, One smiled at us all and took a cup of water from someone behind him, so a gulp passed it to Key, who took a gulp and passed it to Tae, who took a gulp and passed it to Minho who finished it, they really should have had a bigger drink than that, but never mind. They then had a breather and kept waving at us to say 1 moment whilst they had a little laugh, then Onew started talking in Korean, then 5 mic stands suddenly appeared, and we heard Onew mention Jonghyun a couple of times, and then the translator came on the speaker and said something like ‘As you know Jonghyun has not been well, it was a real shame as he was so excited to perform, but because he is so determined to perform, he decided he wanted to sing the last song’ and then,Jjongie came on, and he had the most adorable outfit on I have ever seen, he had like this little green cape thing and this wooley hat…omg he looked so adorable and he gave the sweetest eye smile ever and introduced himself and then talked for ages in the softest voice I have ever heard, all his words were like blurring together it was so soft, so beautiful.

Once he finished talking and we all cheered and said ‘GET WELL SOON’ the curtain behind them dropped to reveal an orchestra…..they sang Replay (Japanese version) with a live orchestra…..there has never been anything more beautiful played to my ears..ever….it was the most beautiful magical piece of mucic I have ever heard….plus this is the first time I had heard Jonghyun live…and his voice…there are no words. All their voices…they all compliment each others so much, all their voices are so different, that they just come together to create the most beautiful, amazing music I have ever come across in my life, that is my second favourite SHINee song now (the orchestra version) it was just….it sang to my heart and plus, I got another brief eye contact with Taemin, this one was slightly longer and this time I smiled instead of just looking shocked…I oh guys, I wish I could have taken you all with me, it was just the best day of my life, I really hope SMENT/EMIJAPAN upload the video’s for it…because it was just phenomenal, it was…utterly breathtaking, the whole event was just….I don’t know how I got so lucky…..but whoever/however/whatever caused me to get those tickets, I am forever in dept to you, because I saw my Tae….I saw him and I saw my boys….I can never be unhappy now…even though it sort of feels worse, because I want to see them again and again and again….this day will never be beaten and I just.

Thank you SHINee, thank you for everything you have done for me, thank you for inspiring me, helping me think of goals and hoping to achieve my dreams, Taemin, thank you for telling us to smile, you’re right it does help…and Taemin…thank you for everything, I will never ever ever be able to explain how much I owe you. ♥

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[FAN ACCOUNT] 110615 Lucky fangirl met SHINee and SuJu in Paris

Finally ~ my fanaccount how was down the street and ran into SHINee and Suju.

My name is Andrea and I want to share my experience in Paris with SHINee and Suju.

We arrived at the capital of France on June 9 at night, so that night I rested as much in order to have energy for the concert. The next day I had to wait more than 7 hours of walking until SMTOWN started, but it was worth. Now I will not recount details of the concert, because this is not a fanacount about it. The point is that on 11 went sightseeing, went to see the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Place de la Concorde, etc.Throughout the day I got the feeling that I would meet someone famous, but then remembered that in those moments they were having the second SMTOWN. To think that at that time there was another concert very depressed me, I really wanted to go again. I had dinner that night just thinking about the next day and take the plane back to Spain. Never see her again.

On day 12th we take the entire day before returning to Spain. Because, above all, I am a Cassiopeia, made the tour relying on the TVXQ visited sites, but for reasons of time we could not go see the Montmartre before. During the morning we went to the Moulin Rouge and decided to eat at the foot of the Sacre Coeur Basilica. I spent all morning looking for TVXQ, but did not know whether they had taken the plane to return to Korea. In fact, looking at each Asian happened to me is that in Paris there are many Asians! Anyway, my spirits waned and I stopped paying attention to people around me. I was really tired and wanted to leave the airport, my legs hurt terribly and would not stop complaining. My mother told me “buy souvenirs and then we go, okay?”. So with resignation followed by a few narrow streets that are right behind the basilica. Turning a corner, I met a guy and I turned to apologize, but red hair distracted me. Then my vision was panoramic.

I could not believe it was right next Taemin and was Leeteuk. My heart stopped, they really give off a special aura. Then I realized that not only were they, was all SHINee and some Suju members. Do not know what to do, I looked the camera awkwardly, or remember where the heck it was. My pulse was terrible and my mother asked me what was wrong with what I could only answer “they are.” She understood immediately and told me to calm down, but could not. They kept looking at the souvenirs and I did not dare to take pictures or talk, so my mother started screaming for me to react and I approach them. When I decided to go Minho, I realized it would be impossible because it was surrounded by other boys and the manager of SHINee was near. My eyes searched for someone “helpless” Onew LOL and I saw a little apart from the others. As had his back gave him a pat on the shoulder and he turned. His face was a poem and I think it was my shirt … it was the official JYJ. Do not know what to say, so I just watched him and said “photo, please?” He looked around and I instantly turned the hearing. The manager came to us crazy shot. Onew lowered his head and said something, but only understood “mianhaeyo” a few seconds, the manager of 3 meters (LOOL is very high!) I said “NO PHOTOS!” I just nodded and said “interests.” But I could not leave it alone and turned to look at Onew. Then, with the little strength that I had said “please, please, hug? Give me a hug! “. The manager finally let out a “ok” and Dubu smiled. I wanted to die at that moment. It was a short embrace but my heart was beating very fast and my face began to burn.

Lee Jinki is really masculine, it smells really good. Her perfume is not cool, as I had expected someone younger, but a hot smell, full and masculine. His chest is really comfortable and I felt very small in his arms. Because Onew is the favorite of my best friend, it was like to hug my brother hahaha. In fact, as I said before, my intention was to go for Minho and he is totally bias.
Anyway I thanked him and said goodbye, but I decided to follow them for half hour.Here are the two videos I took:



As for others, Eunhyuk off an aura of “do not come near me” really scared me (I’d heard before the suit is not very nice with the fans) instead hahaha Leeteuk looks very nice, even laughed when Onew hugged me. Key is a total outrageous and speaks very highly, clothing is also rare, so even a normal person does not know who he is, anyway will keep looking at him because of his eccentric appearance. Shindong was hooded and just talked and Donghae is terribly short, plus it looked tired, his face damaged. That made me very sad. Jonghyun is also very short and to the side of Minho Taemin and looks really funny. Yesung is beautiful, really look great sunglasses and also looks very nice. I think I leave it to none. Oh! Well, the manager is really high … and yet impose a lot of respect and fear, I thought I was going to hit as the Korean fans, “also wanted to make pictures, not so ugly … it’s just a bitter ajusshi xD.

Finally, I would say that distressed me about my shirt JYJ and not being able to see TVXQ, but it was incredible. I will never forget this experience. Onew, thanks for making happy a fan more.

credit and translated by shawol_indo